Hello fellow “sufferers” in what should, otherwise, be qualities: Trusting, naivete… yet, we live in a world where the best turns into the worst…

I wrote SEVERAL UPDATES on this very topic. There are almost 900 comments on this site, many on the Buyer Be Aware PART I!!! The first POST has at least three updates in the format of posts.

I write this blog as a FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE, OUT OF A SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG!!! I ask myself what a reader does before they read a post, take the time to comment, he/she, takes five minutes to check the other people’s comments and the posts? What is their motivation?
Today I received several, very informative comments on the topic. A few months before, someone was giving what was to me the KEY to the entire scheme: The team of crooks changed the NAME of the company several times, even the product marketed, HOWEVER the WAREHOUSE was still in FLORIDA!!! Another comment offered another “key.”
They operated now in Europe. My lesson was,stay AWAY from “free deals.”This was a lesson I repeated to my kids over and over again, as a night time story.., but where was I :))?? that I couldn’t remember listening:) it it… perhaps I was boring? Could I have fallen asleep!? Hmm. My feelings were deeply hurt! My night time lesson’s “key,” was:” Stay AWAY from any FREE “DEALS!!!” if they looked too good to be true, they probably were!!!”
A last suggestion, please take a few minutes to read the titles of other topics on this blog. It might save you money. Each post is a true, first person story written with the purpose to protect others from repeating my naivite! A lot of research and good will went into writing these posts with ONE purpose, ONE GOAL, TO HELP others and try to do it in an entertaining and useful way!!! This is my way of giving back to the world. The blog received the award of MOST VERSATILE, and I hope it is.
My bottom line is:
If a post saved readers a dollar and the bonus was they smiled, the “mission” was accomplished!

May we all continue to trust there is still goodness in the world, be cautious!
Thank you for continuing to read the blog, share your valuable experiences, and know EACH OF US MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

Surgery versus Needle Biopsy. Hospital Infections. Who Saved Whom??? Prophylactic Antibiotics and the Unexpected Involvment of Pet Therapy

Please read this post if you’re interested in the UNEXPECTED TURNS offered us as we walk on the path of life. Truth be told, all we know for sure is the NOW, but the temptation to peek into the possibilities of future is great! It is also true that “knowledge is POWER!!!”

A few weeks before, when I was told I needed a biopsy, the first thought which came to my mind was, “no big deal,” a procedure, so insignificant I wasn’t even going to mention it to my friends. In truth, I feared those around me might think I was a hypochondriac, seeking attention for the wrong reasons…

It started boring, most events in life start like that and the excitement picks up as one continues to walk… The annual mammogram showed the two lymph nodes located in my right arm pit enlarged significantly and so many new, small ones, too many to count, were present too. Yeah, I could not deny it, a biopsy was necessary, just to make sure everything was okay. Oh, the chance of a “real problem was slim.” Well… not that slim…I had a rare malignant tumor, nine years before. It was misdiagnosed four times because “sarcoma type of malignancies,” were so rare.
When my doctor suggested a biopsy, I was grateful that a needle biopsy would be performed and equal attention given to something which potentially could be rare and not as significant as a “common” type of cancer. Before I was personally “attacked by this Monster, I didn’t know there were many types of IT!!! and one is “lucky” to have a common type of cancer. More money and research takes place on common types of cancer, because more people would be saved if a cure is found. It makes sense, but not in one’s heart, if the person is the “owner” of a rare type of cancer.
The fine needle aspiration procedure, is called “clean biopsy” The doctor assured me, technically, was not even considered surgery!!! So insignificant, a prophylactic antibiotic was NOT given 30 minutes before the procedure, and generally, ONLY local anesthesia was used. In other words, they numbed your skin at the site of the procedure, which, in spite the fact that your skin was penetrated, was NOT considered surgery. I vaguely, or not so vaguely, recalled from my classes taken to prepare for my esthetician license in PA, that when the skin was penetrated, there was a risk of infection. I chased the thought away, as I could self-advocate for ONE cause at a time, and decided the most immediate “cause,” was that I needed proper anesthesia. I suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression, I argued.
The doctor assured me, he “performed hundreds of those,” with just a local (anesthetic!)
I assured him, that was fine, however, in all fairness, I felt responsible to inform him that I was under the care of a therapist, I suffer from Generalized Anxiety and I was ASKED by the hospital to prepare for anesthesia. I didn’t eat or drink since before Midnight and also I was on treatment of anti-anxiety and depression medications. I suffered serious traumas, and mention just one: my ex-husband’s suicide. In conclusion, I assured him that the chances to “freak out on him,” during the “procedure which breaks your skin, but was not classified as surgery,” were NOT minimal.
After more serious consideration, the decision was changed. The nurse anesthesiologist started the IV and I felt relaxed. NOT asleep. Relaxed! That was all I needed, to be CALM!!! Everything felt human and not barbaric.
The pathologist entered the room and stated his name. Another God, I should say, in the family of God doctors. By the order they enter the room, the Pathologist was the most important.
Yes, this was important knowledge, graduating from medical school, places one right next to God (I guess even God might have some insignificant medical conditions) and it is best to have doctors close by! I learned this “secret classification,” because my mother was a M.D. and one of my daughters is a M.D. The reality of their majestic positions, placed me far, far behind them and their world of Gods. I only earned a Master’s in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. This degree placed me far behind, but it also gave me the empathy necessary to understand the human race and its shallowness.
Okay… back to the biopsy. In spite of being relaxed, they could not stop me from speaking. Advocating for myself.
… and I talked, and I talked and explained, and every time I open my mouth with new details, the pathologist asks for another “sample!” May be… well over 10-12 samples…
As I clearly remembered, under the arm pit, there was a cluster of nerve endings and blood vessels. In short, the chance of pain was great, touching a blood vessel was another danger, and I was grateful the handsome doctor performed hundreds of “those,” before mine but congratulated myself for asking for a type of humane anesthetic. It was painful, but worth it!
I knew each time I was in excruciating pain and I thought, “this is it, now I shall experience fainting,” another good, relevant sample was “grabbed” from that monster, whom no one invited in my body. The thought that IT will be analyzed and diagnosed by the pathologist brought me joy! The moment of extreme pain passed, it diminished, I was convinced the doctor took the samples from the correct places to add to the collection of the core of the uninvited visitors in my arm pit. I felt a sense of satisfaction; I imagined these “thieves” the uninvited visitors, running away at the thought of another large core needle chasing them!
I assumed, judging by the degree of discomfort, he used the large core needle, not the “fine aspiration one.” Whatever he was using, it was for the first time in my life when I was grateful someone put me in pain. No, I could NOT read Fifty Shades of Grey past the second chapter, that’s how poorly it was written. Sorry, but good for you, I mean, the author!

Back to the boring part of this post, the biopsy.
The pathologist left the room, the doctor did too, and all nurses, except one who transported me to the first room where I left my purse with no money.
The very nice nurse reminded me the room had a window, facing the river and some ducks were floating around the water, peeking in the room. Just in case, I was worried about my privacy, she said. Oh, well, ducks, if you have nothing better to do … go ahead!

My friend picked me up and we got home. After a few hours, the pain worsened. All night I took tylanol as if it were chocolates!!! At least the chocolate would have been yummy, unlike the tylanol which just messed up my liver!
I was sweaty. I was cold, I was hot. A ridiculous, unreasonable thought stabbed my mind: What if I had an infection!!! Most definitely I had a fever! I checked, using a very accurate CVS brand termometer and indeed my temperature was passed 100.00
At 7:00 AM sharp (and it’s Saturday!!!) I called the number the hospital gave me to call if there were any problems. In my foggy mind I considered that increased pain as compared to 8 hours before, and temperature over 100 could be considered problems. I seemed to be wrong!
The temperature MUST be over 101!!! the pain… can’t remember why didn’t qualify either.
Then, a miracle happened. I must have said something that qualified, was significant, could be coded? Honestly, they might have gotten sick of me insisting I wanted an antibiotic!First, the hospital sent me to Emergency!!! I refused. They insisted. I refused again and at last I was prescribed the wide spectrum antibiotic which in my narrow mind, assumed was routinely given BEFORE any procedure which BREAKS the skin.
I was wrong! I Google and discover the nuances among the various procedures.
I found reading the article in ” American Family Physician- Current Guidelines for Antibiotic Prophilaxis of Surgical Wounds,” by Woods and Dellinger (1998) more relevant than the Shades of Grey. At lease I managed to finish it.

I found fascinating that the MOST efficient time to give the patient a prophylactic antibiotic was 30 minutes before the procedure to prevent an infection. Oh, the stats did show that “clean procedures” have only a 2% incidence of infection. Clean procedures constitute 60% of ALL surgical procedures and accounted for 40% of ALL wound infections. The estimate was that Prophylaxis for CLEAN PROCEDURES would reduce the overall incidence of wound infections by 17%.
The bottom line was that approximately ONE million patients had wound infections in the USA every year. The annual cost of taking care of these infections is approximately 1.5 billion dollars.
The consequences range from increased pain to sepsis and possible death.
Given these statistics, wouldn’t perhaps make sense to administer prophylactic antibiotics to all patients if they undergo any procedure in which the skin is penetrated by any instrument. Wouldn’t it make sense to re-THINK and re-CLASSIFY and consider the enormous negative effect on the quality of life of ALL patients affected by infections, regardless of HOW the procedure was classified?

I’ve been taken an antibiotic for two days. I still have a slight fever and am depressed!
What helps me wish to get better? What if the cancer returned? I have to acknowledge fear, then a feeling of peace…
At my back I feel the warmth of a living being, in the front, I delight my sense of touch and caress my puppy and her silky fur. I listen to their perfect, calm breathing and try to synchronize mine with theirs. They are both rescued dogs, but the truth is, I AM the rescued one. I feel loved. I feel needed… I feel ME!!!

I finally managed to synchronize our breathing and dare not move.
I wish to stay in THIS MOMENT FOREVER and feel LOVED!!!

60% of all surgical (this is me!!!)

What Is A Petition, How To Start One and Why?

This post was inspired by the excellent comments made on Linkedin about Petitions, specifically regarding domestic violence. One of my connections on Linkedin, Lori Dudek, made a powerful comment which also contained a rhetorical question, ‘Would people sign it?’
Domestic violence is not just a worthy cause in which I believe, which touches and destroys the lives of many, regardless of their age, gender or social status! To me, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is like the PLAGUE!!!

Last night’s comment was in turn triggered by another powerful and true statement made by Tracy Johnson: Financial Abuse + Domestic Violence = Homelessness = MORE ABUSE!!!
How don’t we all see this cycle and destructive results???

So, I kept reading the comments, late last night and not only agreed with them but when the commentator mentioned the word ‘petition,’ I decided to start researching to find the actual steps of HOW a petition could be started and possibly make a positive difference.

What I am about to share is not complete information on this vast topic.
I am not a legal professional, so here is my disclaimer: please don’t sue me if what follows is not perfect. I don’t get paid to write this blog, I do my best and my ONLY motivation is the hope that these posts DO help the readers.
The almost 18,850 plus views and over 800 plus positive comments, make me believe that the content of the blog helps and the love and time I invest in writing them is not useless.

Each human being is unique and as a result our motivations are. Each person who takes the time and reads and is helped by the content of any post on my blog, gives me a sense of purpose and gratefulness.
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. paralegal, or any type of trained legal professional.
I am a woman (yes, a woman, not “a team of guys,” as many comments refer to the creator of this blog:) When I come across events, questions or situations which in my very personal assessment, knowing more about them could help others, because it helped me, I SHARE.

Today’s boring topic is PETITIONS!!!

What are petitions and why people write them? I will not even attempt to begin any conversation on the topic of the specifics of petitions to be submitted to be considered to even be accepted by our legal systems. For instance, I noticed many of the petitions I receive say, ‘at least 100,000 signatures are necessary before being submitted to… x,y,z political entity to change the present Bill, and on and on, here’s Pandora’s box!

The primary purpose of this post is to clarify what is a petition, suggest web sites which will help people understand more or write petitions in an appropriate format.
In short, hopefully, this post will point you in the correct direction.
What is a PETITION? It is a document written with the purpose of exposing corruption, injustice and asking for a positive change which would correct the injustice.

Almost daily, I receive emails from about worthy causes, and am eager to contribute by signing them.

Oh… but then here comes the uncomfortable part of one who is not rich enough to donate to a good cause, no matter how little!
My deep sense of frustration and sadness when many times, I am unable to donate even $3.00 to a cause I consider important and worthy. I experience an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness and guilt. Many times I am a click away from “unsubscribe.” I know $3.00 is an amount so small, how could anyone even think that there are people out there who might be on such a tight budget, $3.00 has a financial significance for them?
And yet, if the $3.00 check is deposited into my bank account a minute before my automatic salary is deposited, a financial tragedy happens!… penalties apply, credit is negatively affected and let’s not get into details we all know and do not wish to experience.
OKAY, this was a deviation from the straight path to the top, but the view of a mini-financial disaster, too tempting to avoid… I couldn’t stop myself…

Back to how to start a petition if you, or your organization/group wish to.
It seems that one of the easiest ways, is to visit ONLINE PETITIONS
You may also wish to visit
Start a petition FREE and click on one of the icons of this web site, entitled: “Petition Winning Ideas.”

Another web site which, as I understand, has no political affiliation, is
This site offers two icons, one for INDIVIDUAL Petitions and another for GROUPS/ORGANIZATIONS

Let’s give a few examples of petitions, just to illustrate how different our motivations, values and priorities are.
The Facebook Page of ‘GO PETITION,’ LIKED by 244,617 people as of July 11, 2014 lists INTERNATIONAL petitions by country.
For example, under International Petitions:
Protect Our Children, Ban Bear Farms in Korea, or Bring Baxwonka Bars!
Some examples of active petitions in the USA and UK:
Save West Virginia Pets; Support the Solomons (I don’t know who are the Solomons, but this is to illustrate one could petition about anything) and my last example, because this would be a petition I’d support and sign: Investigate N.Y. Animal Shelters in Violation of Humane Laws and Public Trust.

The same site has an icon entitled: Get a Winning Petition Template.
Also, icons for Petition samples, examples of good petitions (NOT for Court purposes)
To sum it up, a well written petition has clear structure, a section for background information (Preamble)
The Petition TEXT _ what is the call of action, what are the campaigners asked to do, beside signing, what caused the petition, what and why is needed to be done.
(More info:

Spreading the word– WHERE TO POST a Petition:
For information, please visit: (online) would not only let you post for free, but also help you with your draft.
Petitions are judged by the value of their content, not the fame of the petitioners. Hmm… I am tempted to debate this:)
However, now matter these more or less significant details, by starting a petition you build and support a good cause and exercise your constitutional right to freedom of speech.
Happy petitioning!

How Important are the Covers of a Book?

Anyone who had been either following this blog or read my book, poems or short stories, already knows I was not thinking of books and their covers, when I chose the title of this post. I refer to people and their physical facades, beautiful at first sight, yet possibly poisonous…

In other words, let’s think not of “books and their covers,” but of people and their superficial, deceiving, at times dangerous, or heartbreaking insides. Beauty that covers rotted souls or holes instead of hearts.

How do we determine what’s real and true?
At times, judging by the number of schemes I experienced personally, or my friends did, plus the ” daily news” I concluded it might not be my bad luck because I was born on a 13th, but the increased number of dishonest people.
For instance, the often heard comment: :How could my husband/wife be so jealous of me? I would never cheat!”
Frankly, honesty prevented me from giving opinions on such topics, especially when I knew about 60% of marriages end up in divorce.
What was THE MOTIVATION of excessive jealousy (feel free to replace jealousy with anything that applies to your personal situation.) I didn’t know, and generally if one is confused on a topic, their explanations would be confusing too wow!!!:).
It is best to only speak on topics one understands and I didn’t this particular one.

The questioning and my inability to answer went on for a while, until a third party, offered the answer:
“Generally, people who cheat, think everyone else does. The logical, normal believe is that if he/she behaves in a certain way, everyone else does, and that includes their life partner.”
A simple explanation. As the saying goes, many times we don’t see the forest because we are too close to one tree.

Do you remember the famous fairy tale of Snow White? The horrifying step-mother disguised as an old, kind woman who offered Snow White a perfect, red, tempting apple and when she bit from it she fell asleep for as long as it took for Prince Charming to show up on a white horse, kiss her deceivingly dead lips and save the day! She came to life, they got married and lived “happily, ever after!”

There is a reason they are called fairy tales…
However, if we look at the symbolism of the evil step-mother disguised as a good, older woman, and her offering Snow White a beautiful red apple to eat, here we have the true LIFE LESSONS behind the fairy tale:

1. If it looks too good, it probably is.
2. Don’t trust strangers no matter how they look.
3. Don’t “bite” into things, no matter how tempting they look on the surface. This could apply to an investment too good to be true, to love at the first “email” with a widower, who has a child and assures you YOU are most definitely his soul mate (because he hacked into your bank account and also his heart told him you own your home)

Books and their covers…
Honestly, the lesson I learned is to only purchase books stripped of covers! Not as pretty but who cares if the story is good?


False Memory Syndrome!!! What is it and how it may destroy your life!

Psychotherapy added by inducing in the client altered states, clinical hypnosis, imagery…RELAXATION!
As an ethical counselor, I believe in these techniques ONLY when appropriate for the client.
I experienced them, practiced them as a certified practitioner. I also KNEW when NOT to use them on clients whose minds were too frail for such practices, and the transe could have been done more bad than good! Some of these conditions: major depression, bipolar, schizo.
In other words BEFORE you allow anyone to put you in a relaxed, altered state of mind, make sure the therapist/hypnotist or both KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS when this technique should be dangerous. Please give your true and complete health history, including your families.
The truth is,I only understood the complexity and importance and danger of allowing a therapist to use altered states on mind inadequately, only when I was PERSONALLY BEEN THE VICTIM of its consequences…
Just like cancer, or suicide, our minds do not accept such tragedies could happen to US!!! But they do, and suddenly anyone could be accused of child abandonment, of horror things they never did! How this happens? The client in a state of altered state is first open to any suggestions the therapist makes, second, they put together bits and pieces of memories and fantasies that happened and were done by many people or imagined. Of course, ONE person must be blamed, and that could be YOU!!!
This was when I started researching, the what was in the 1990s “RECOVERED memories,” but thanks to the bad name it received thanks to solid research, it is now called FALSE.
In my devastation try to understand the facts, what has happened and how within one hour of “therapy” the most important relationship of my life fell apart I started my research and fight against unethical use of therapy techniques!
To protect the identity of those I love, and knowing they were themselves the victims of unethical therapy practices, meant to financially benefit the therapist, I am writing this FIRST post (in a series of many) to bring awareness to this topic and to the truth that NOT ALL THERAPY IS THE SAME!!!
Each mental health condition, each person, is different. Some conditions improve with the use of Dialectal /Cognitive Behavior Therapy, some therapists, myself included, believes in the Adlerian family model because we live in a family and this influences us.
I am currently reading a heartbreaking book, ‘Lost Daughters, Recovered Memory Therapy and the People It Hurts,’ by Reinder Van Til.
It is a personal tragedy, not solid research of how the mind in an altered state could put bits of truth and fantasy together to create stories of incredible abuse and destroy lives!

I am a researcher by nature and also am reading the body of scientific work of Dr Elizabeth Loftus, and ‘The Seven Sins of the Mind How the Mind Forgets and Remembers,’ by Professor Daniel Schacter, who, at the time (2001), was the Chair of The Harvard University’s Department of Psychology.
In fact, I have a stash of 8 books and links to scholarly articles which discuss the unreliability of obtaining “false” memories under an ALTERED state, and more scary, how a therapist one trusts could manipulate such “memories.”
This post is the BEGINNING of a series of articles about various schools of psychotherapy, HOW TO choose a therapist and to learn not ALL therapies are the SAME. In fact, there are over 200 various schools. I will write a post on EACH of the top ten, so my readers are educated and aware about therapy and what it could do or not. Positive and Negative.
Meanwhile, thank you for reading my blog. You know every time I post, a part of my heart goes to YOU! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!


How To Build a Good Credit Report (Score) while Young. Why It Is Important

Most of us don’t have a grandfather who left us  millions in trust, or hit the lottery, or found a huge amount of cash while cleaning a dead relative’s house.

Sadly, a majority of us depend on our credit for a majority of purchases,  from getting a cell phone to getting a car or a loan to buy a house or rent an apartment.

Unlike what common sense tells most people: PAY your bills in cash, this is NOT the best way to build your credit.

Why not? If you pay everything  in cash, you have NO credit history. A history of being a person who pays debts on time.The lenders want to see you are a good “risk” and they will get their loan back. If you have no credit history, how would they know? Sure, they could ask your mom or sister… just kidding.

What is a credit report:

A credit report is a system used by the lenders to decide whether or not to give you credit, a loan, and how much interest to charge you on the loan. The higher your FICA SCORE the better off you are. The potential lenders buy the credit reports from one or all of the three major credit reporting companies (more about them later.)

The credit report is based on your history of paying all your bills in time. When I say ALL, that includes credit cards.

The first thing you must do when you turn 18, is to apply for a credit card. It will probably have a low limit (you may spend up to $300.00) That is fine. Take it, make small purchases on it and PAY on TIME. After a while, you will notice the credit company will increase your limit of spending and probably lower the interest you have to pay for balances NOT paid within 30 days. PLEASE note, you do not pay interest if you pay ON TIME.

What to watch for when you get credit card offers: FEES. They would advertise flying miles, trips, bonuses, but if they have an annual fee of $75 look for another card which has NO fees and gives you rewards.

After a while of paying your first credit card on time, you already have started establishing good credit. Apply for a 2nd. card and proceed with the same steps: PAY on time, no fees to have the card. Do not have more than two good credit cards, and pay on time, is my suggestion.

After a while, if you are one of those teens who starts working at 14, ask your parents to go with you and open a bank account. At the beginning it will probably be joint with your parent or guardian, but try to deposit into your account the money you earn working your  summers. Well… at least what you don’t spend on your first date.

Continue this process.

DO NOT apply for store credit cards which have huge interest rates on unpaid balances. The temptation of getting 10% OFF when you apply goes puff the second you have outstanding balances at 27%.

A misunderstanding I noticed is the difference between companies that charge for your credit report, and the ONLY place where, by Federal Law, you are entitled to one FREE credit report from each of the reporting agencies every 12 months.


The companies who charge you, are actually selling you a PROTECTION service which generally includes monitoring of possible identity theft. Just  be aware what you sign for.

Intersections Inc. ( rates ALL TOP TEN such companies.

Also, breaks down the scores. NOTE: your credit report is a report and your SCORE is calculated based on your report. You get a FREE annual credit report annually, but to know your score, which determines your fate with lenders, you will probably have to pay.

Anyway, here is the break down on the SCORE. From 300 (worst– pay with the cash under the mattress) to 850 points (go wild, get a million dollar card) the lenders will BEG YOU to borrow! Still continue to pay on time as your credit report could change overnight and as a result your score.

According to Intersections Inc.

300-580 — very weak score

580-620 –weak

620-680– fair

680-720– good

720-8500 – EXCELLENT!!!!!!

As a suggestion, and with the alarming numbers of hackers and identity theft issues, I suggest you check your annual credit report FREE three times a year.

How you do this:

There are THREE major reporting agencies. Expirian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

DO NOT get all reports at one time. Order one from each, every  three months.

The web site which offers true FREE credit reports, with no strings attached is:

It will also have a link to:



Equifax — 1888-397-3742

Fraud Hot line– 1888 766-0008

Experian — 1888-397-3742 (same telephone # for FRAUD)

TransUnion– 1800 916-8800

Hot line: 1800-680-7289

You could request and receive your credit report on line, or order toll free, at 877-322-8228

With the risk of repeating myself and being boring (which the topic in itself is depressing:(

I will reiterate why it is important to build and MAINTAIN good credit.

ALL lenders, from the small purchases of cell phones to buying cars and homes and renting apartments REQUEST your credit report. BASED on the credit report your  FICO score is calculated (see chart above)

If you have excellent credit you are a GOOD RISK. That means your lender has a good chance to get his loan back from you. As a result, a reward for your good financial habits, the lender will offer you a LOWER interest rate.

The report contains ALL your information, name, addresses, place of employment, marital status, late payments, bankruptcy, if you were sued or arrested.

The credit reports are vital for you to obtain loans, some jobs, buy a house or a car.


If you monitor your credit report three times a year, it is also more likely to catch an identity theft, or sign up for one of the security companies mentioned above, and pay extra. It is probably worth it.


Since about 60% of marriages end up in divorce, it is wise to keep SEPARATE credit cards, or if they are joint, and God forbid you are among the unfortunate 60%, make sure you take your name OFF the joint card. Even if you are divorced, if your divorced spouse continues to use the joint card and your name is still on it, if the spouse stops payments on the card, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE, even if you are divorce.

Enjoy this beautiful day, and pay your bills on time!!!