Political Thoughts! My Choice is… no Choice!

I am not a professional political commentator, neither am I an activist in either the Republican or Democratic parties.

Who I am, is a woman, who came in the USA as a political refugee in 1981.
At the time, I was in my late 20s, well-educated, fluent in English. A skilled professional, I was not applying for an American visa coming from some unknown corner of the world but I was coming having behind me, as proof that I was who I said I was, eight years of working as a translator for the US Embassy un Bucharest, Romania.
Yet, the process to apply, be verified and at last approved as a political refuge to America took time and how it felt to be “suspended” between two countries, ” is described in my book ‘The Gypsy Saw Two Lives.’
It was a hard, thorough process to ensure the safety of America because I could have been anyone under false pretense!
I wrote this paragraph, so the readers don’t wonder who I am and what gives me the right to an opinion!
This is a FREE country, the very reason I struggled with both emotional and physical hardships to make it MY LAND, so I could speak freely!
In other words, anyone could express their opinions without the fear we experienced under Eastern European communism before 1989 when Ceausescu was executed and communism became but a sad part of history!

I have been a grateful American citizen since 1987. I raised a family, wrote a book and currently this blog is read by people in over 130 countries. I like to believe, I contributed to make my new home a better place to the best of my abilities and continue to do so!

As millions of Americans, and the entire world I has been watching the 2016 “fight” for the Presidency of the USA.

Watching is an understatement because, unlike any other time, the twists and turns of the 2016 fight for the Presidency of the USA has been like NO OTHER!

It started with most, if not all so-called ” political experts,” giving the opinion that Trump was not going to be a presidential candidate for long! There were 17 qualified Republican candidates, why would the American public support Trump? Some of what he has said throughout the year, which gloriously confirmed him as the Republican nominee, turn my stomach! Specifically the quote, repeated over and over, in adversarial adverts manta about Megan, a respected Journalist! “Blood was coming from her eyes and “where ever???” Is this guy serious?
But that was the beginning and the avalanche of insults continued!
But wait a minute… despite all logic he kept climbing in the polls and even I, found myself thinking that I do want a safe environment for my grand children and a prosperous America! Was he the MAN????
His message was great but HOW WAS HE GOING to accomplish this fairy tale plan?
As much as I love fiction, when it comes to our future, it is our responsibility to take a close look at reality and decide, is it fiction or reality?
Without getting into details, the truth I discovered was not only disappointing, but alarming: several bankruptcies to protect his personal assets, the Trump University and the law suites…
Okay, if he makes America safe I could live with it but then there was the WALL and I wondered if there was any understanding of TUNNELS once the Wall was built!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were neck to neck in all polls!
Having defected from communism, even if I do understand the difference between communism and socialism, I did not like it at all when Sanders declared himself a socialist!
I didn’t contribute the average $27 to his campaign!
Then here came Hillary Clinton supported by her loving husband and adoring daughter, and delivered the speech of her career on Thursday night!
What could she have possibly say to make America forget the undeniable truths?
Emails, Benghazi, Bill’s affairs. Everything seems to continue to haunt her and America still doubts her honesty!
Then another twist:

Supposedly The Russians hacked in the One of the Democratic Party leaders emails and as a result the Chair of the Democratic convention was forced to resign!
As if this was NOT bad enough, and rumors are whispered left and right that The Russians hacked into the emails in an effort to HELP Trump to be elected!

As I was trying to understand WHY would the Russians support Trump, and as I was understanding Trump seemed to put very low priority on NATO and supporting the EU and the Baltic countries which earned their independence from Russia in 1989…
So… If the US would no longer be supporting these countries’ hard earned independence, it is easy to guess what would happen, with Russia already positioned for expansion!

I wished all these thoughts were just my innate fear of having lived under communism and fear of Russia for almost 30 years!
Unfortunately, once more, Mr. Trump clarified it for me in two sentences:
“Wouldn’t be nice to get along with the Russians?” and:
“Russians, if you hear this, I hope you find the emails…etc
What!!!! Inviting a foreign nation to interfere into our affairs?
The fairy tale that we could get along with Russia!!!

So… When we draw the line and write the cons and pros for both candidates, even if personally I wish there was a third choice… As it stands now, for me, there is no choice anymore!
God bless the FREE America where anyone could express their opinions without fear of jail or death!
Please express yours! You have the right!

Weekend Leftovers Dish—What’s in Your Refrigerator?

Rodica's Weekend recipe

Rodica’s Weekend recipe

One of the many blessings of summer, especially if you live on the East Coast of the US or Europe, or any place where you experience four seasons, is the richness of fruits and vegetables gifted us by Mother Nature in July, August may be the beginning of September.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits guarantees they are truly organic and no pesticides had been used.
There are a few vegetables and fruits which truly are so self-sufficient, I am embarrassed to call myself a gardner on the grounds that I really worked hard on making them grow from seeds to lavish vegetables or berries!
I guess the word “tend” would be more appropriate because all they need is to be placed in ground, covered with healthy, fertile earth, not too deep and allowing space between seedlings, make sure you water them and… wait, and wait some more until a miracle happens, enormous vines with huge leaves and yellow flowers start crowling everywhere in your garden! If like me, you know nothing about gardening, you too will learn by mistake! Zuccini, cucumbers are not going to jump at you:) when they are ripe!
They hide under the leaves, so you will have to go on the expedition of lifting the leaves and picking them up when they are ripe but NOT overdone!

Okay, this weekend’s recipe contains some vegis from my garden, zuccini, courtesy of
my friend Melissa, some baby carrots, which sat lonely in my refrigerator, because I don’t like them raw… etc Too much explaining already! Here is the recipe:

1-2 medium zucchini- chopped, washed, not peeled
8-10 baby carrots
1 chopped onion
2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
Kernels from 2 corn on the cob
Fresh basil- chopped
Chiched- cubed ( mine was already cooked, dark meat)
Coconut oil


In a large pan, heat the oil and sote the onions, garlic, add all vegis, chicken cubbes and S & P
Not the basil.
Do not cook completely but stir so they are omogenous.
Turn oven at 400 degrees F
On a greased tray place all ingredients in single layer and bake for 20 minutes Check often, because it burns quickly. Add the fresh basil at the end!
I think it would be more delicious grilled!
As in life, be flexible, think out of the box, improvize and enjoy even if what turns out is not exactly what you expected but still delicious!
Serve hot with toasted bread of your choice.

Please share your recipes and thoughts.
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Rodica Mihalis MS
Counseling and Clynical Psychology
“Pretend” Chef:)

Cucumber As Food And Beauty Mask!

Cold cucumber/yogurt soup
Cucumber is one of my favorite vegetables because we could use it to make delicious cool soups in the summer, but also use it as a main ingredient for an easy, inexpensive facial mask which is excellent for all skin types!
In other words cucumbers are good as a yummy healthy food but also as a beauty aid!
It doesn’t get any better than this!

One thing at a time, First, The soup. I am Greek on my Father’s side and still hope to have a chance to rediscover my roots some day and possibly find that treasure my grandfather told us he burried under an Olive tree. I After My divorced, I Even changed My name to Mihalis, to attrackt The energy necessary to visit Greeace, but I guess the energy is taking ITS time to manifest:)

Meanwhile, my friend, Sandy, gave me a taste of the deliciousness of Mediteranian food, by teaching me how to make this easy And awesome cucumber cold soup!
Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup


2 medium cucumbers ( remove seeds)
One container of large kGreek yogurt
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup chopped fresh dill
1-2 closes garlic
1/2 red onion sliced to ornate ( I use mint and basil)
S & P to taste
1/4 tsp tarragon (optional)
Mint (optional)
Some people use 1/4 Olive oil, but I never did and never will.
In a blender mix cucumbers, yogurt, dill, garlic.
Remove from blender and in a bowl to the cucumber yogurt mixture add sour cream and all or some of the herbs above depending on availibility and taste.
Chill for 5-8 hours and serve with toasted rye bread and fruit. In summer time, not being an entuziast drinker of plain water, to plain water I add: fresh mint, basil leaves, lemon and a tbs. of row honey.
Okay… This is soup and it makes a delicious lunch!

Cucumber Facial Mask For All Skin Types

1/2 cucumber, pured
1 Tbs yogurt

How to prepare: pure the cucumber and mix with the yogurt. Keep refrigerated in a glass container.
How to use: place all over face, not on eye lids. Keep on for 15 minutes and wash with luke warm water. On your eyes you could place two round slices of cold cucumbers and imagine you are in a TV commercial for some fancy Spa!
The lactic acid in yogurt will also gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin.
Plain yogurt has been used for years as an anti burns natural remedy. It works!

Variations to this mask:
Cucumber pured and 1 tbs. honey ( which helps with skin elasticity)
Or cucumber and 1 Tbs. aloe vera gel which is a great moisturizer and healing agent.

Aloe Vera plants are a must in every household.
They require little water and care and give back more than we give them.
If you split an Aloe leaf, you coud use the gel inside as an ingredient in facial masks, to help heal burns or mixed with a favorite juice as a refreshing drink!

This is all for today!
We are in the mist of a heat wave!
Stay cool and sip your cucumber soup while beautifying your skin.
Well… May be one at a time would be more relaxing!

Please feel free to comment, share, ask question publicly or privately ( rodimihalis@ gmail.com)
Reminding you, this is My service to The WORLD community. I do it free in hopes we Could make this WORLD a better place, one small step at a time!

Rodica Mihalis M.S.
Clinical Psychology
And Licensed Esthetician

The VALUE of Timing in Everthying We Do!

It is not the first time when gardening teaches me unexpected valuable lessons at exactly the right time!

Being the “sharing type” that most of you know I am, here is WHAT I learned this morning from the simple activity of trying to discover if any of my cucumbers were ripe!
Well… The Lesson number one, was that cucumbers grow hidden under leaves and if you, like me, just look superficially and dont take the time and effort to “discover” the cucumbers hidden under the large leaves… well, I have bad news for us:
they will grow and grow and at some point become overly ripe, bitter and useless.
As in life, waiting TOO LONG could cost us a lost opportunity!
This is the VALUE of timing in everything and it needs to be recognized, valued and respected in all our actions!
Our success depends in a large part on TIMING! Let’s not ignore ITS power but instead use it to our advantage!
Let’s now take a life situation and try to apply the value of timing…
WHAT should we choose, as timing is of importance in the smallest action we take in our daily lives.
Since we all were faces at one time of another with the pain of loosing a love relationship, let’s ask ourselves: was the break really a total surprize, or somewhere in our subconscious mind we knew the truth, but were afraid to knee down, touch the leaves and discover the overly ripen “problem,” which sooner or later made its presence in our life anyway, on its own time!
Would it have been better to disciver the problem before it revealed itself and it was too late?
It takes courage to first admit there is something hidden which sooner or later will affect us negatively. To actually bring up WHAT we know in our subconscious mind to the consciousness and take action, whatever that may be, is not only courageous but it shows dignity!
Well, going back to my overly ripe cucumber, I tasted it, but it was so bitter, I had to through it away… I hate waist!
How many times we do the same with our relatiobships? We know they didn’t work the first time, yet we bite again into the bitterness of certain failure and the pain that follows!
Timing… When to hang on to something and when to let go? When do we look under the leaves which hide the truth, and when do we ignore until The Truth finds us, because IT will!

The good news is that these could be lessens learned!!!
WHAT I learned in gardening is to check under the leaves often, so I could find the cucumbers in TIME and enjoy the deliciousness of this versatile vegetable!

As far as timing in relationships goes… I am still trying to find a formula that works, but so far, no success.
Please share your stories and how timing worked in your favor or not…

Thank You Akismet and the Human Brain That Created It!

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When your social security benefit was miscalculated, does social security owe you money retroactively? This is a TRUE story!

It is Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 and reluctantly I read through my mail.
Generally, it’s not a joyful event, as most of the letters are bills and statements or notices.
This time, it was different: A letterhead from Social Security caught my attention to the point that I searched in my purse and put on my reading glasses.

The letter informed me that my old benefit was “incorrect,” and beginning in July I will start receiving the correct amount, which was by a $100.00 more than the old benefit. My first reaction was joy! What an unexpected gift and birthday present.
Then, I started to process this great news:

When was this error discovered?
Is social security legally responsible for back pay?
If so, how much is the retroactive amount owed me?
Perhaps there is no retroactive pay, and I should just shut up and be grateful I will receive more money!

If anyone wonders, social security benefits, are not a GIFT, but an amount calculated considering my years of work and if disability and spousal benefits are involved, all those years of hard work and payments go into calculating your benefit.

$100.00 to me represents almost the amount I spend on food monthly, as I have to be on a tight budget. As they say, one person’s trash is somebody else’s treasure,” many might spend $100 on dinner and think it’s cheap, but for me $100 is a significant amount.

As I was still processing this unexpected positive event, decided the best way to get an accurate response to my questions, would be to CALL THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE.

Yesterday, June 30, 2016 I did. After the customary 10-15 minutes “on hold” Mr. Pham answered the phone and I explained the reason of my call. As it is customary, Mr. Pham asked me:

What is your Date of Birth? and in the same sentence, without giving me a chance to answer, assumed I did NOT know what he meant he added: “THAT MEANS, WHEN WERE YOU BORN!”

Mr. Pham, just because I have an accent you assume I don’t comprehend simple questions?
I popped in my mouth a Lisinopril pill to make sure my blood pressure was under control, and continued to be civilized.

It turned out, Mr. Pham didn’t have an answer to any of my questions. He put me on hold and spoke with his superiors.
After a few long minutes and an appology, which made me feel like a human being again, he said:
Sorry for the long wait. All I could do is forward your inquiry to our Payment Center, but they may, or MAY NOT answer you!”

“Is this department above the law? Do they have the option to answer or not answer, if the question is inconvenient?

It was a simple question: “How was the error discovered, and am I owed retroactive payments!”

As I continue to research this topic, I thought I’d share with you all, but this is ONLY the beginning…
Stay tuned. There is more coming!
As always, I invite you to share your stories, comment and subscribe to our FREE email feed, so that you keep informed on the many topics we post, and which have the PURPOSE TO IMPROVE YOUR DAILY LIVES!
God bless!
Have a Happy 4th of July!
Rodica M.