Deer In The Light

Hunters, whose mission is to kill.

I follow the light with blind hope.

I run in faith to my own death,

Trusting it is best .

Mesmorized by light,

I stop and wait to be shot.

I thank the Maker of Light for deceiving me,

For ending the lies, at last!

Peace and darkness envelope my

Troubled, pained soul.

Emptiness feels at its fullest,

The whole of me floats

In the meaning of meaninglessness,

The only worthy place in the mist of

All questionings.


I wake up and look in the mirror of nightmares!

I  walk deeper

Into the forest of hope.

Looking at the stars,

I trip on fallen trees,

Struck by lightening,

Sometime in the confusion of time .


I often revisit the moment when I woke up,

Confrunted the dream, and chose to GET UP

and continue the fight!

They shoot deer,

A deer has no choice…

I keep telling myself I do,

As I  fall and get up,

Again and again,

and continue to run towards the light…


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