Here Comes Temptation!!! Historical Romanian Petals of Roses Jem!!!

Several smart friends who know how to use ALL their senses, asked that I translate from Romanian, this delicious recipe, which I first pined on Pintrest!

Ingredients: 200 grams petals of roses (MUST be fragrant -Damascus type)

300 grams sugar

Lemon juice from one lemon

150 ml grams of water


First, wash the whole roses in cold water. Emerge them and shake off the water

Optional: Tear off the white foundation at the base of the rose (it is harder)

Separate the petals (detached them) Place the petal in a bowl, cover with 2-3 Tsp. of sugar and rub the sugar into the petals until their volume reduces.

Cover the remaining sugar and water, add the juice of one lemon and boil them, after removing the petals.

After the sugar mixture is melted, add the petals and boil a few more minutes until the syrup forms a rubbery consistency.

Place in jars and refrigerate.

When I were a child, my grandmother invited friends to a “teaspoon of rose petals dulceata” and a glass of cold water in mid-afternoon. It was an honor, a symbol of great friendship and way to socialize.

The fragrance of the ONE tsp. was so powerful, I could still remember it, 30 years later:))


Too Fragile To Break

Broken in million pieces!!!


Did I slip, was I pushed, both?

An ambulance,

Worried people,


Experts glued me together.

Barely could see the fine cracks covered by make-up

All that mattered was the illusion of perfection, after all.

Again and again and again,

The “accident.” repeated: pushed, slipped, fell…

Not sure!

Ambulance, surgery, fixed by the experts…

I know the play by heart, I could do it alone,

Be the hero of my own play.

By habit, I trip, I fall on a hard floor,

The pain is great, the floor hard,

But not harder than the core of me!

I look around:

No ambulance,

No people,

No surgery or experts.

Only a wall. An object with no feelings.

I lean against it

I think the advantage was I didn’t have to thank

An inanimate object!

What a relief!

Slowly, I leaned on it and pulled myself up.

I knew I wasn’t required, and no one cared,

Yet, I head my own voice scream in my own ears: “Thank You, WALL!”

My lips touched the rough cold cement.

No one heard,

No one cared,

The wall was ungrateful!

My ears felt numb,

My lips bleeding.

I was happy to have done the right thing,

Not because it mattered to others,

But because it mattered to me.

I respected  myself enough to

Follow the flexibility of my consciousness.

I cared not what the world might think

But how my heart felt 

When doing what was right!

My core might be frail enough to break,

It didn’t!

Life required flexibility and foolish people

Didn’t comprehend the difference

Between weakness and flexibility.

To survive one must flexible.

Weakness, will kill you!

Simple to tell the difference…

Hearts’ Paradoxes

A few hearts slightly reminding us of rocks.

They make us similar. The HUMAN RACE!!!

Millions of diamonds of various shapes and sizes,

The proof …

That at core we are unique!

The essence of our Hearts!

The reason we fall in love

With one person and not another!

What could they be made of, the hearts?

Some, of iron,

Other of gold

Perhaps some are of plastic and mimic platinum!

What is essential to stay alive? The material which made the hearts?

Not beautiful, but permanent in their ugliness,





Fearless in their determination to continue

To tick without the horror that

The end is near!

If a heart stops, who cares,

If it was a rock, a diamond or plastic?

It mattered not:

Ugly, beautiful or boring,

Unique or common…

As long as it worked, it mattered not…

ONLY a hole could alert the outsiders

Of the lack of a heart…

A heartless human,

Anyone could detect:

Pale skin,

Bulging eyes,

Rigid body,

The nothingness of it all,

The hope of hopelessness,

The beauty of tasteless ugliness,

After all, is it a curse or a blessing

To have a heart?

Whispers, are they bring sadness, confusion, pain…

A hole could be more comfortable,

Endlessly boring but lasting safely!

Lifeless lives… A CONVENIENT PARADOX!!!


RIP— The useless holders of hearts,

By choice you turned the essence of

Your humanity into a hole!

You became a comfortable owner

No one may OWN a heart, but a hole could be owned

By anyone.

After all, it has no value!

Oh! It feels so light and boring…but SAFE!!!



Hello schemed friends…:))  this is meant to be a joke

Many times in life learning to laugh at the worst situations in our lives could save or make us feel better!

Not feeling ALONE also helps, and this is why it is so important that WE, all, keep in touch and share these ever changing scheming methods!

This UPDATE is thanks to our friend Paula, who just wrote about her story regarding this type of scheme. Thank you Paula and everyone who continues to comment and share their ,unfortunately, “upgraded” experiences.

These schemes seem like the  bacteria that changes its shape to avoid a KNOWN antibiotic! So the result is, the scientists MUST find a NEW antibiotic able to fight the bacteria which “adapted” to what was known!

This UPDATE was triggered by the fact that Paula’s story comes from EUROPE!!! The address she was given, of the “company” comes from The Netherlands and the name of the product is changed. I am NOT sure, but I think Paula lives in Germany. The bottom line is, this MARKS an expansion of this type of scheme instead of a decrease. This is WHY I thought it would be helpful to everyone to review what we could do.

IMPORTANT: I do NOT know the laws in Europe and I asked Paula a few questions and pending her response we will probably have an European Update. Also IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD experiencing a similar TYPE of scheme, PLEASE SHARE with us!

What to do:

Ideally, do not be tempted by any FREE offers which ask YOU for your credit card number to pay just the shipping and handling. NOW THEY HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND MAY CHARGE WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

IF, like most of us, you are  tempted and give your credit card information to be charged $4.00 and when you get your statement you notice you were charged $99.00!!! CALL your bank immediately!!!


Why  is so important to have a reliable bank!!!

I could speak about how my bank, The Bank of America, helped me.

I reported the scheme. I was connected to their investigation/fraud department. A very nice, empathetic investigator took all my information. Most banks will ask if YOU TRIED TO CONTACT THE MERCHANT DIRECTLY. Most of us try that first, so it is important that you have the date you contacted the company, the name of the person and exactly what was said and the phone number you called.

Your bank investigator, most likely, would want this information. Bank of America gave me a temporary credit, while they investigated. After almost two month, I received a letter from my bank, which informed me, the credit was now permanent.

I  assume  the bank investigated my story, determined it as true and had the kindness to give me the credit lost for being schemed. For that fact alone, I will never leave the Bank of America!  I guess, it pays to be nice and fair.

However, I don’t think there is a law saying a bank must give you the money you lost being schemed. So, I would make sure to change the credit card and start from there.

The other important fact uncovered by the hundreds of shares, was the fact that once the NAME of a product became known as a scheme, the SAME GROUP OF SCHEMERS CHANGED THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT and the company name!!!

What does this mean to us??? It means if you are tempted to give your credit card to a company which markets a different product, it might be the SAME GROUP under a different name!!! The results of you loosing money will be the same…

Someone, wrote a comment which I found invaluable and after that comment I also wrote an update post. The friend in that comment was bringing to our attention the fact that while the NAME of the company and product changed when recognized by the consumers at large as a scheme, their LOCATION WAS TH SAME, IN FLORIDA!!!

SO, another RED FLAG: P.O. BOXES!!! Do not deal with companies which give you only P.O.Boxes.

I guess, this is it for now, but when Paula responds regarding the details of her experience in Europe, and if we get additional similar stories from around the world, we will continue to make small steps in finding out IF this is an INTERNATIONAL operation, copy-cats, or what? The more we know, the better we protect ourselves.

Please remember education is power. Also POWER IS IN THE NUMBERS!!! Thank you for continuing to comment and share.


M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology



Father’s Day, Mother’s Day? SINGLE PARENT??? The Long Term Devastation of a Father’s SUICIDE!!!!

Today is Father’s Day — we don’t celebrate for the sad reason that he killed himself in 2005.

Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY situation!!! STOP! THINK!!! READ the long, very long consequences for those YOU left behind because YOU thought  they will be better off without you!

Yes, when you were alive you could have been a better dad. This is why our teen daughters were not speaking with you.  True, you weren’t paying child support, took US (your children and the mother of your children, your ex wife, OFF the health insurance without telling me.) Yes, you knew I was about to have cancer surgery and didn’t care, didn’t call on your kids birthdays…but bought a  new car, and killed yourself when it was  reposesed.  A car was more important, as were the drugs.

Yet, you were ALIVE there was HOPE to change, to reconcile, to speak.

What do those left behind have now: guilt mixed with anger, unanswered questions…

The MOTHER, that is unfortunately me, MUST deal with my children’s anger and distortions because I am still ALIVE!!!  My shell of a body is, but my heart is broken. Shattered to pieces by those I adore and are discarding me.

For most of my daughters’ lives I tried to do the best I could with what I had and how I KNEW  at the time. Was I perfect? Hell NO!!! BUT… Was I loving, dedicated and fierce in defending my children and trying to offer them the BEST: education, social life, skills, was I at their head in the hospitals when they were sick? HEAVEN YES!!!

On Mother’s Day, I received a postcard from one of my daughters trips to Bahamas,  and a magnet to “cheer up MY refrigerator. The note said “sorry we cannot have a relationship at this time.”

WAS THIS MY CHILD WHO WROTE THAT NOTE? A therapist perhaps, so we keep the situation “civilized?” No waves, no, no, in our perfect world we only have clear, smooth waters!

OH NO!  Do you SEE the sharks at the bottom?

The deadly shock for me came  when I was dis-invited from her graduation and received pictures which my best friend mailed to me, of my daughter’s graduation and her NEW family ( her husband’s, who didn’t want to get involved in “family drama,”)  I guess that was me (the drama mama who raised two daughters on her own and now is still alive to receive the hits from consequences of  the Dad, who died 9 years ago!) Now, instead of being happy at last, memories are entangled, inappropriate therapies used, a mother-daughter relationship destroyed because what is better than a very long term client who doesn’t get better? May be worse, because inappropriate types of therapies are used.

What is the interest of pharmaceutical companies to cure, when “managing” is “better.” I mean, SAME principle. Follow the money!

I am not rich  financially, I was raised by a mother who told me the only thing no one could take away from you, is your education! She was right, I am not financially rich, but my brain is not poor.

Yes, I am aging, we all do but what hurts is how  the glitter took over my children’s minds and souls to the point of making it okay to  discard  mom who dedicated the last 28 years of her life, to them, UNCONDITIONALLY. True, NOW there was no gain, or reason for ME, so, I was discarded!

For those about 60% of the families who struggle with Father’s Day’s, Mother’s Days, the Holidays, and unappreciated parenting because YOU, ONE PERSON tried to do the job for TWO this is for ALL OF YOU, to know you are NOT ALONE!!! I hope the truth it will make someone feel better. It sucks to feel everyone is happy and perfect except you. Know you, me, others are real and not alone or lonely! Now that the truth is out!

What could anyone take from me when everything was already taken?

I stare at the clear, smooth waters and see the sharks. I JUMP IN AND SWIM!!!

I wish I could” wish you,” my readers, who perhaps relate to this post, HAPPY… something.

But I feel sad and betrayed, so fill in your own blanks and share with us!

I am HAPPY because______________

God bless!


PS If all is perfect in your life, enjoy and don’t share yet another lie! Go on Facebook!