The Dangers of Re-gifting

Let’s face it, most of us do it: recycle gifts which are not our style or we already have the object. Please don’t tell me you’ve never done it, as it would give me a complex.

The story I am about to share is true and it happened when my daughters were teenagers, in early 2000’s.

Eva was so sick.. God didn’t give me money or fame but  gave me good friends. One of them, a very kind woman who just had babies, so her support of my daughter was even more valuable, as time was at a premium, gave Eva a present: a beautiful, hand-made small blanket . Eva was thrilled and I was immensely grateful.

My daughter is one of the few people I know who still takes the time to write beautiful thank you notes, describing the present received in detail and thanking the person, thus showing her gratitude. So, she wrote my friend a nice thank you note and mailed it.

A few months later I went on a church retreat. At the retreat,  there were a majority of church members but many, myself included, brought their own friends as guests. It was a wonderful group of women, and a few of us took a walk on the beach. Somehow I walked close to a very nice woman who was not a church member and we started to talk. We seemed to have a lot in common and I really liked her, she made me feel at ease. It seemed mutual. Somehow the conversation reached on the subject of re-gifting.

“Oh,” she said. “After what happened to me, I will never re-gift again! I didn’t know how much it hurts.”

“What happened?” I asked curious to find out more about how re-gifting could hurt that badly.

“Well,” she continued, “I baby-sat for this woman and when one of her  kids was born, I made a beautiful blanket for her. Last week, when I was cleaning, I came across a note from some woman, Eva, who was thanking the woman for the beautiful blanket. She described it in detail! The baby’s blanket. The blanket I made putting all my love in it, was now with some Eva, whoever she was!”

“Well, it wasn’t Eva’s fault… she didn’t know,” I mumbled.

I never told her “that Eva” was my daughter, and she never asked the names of my kids, so I felt the  unexpected deceipt ended right then and there..

I never told my friend I knew the secret of the re-gifted blanket either so I wouldn’t embarras her, but every time I think of this story I think, again, that life is stranger than fiction! And funnier. At times, I take my chance and re-gift shamelessly!


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