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What Would It Take To Get Involved in a Good Cause? Does “Stand-By” Become a Plague of Our World?

I just checked the number of views on this blog and the number was 13,998.00 with people from 10-12 countries reading various posts at any given time.So, I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This blog is a work of love and I truly HOPE every post brings something positive in your lives! You mean the world to me!

What triggered this specific POST? I am very active on Linkedin and I find the comments in my groups intellectually stimulating and engaging. We were in the mist of a conversation about Domestic Violence,’ Can it EVER BE an ACCIDENT?’ We all agreed NO, it cannot be an accident, it is a form of “control,” a pattern of behavior, which unfortunately runs in families. The problem, as I see it, is that the “victims” don’t consider themselves victims until many times it is too late… I was told the statistics are, it takes 7 “incidents” for a victim to LEAVE the abuser at last (if she or he are still alive)

So… knowing from my experience as a counselor and from personal experience that NO ONE could change another person, is there anything we could do to make it easier for an “unspoken victim,” to gain the determination, courage and ultimately the self-esteem to LEAVE before it is too late? 

Of course, there are the 30-day “secret shelters” the plays that educate, the workshops… and than what?

Do we have  sufficient charitable organizations to offer abused people and their children a longer-range housing opportunity and yes, a place to bring their pets too, because they are family members. Then a way to get new skills, a job to provide enough, not minimum wage?

I picked Domestic Violence because I was just involved in the comments of Linkedin, but then, I recalled a situation where we (my then husband driving) were STOPPED at a light. I saw a toddler running down a driveway of a residence, into the street, clearly unsupervised. The light changed to green and my husband started to drive away.

I screamed, “STOP! Let me get the child and take him up to his home!”  

My husband, looked at me puzzled and said:: ” I am NOT stopping! DO you want the parents to ACCUSE YOU of wanting to KIDNAP their child???!!!” 

We drove off, I was in tears, my heart broken! If I were the parents of the child we left behind I would have been grateful someone brought him back home!

We leave in such a LITIGIOUS society that we fear it to the point of being inhuman ???Could this be ONE of the many reasons of being UN-INVOLVED?

I don’t know what would it take on a larger scale to really get involved in ANY GOOD CAUSE ?

Life happens in the most unexpected ways. Situations that you see in movies or you think could ONLY happen to others, NEVER TO YOU or yours, DO HAPPEN TO YOU or yours, many times, so it is wise to be prepared.  

We live in a society in which we STILL do not speak about suicide, sexual issues…. any topic which might spoil the “illusion” of PERFECTION!  Guess what? If someone presents a perfect facade… what’s in the basement?

It’s an open-ended post, but don’t you think more TRUE ACTION for any good cause would make this a better world and us happier people? 

What Qualities Does One Need To Be Successful In Today’s Changing World?

The times when one started work for one company and if he or she worked hard and performed well, chances were the person could happily retire from that company, are GONE!!! 

I read somewhere that a person may change their profession up to nine times in their life-time! That piece of information made me feel good about my self and changing professions only seven times! 

Given the statistics and my personal experience, I would say the number ONE Quality necessary to survive and possibly thrive in today’s environment is FLEXIBILITY!

Because we live in a litigious society, and I cannot or would not sue myself, I’d give my personal example:

I was born in Eastern Europe, in Communist Romania. Communism cannot even be conceived by people born after its fall in 1989, but in those times one quickly learned that flexibility meant survival.

I always liked to learn, or to be honest, my mother instilled in me the wise idea that EDUCATION was the only quality which cannot be taken away from you!

I graduated with a B.A. in English and Romanian from the University of Bucharest and during my college years I worked for an International Fair, and fortune smiled on me, I was selected for the U.S. Pavilion, which provided for us red, polyester uniforms which we got to keep, and coffee on our breaks! This is how I met a few diplomats and after graduation I was fortunate to get a translator job at the US Embassy. After a few years I defected to the U.S.No one needed Romanian translations and everyone was asking about my experience in various fields.How could one get experience if no one wants to hire you? To this day it remains a mystery to me…

One sector ONLY didn’t ask me about experience; instead, they gave me tests, written, oral, interviews face to face to determine IF I had the right personality for sales! This is how from a translator I became an insurance agent knocking door to door and making as many as 100 calls to get one appointment. I quickly advanced and earned all the possible licenses in the fields of life, health, homeowners and later mutual funds. Honestly, I hated it, and I was taking rejection personally, despite  my manager’s weekly pep talks! After a few years I married and dedicated my life to my two daughters. I wanted them o have everything I didn’t in my childhood, but especially my attention and love. After a few year, of motherhood,we needed more money.I tried several businesses: Affairs of the Heart (was a letter writing service for busy people who wanted to express their love) It failed! Then followed:”Home Away from Home (a bed and breakfast, which lasted a month, until my township which issues me a license went me a letter:it was a mistake, a zoning issue.) I still persevered and attempted “Unforgettable Moments,”a video service, and I still get nightmares about it!Then I went to a reputable massage therapy school, led by nuns at the Medical Mission Sisters in Philadelphia., later  learned energy modalities, clinical hypnosis and ultimately went again to school and got my license in esthetics (skin care).

By 2000, after working in an M.D. office, I opened my own Wellness Services Office, at a time when wellness was not “in.”

Those were the happiest years of my life. I loved helping people and being my own boss, which allowed me a flexible schedule for my daughters.

Unfortunately, life happens, and in 2005 I was forced to close my business.

I was again at square one! I had experience but no longer the physical ability to work with what my clients considered healing hands, and make a living. 

Those were hard years, but if I am to find the positive in misfortune, under those circumstances I learned who my real friends were.

But wait! I was not done with trying and determined to apply whatever skills I had to bettering this world. Some people are motivated by money, some, by power, I am motivated by the joy of helping others.

Under those dire circumstances I was accepted to the graduate school of Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. At the end of 2012 I earned a M.S. in Counseling and Clinical Psychology and joined on a need be basis Proven Therapy, an online counseling service https://www.proventherapy.com/Rodica)

I often think that my mother, who died many years ago, would die again if she saw through how many changes I went to survive our changing world. At some point I was a cook for a rich family with various culinary needs.

Now that I count it actually makes for EIGHT drastic changes. These lessons made me who I am today. When my memoir, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives, was published, I was in bed with my right ankle broken, unable to  move.

So, the second quality necessary for survival, even success in our changing world, is to persevere- NEVER GIVE UP!

I would like to finish by sharing what guides my life:


May the Higher Power guide you and help you on your life-path. Don’t be afraid of hardships or changes. Almost always they ultimately bring renewal and joy! Most times, when we are too close to the picture we miss the bigger meaning!

Clarification Regarding Valid Comments, Spam, or Computer Generated Comments

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving constructive messages which will continue to improve the site and benefit us all.

I feel it is necessary to clarify a few points regarding how the comments are selected and the responses you may or may not receive.

1.My blogging platform, Word Press is an exceptional place to share your ideas. I appreciate the team’s hard work and their security system which so far protected my blog against OVER 6,550 spam emails or attacks.

2. Sometimes I receive a “spam q” and I DO read those emails. If they come from sites which promote PORNOGRAPHY I DELETE them. I also delete emails which kept repeating themselves and are clearly COMPUTER GENERATED.

If someone clicked SHARE ALL comments I cannot and may NOT change their settings. If this happens, please contact a computer specialist on the Word Press Team. I cannot change your settings.

I recently updated “ABOUT RODICA” the icon at TOP LEFT of all my posts. Please read it for contact information. 

I am thankful for your support and kind words.

However, because of the number of comments received lately, I felt a moral obligation to clarify the above points concerning messages and comments. If you wish info on a particular topic, please ask me and if I am qualified to write a post on the topic of interest, I will.

Thank you all. I hope this blog helped a few people and will continue to help more and more.

My best wishes,




Hello Everyone,

I’d like to thank you for supporting my efforts to make this a useful and also entertaining blog. I appreciate all your messages and comments.


Lately, I have received hundreds of comments, some, as many of the readers that follow the blog, seem to be repetitive and computer generated. Word Press places questionable comments in “spam.” Still, I try to read ALL messages to determine what is computer generated and what is real.

Also, several readers told me there is NO CONTACT information. As a result, I JUST updated ABOUT RODICA — that is the icon at the top LEFT (as you face the screen of the post you are reading).

The first part of that post will explain how and why I started to blog. If you are NOT interested in the “history of the blog:)” just scroll down to UPDATE.

I hope this answers your questions.

Be well and please keep in touch.



How to Build A Good Credit! Credit Cards, a Blessing or a Curse?


If your entire life you worked hard and paid your bills in cash, probably you do not have a credit history.

Why do you need a credit history? 

Every time you purchase a home, rent an apartment, buy a car or another item, the seller checks your credit history. If you have none, chances are you will be denied. If you have a credit history which is not good, you will be charged higher interest rates because you will be considered a high risk.

What to do:

Have at least two utility bills in your name and pay them on time. Cell phone bills apply.

Have two credit cards and pay them on time. Please read the terms and conditions and COMPARE several cards. Some have huge annual fees. Stay away from them. As a general rule stores tempt you with discounts when you sign up for their credit car. If you plan to  pay your store card every month and bring it to 0 balance, that is fine. However, if you charge a lot and are unable to pay it ALL before the month is over, check the interest rate the store will charge you. It could be more than 20%! One may grow old and still pay it! If that happens, check a regular credit card (Visa, Mastercard) check IF their interest is lower than what you currently pay, and TRANSFER. Do not forget to factor in the cost of the transfer.

Why it is important to not CANCEL any of your cards.

The easiest way is to take an example:

Let’s say, I have three credit cards. Each has a LIMIT:

Card #1 — up to $1,000

Card #2 –up to 2,000

Card #2– up to 3,000

TOTAL I am ABLE TO BOROUGH is 1,000 Plus 2,000 Plus 3,000 = $6,000

This is MY BUYING POWER: $6,000!!!

Let’s say I cancel the card which has a limit of $3,000. Suddenly MY buying power is 1/2! ONLY $3,000! MY credit score goes DOWN!!! since I could now only borough $3,000 and not $6,000!

So, instead of cancelling your card pay it off and keep it. 

When you get special offers: 2% for 3 months make sure after 3 months your interest doesn’t jump to 20%.

In conclusion, credit cards used wisely could help you build good credit. Why is this important? People with good credit pay less interest on their mortgage, car payments, etc. If you do not have good credit, you are either rejected or charge a huge interest rate because you are considered “high risk.”

For married couples. While it is nice to have cards in both names, let’s not forget 50% end up in divorce. I have seen couples who divorced and FORGOT to separate their credit cards. 10 years after divorce, one of the partners defaulted on the JOINT card. Even if they were divorced the other person listed as a user of the card, became responsible for the payments.

Are credit cards a blessing or a curse? It really is up to you! Oh, and I didn’t make the rules:)!



Tips on Shopping for Value and Price

The ONE thing I will not say is that one must clip coupons to save money! Be it as it may, the time and effort involved make clipping coupons unworthy to me. However, if it works for you, I applaud your efforts. 

There are few places where we could “cut corners” and one of them is on food. 

I noticed on television, when they show how people save ???$$$ on 10 boxes of cereal.Well, unless you have ten children who like that particular brand, half of it might get stale by the time you get to it. 

I am just going to share what I do, and ask you to take it or leave it, but not to be critical in your comments. This blog is a work of love. I don’t get paid and appreciate kindness and constructive ideas. Please share yours.

Ever since I remember. I shopped at value stores. I found some incredible buys at Thrift Stores, or as they are called sometimes, “New To You,” and some of the items had never been worn, they still had the original label. Truth is that thrift stores in “rich” areas, will have better items. Sorry if this is not politically correct, but it’s the truth.

Although I disagree with Walmart’s policies towards its employees, I wish I were richer to ignore Walmart all together! The reality is, I can’t. So, when I enter a store, let’s say Walmart, first I shop for the NON PERISHABLE items, and I shop last for the frozen foods or foods that need to be refrigerated, so they don’t spoil while I wait in line. If it’s summer, it helps to have an icebox in your car and place the perishable items in the icebox. When I look for items, I never buy what is at EYE level, because generally those items are the most expensive. Instead, look down and up, up, up. It takes a little effort but it’s worth it.

Items on sale

Do your math. How many pills for instance are in the for sale medicine versus another brand or same brand in a less expensive packaging. The general rule is that small, fancy packaging will be more expensive.

Shopping for the holidays. For example yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, the stuffed animals which a day before were $10.00 yesterday were $5.00 If one is really well organized, always shop out of season or at the end of the season for incredible values.

In conclusion, if you dispose of funds, please help our economy, but if your heating bill is high and you need to cut corners to pay your fix expenses, consider these easy tips.

Happy shopping!



Online People Background Check Services–Do They Really Work?

Why would  one decide to pay to have a company research one’s background? My guess, as one of those who tried these services, is that they advertise, and you think, they have access to more information than you and your Google searches!

Back in December I wanted to find more information about somebody whom, I knew, had an extensive criminal record. I contacted http://www.checkpeople.com, which for a reasonable price offered a month of unlimited searches. 

I paid via my card and searched the person of interest. It was all wrong and irrelevant. I tried two more people knowing exactly their history. Those were wrong too.

I wrote an email to Check People Customer Service and asked for a cancellation and refund since the information was wrong and incomplete. I received back  an email,  informing me that I could only cancel IF I call their customer service and not through an email. Furthermore, he informed me that THEY gather information for their reports from various other agencies and if it was NOT in their report it meant it wasn’t released on those sites! In other words, I would have been better off going to the specific state and county web sites where the person  lived and find more for FREE!!! Further more the email stated that I may not cancel the “subscription” through an email, but I MUST call their customer service. 

Meanwhile, various personal problems made me put this phone call on the back burner. I forgot about it, until yesterday, when I received  an email that “payment from my account was successful!

This time I CALLED and in their favor, I must say, the customer service lady was nice and polite. I explained that I NEVER used  the services because when I tried ONCE, back in December, ALL the reports provided wrong information.

Imagine if someone wants to marry someone and the person has an extensive criminal record, but your report shows a clean record? She empathized with the idea, however she could NOT credit me with the payment I made in December, to obtain the false reports because I WAS GIVEN TO READ THEIR TERMS OF USE AND I KNEW, REGARDLESS OF RESULTS, WHAT I PAID WAS NONREFUNDABLE!!!!!

The lesson learned: READ THE TERMS OF USE and remember, you could find the same information FREE by going to the superior court site of the respective state.

Frankly, I was thankful to be credited the “membership” for January and February and learned my lesson to read the terms of use!