Comments which will be moved to TRASH

Hello Readers,
First, I’d like to thank the almost 4500 readers of this blog and to the many who commented on various posts.. Thanks to you this blog became a published book, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives, which received excellent professional and readers’ reviews.
TODAY, for the first time, I received a rude, angry comment to a post which was in fact a first draft of a chapter in my BOOK. This person, an older woman dating younger man, who didn’t have the courtesy to sign her name, used such insulting language in her comment, that frankly it made me smile! It showed such lack of basic understanding of very simple principle. It clearly showed she used the comment to insult something which she doesn’t understand. I am taking this opportunity to let everyone know that I will NOT respond to UNSIGNED comments but to comments from which we all LEARN. ANGRY comments and INSULTS go DIRECTLY TO TRASH, where they belong.. Thank you. Comments are not a venue for stress management lessons. Please search “stress management, or anger management,” to find the correct programs to help you.