Clarification Regarding Valid Comments, Spam, or Computer Generated Comments

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving constructive messages which will continue to improve the site and benefit us all.

I feel it is necessary to clarify a few points regarding how the comments are selected and the responses you may or may not receive.

1.My blogging platform, Word Press is an exceptional place to share your ideas. I appreciate the team’s hard work and their security system which so far protected my blog against OVER 6,550 spam emails or attacks.

2. Sometimes I receive a “spam q” and I DO read those emails. If they come from sites which promote PORNOGRAPHY I DELETE them. I also delete emails which kept repeating themselves and are clearly COMPUTER GENERATED.

If someone clicked SHARE ALL comments I cannot and may NOT change their settings. If this happens, please contact a computer specialist on the Word Press Team. I cannot change your settings.

I recently updated “ABOUT RODICA” the icon at TOP LEFT of all my posts. Please read it for contact information. 

I am thankful for your support and kind words.

However, because of the number of comments received lately, I felt a moral obligation to clarify the above points concerning messages and comments. If you wish info on a particular topic, please ask me and if I am qualified to write a post on the topic of interest, I will.

Thank you all. I hope this blog helped a few people and will continue to help more and more.

My best wishes,


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