Update on Posts

Hello Readers,

A short note to let you know that currently I am no longer posting on any of my blogs.

As you know, the presale site of “The Gypsy Saw Two Lives,”  (http://sbpra.com/rodicamihalis )

was published a couple of weeks ago. So far, most books were purchased of people I do not know and a handful of very supportive friends (thank you so much!).

The first sale of 100 books  on THIS site

is crucial, as it represents a market test

for the whole publishing process and it

requires my full attention and effort.

As I analyze the sale reports, I  would like

to thank those friends who supported me by

purchasing the book now, in the most

crucial moments.

Personally, I am  actively working at designing very meaningful thank you tokens for all those who undrstood that this book means the world to me. Thank you for your sensitivity and love. I appreciate it more than you

imagine. Until further notice my full attention will be focused on the marketing of “The Gypsy Saw two Lives.”

I am glad everyone else enjoyed my posts on this site and am sorry I have to stop blogging. It actually m makes me very sad and disappointed.

Happy to Announce:)

Oh, if you thought I was going to say happy to announce I was getting married or at least I won the lottery… sorry, yo

that is still wishful thinking…

However, I DO have good news! My book, THE GYPSY SAW TWO LIVES is now available at http://sbpra.com/rodicamihalis

If you enjoyed and related to the posts on my blogs at Word Press, I encourage you to visit the web site of The Gypsy.

Needless to say, as always, I appreciate your support and comments. Thank you.