Random Memories

I have been posting on both the poetry blog, Skeletons from the Closet of my Heart and the www.theupsanddownsofdating.WordPress.com entitled Dating and Laughter. While both are farely popular, blogs, I get almost no feed back which makes me believe I write either very bad or very well , or people just click and don’t read. In either case I am confused because I really didn’t intend a monologue:0

Hower, I am amazed that readers still log into Memoirs from My Two Lives and read old posts. Those post, plus additions and also visuals are in the process of being published, so I appreciate the continuous interest. However, recently other random memories keep coming to my mind in no particular order and I am considering started to continue to post them on  the memoirs blog.

If I do, and they connect to my facebook, I kindly ask those who read them to give me some divine sign by clicking like or dislike, so that I get a kind of feed back. 🙂 Please.

Good night.

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