What Would It Take To Get Involved in a Good Cause? Does “Stand-By” Become a Plague of Our World?

I just checked the number of views on this blog and the number was 13,998.00 with people from 10-12 countries reading various posts at any given time.So, I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This blog is a work of love and I truly HOPE every post brings something positive in your lives! You mean the world to me!

What triggered this specific POST? I am very active on Linkedin and I find the comments in my groups intellectually stimulating and engaging. We were in the mist of a conversation about Domestic Violence,’ Can it EVER BE an ACCIDENT?’ We all agreed NO, it cannot be an accident, it is a form of “control,” a pattern of behavior, which unfortunately runs in families. The problem, as I see it, is that the “victims” don’t consider themselves victims until many times it is too late… I was told the statistics are, it takes 7 “incidents” for a victim to LEAVE the abuser at last (if she or he are still alive)

So… knowing from my experience as a counselor and from personal experience that NO ONE could change another person, is there anything we could do to make it easier for an “unspoken victim,” to gain the determination, courage and ultimately the self-esteem to LEAVE before it is too late? 

Of course, there are the 30-day “secret shelters” the plays that educate, the workshops… and than what?

Do we have  sufficient charitable organizations to offer abused people and their children a longer-range housing opportunity and yes, a place to bring their pets too, because they are family members. Then a way to get new skills, a job to provide enough, not minimum wage?

I picked Domestic Violence because I was just involved in the comments of Linkedin, but then, I recalled a situation where we (my then husband driving) were STOPPED at a light. I saw a toddler running down a driveway of a residence, into the street, clearly unsupervised. The light changed to green and my husband started to drive away.

I screamed, “STOP! Let me get the child and take him up to his home!”  

My husband, looked at me puzzled and said:: ” I am NOT stopping! DO you want the parents to ACCUSE YOU of wanting to KIDNAP their child???!!!” 

We drove off, I was in tears, my heart broken! If I were the parents of the child we left behind I would have been grateful someone brought him back home!

We leave in such a LITIGIOUS society that we fear it to the point of being inhuman ???Could this be ONE of the many reasons of being UN-INVOLVED?

I don’t know what would it take on a larger scale to really get involved in ANY GOOD CAUSE ?

Life happens in the most unexpected ways. Situations that you see in movies or you think could ONLY happen to others, NEVER TO YOU or yours, DO HAPPEN TO YOU or yours, many times, so it is wise to be prepared.  

We live in a society in which we STILL do not speak about suicide, sexual issues…. any topic which might spoil the “illusion” of PERFECTION!  Guess what? If someone presents a perfect facade… what’s in the basement?

It’s an open-ended post, but don’t you think more TRUE ACTION for any good cause would make this a better world and us happier people? 

3 thoughts on “What Would It Take To Get Involved in a Good Cause? Does “Stand-By” Become a Plague of Our World?

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    • Hi there,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you find the post I wrote of value, however a LOT of work goes into writing accurate info. This is WHY THE LAW protects the writers. WHEN YOU TAKE someone’s intellectual property (writing) YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE WRITER. and link to MY blog.
      If you don’t, it is called PLAGIARISM and PUNISHABLE by LAW. It’s like stealing someone’s work, so no problem if you GIVE the SOURCE and DESERVED CREDIT. How would YOU like someone twitting YOUR work as if they wrote it?
      Thanks again.


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