Beauty Tip Friday (5) Home-made exfoliator


For readers who are catching up with us, Beauty Tip Friday is a weekly post featuring one easy beauty tip or sharing information on the proper use of common beauty products for maximum benefits.

Home-made exfoliator

Most of us have the ingredients necessary for this exfoliator in our kitchens already: baking soda, commonly used in baking and also to absorb unwanted smells in refrigerators, honey, to sweeten our drinks/foods in healthy ways, and essential oils, such as lavender, to help us relax thanks to their wonderful fragrance. I always keep a bottle of tea tree essential oil at hand, as it fights acne and has powerful antibacterial properties. DO NOT use tea tree essential oil on its own before you READ and UNDERSTAND the instructions on your specific bottle, as it is a very strong oil and needs to be used properly.

Ingredients needed for exfoliation:

1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 honey (raw is best, but I used regular honey with good results)
1 drop lavender or tea tree oil, depending on your skin type and personal preferences

Little water to make paste of right consistency (not too dry or too watery)

In glass or porcelain bowl, using a wooden spoon (NOT PLASTIC or METAL) mix well all the above ingredients.

Apply paste on your clean, moist skin and gently, in circular motions, massage the paste into your skin for no more than five minutes. Avoid the skin around your eyes, as it is sensitive and it requires a different type of care.

RINSE face well with luke-warm water. For maximum results you may follow by spraying your freshly exfoliated face with cool, rose water or simply with cool water and follow with an appropriate moisturizer, depending on the time of the day or evening. I grow mint in my garden and keep in the refrigerator a spray bottle in which I poured water in which I first boiled and steeped fresh mint leaves before placing the minty water in the spray bottle. The mint is very diluted, but it still smells great. Regardless the time of the day, it always feels refreshing to spray your face with cool, mildly minty water. Your pets, would love it too, especially on a hot summer day. Always AVOID the EYES area, keep your eyes closed:)

Before trying any new products do a patch test behind your ear to observe any possible negative reactions and allergies. If you have questions on how to test, or any questions or suggestions, remarks, please comment on our site.

Enjoy your fresh, beautiful skin and have a nice weekend!

Rodica M.

PA Licensed Esthetician

2 thoughts on “Beauty Tip Friday (5) Home-made exfoliator

  1. Hi Valeri,

    Thank you for your question. You may use instead of one drop of lavender or tea tree oil(s) either olive or almond oil(s) NOT mineral oil. Mineral oil should probably make the topic of an entire post. It is not only the fragrance of the lavender, why this oil is suggested in the recipe, but lavender has antibacterial properties and it also works wonders if applied immediately after a burn. The tea tree oil does not have an actual fragrance, but it is used as a strong antibacterial, specifically in many anti- acne products. So, if you use olive oil, it is fine, but you should be aware that the recipe will miss the antibacterial ingredient. I hope this helps:)


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