The ONLY Way Out is In and Through!

These wise words were written on a hard rock. I bought it at an auction for $10, a minimum price, because no one bid on it.

When life gets “almost” unbearable, I walk in the garden and read  this sentence, to remind myself that life ONLY gives us ONE direction… and OUT, at last!

Thank you, unknown author, for inspiring me to write this poem:

I stand alone,

Strong and determined

In the face of Adversity!

I smile at times


Hope happiness lasts forever,

Yet I know it doesn’t!

I came on Earth with nothing

But my Soul wrapped in a body,

I leave with a heavy Wrap 

Which pushes me down,

And an enriched  Soul,

Which lifts me up, into Eternity!

No one knows for sure…

… what is it, where is it,

If it exists at all…

Those who go through and out,

Never return!

That much, we know…

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