Summer Recipe: Zucchini Lasagnia

Zucchini is an understated vegetable. Easy to grow and it takes the taste of the ingredients we use in addition to it. In other words it Could be very taste or tasteless.
This year I was lucky and the two zucchini plants did really well. There are so many zucchini recipes online and all seem delicious. The recipe bellow is flexible depending on WHAT you have available and how much you are willing to complicate yourself.

3-4 zucchini depending on size. You need enough to cut them in thin, long slices for bottom and top. Basically shaped as much as the lasagna pasta. We replace the pasta with the stripes of zucchini.

Riccota cheese
2 eggs at room temperature well beaten
Fresh chopped basil, chopped fresh garlic
1 cup of parmesan cheese.
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix well the above ingredients. Set aside.

In square baking dish, well oiled, place a layer of zucchini stripes.
On top I put some Presto tomato garlic sausage sauce and on top I poured the ricotta cheese mixture.
I topped with another layer of zucchini Stripes and tomato sauce.

Of course you could use fresh tomatoes and come to think if it, mix in some bits of well done bacon.

Bake at 350 degrees F about 60 minutes. The Center of the dish must be sturdy.
Let cool in oven about 30 minutes and serve. Make sure if it doesn’t burn!

2 thoughts on “Summer Recipe: Zucchini Lasagnia

  1. I made this recipe last night. It is delicious! My only issue is that whenever I cook with zucchini, there is always water at the bottom of the pan. The lasagna was slightly watery, and I would love to add an ingredient that will soak it up. Do you have any suggestions?


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