New Year Resolutions in February! Let’s Call Them GOALS!

By now,  in mid-February, most of us have already put on the back burner our New Year’s Resolutions. So… this is a reminder for those who would like to stick with whatever their GOALS have been.

When my daughters were growing up, on the first day of the year, after having a delicious brunch courtesy of the Van Alen Family, we sat down at the kitchen table to brain storm and write down our resolutions for the upcoming year.

I was trying to make this activity fun and we had plenty of bright paper and pens and pictures to help us visualize specific outcomes by drawing them and making collages of our dreams turned into palpable goals and placed on the refrigerator!

During the many parenting workshops I took in my attempt to offer my daughters the best, I learned certain basic rules, which, it was my understanding, were guaranteed to give positive results.

Why did I feel it was so important to have goals?

Once upon a time, when I were a child, growing up in a communist country where the only allowed goals were those imposed by the government,, an elderly, wise woman   asked me:

“If you do not know where  you are  going, how are you going to get there?”

It was a turning point in my thinking and as I guided my children through setting up goals, I HOPED this would become a life-time good habit.

We were guided by a few basic rules.

Here they are:

Children do what they see, not what you say. In other words, deeds speak louder than words. As a result, I, as a mother, had to be a vivid example for my kids.

Rule number two:

It takes small steps to reach a big goal. Take baby steps and be proud of your accomplishments.

Rule number three:

Write down your goals and the small steps you have to take to reach your goal.

Rule Number Four:

Have reasonable goals, to avoid disappointments. Tricky, but possible.

I hope the parenting workshops were correct and  my adult daughters carry on our  tradition to write down goals on the first of the year and changed it in a life-long tradition for their own families.

Personally, I continue to keep the tradition (minus the gourmet brunch) and still make the mistake of wishing for too many changes, aware that I am setting myself up for  failure. However, there is a different  way to look at it:

I ask for a lot and  if I accomplish half,  is still an important accomplishment.

What are your goals for 2018?

Let’s accept our own circumstances but try to overcome them and reach for our personal stars!

Please share what is your opinion and experiences on setting up goals?








Buyer Beware!!! The Amazon Survey and the Reward for Taking It

One would hope I learned my lesson and would never ever even take a 2nd look at any offers of FREE products where I am only asked to pay for shipping and handling ( $4-$6) 

Wrong!!! Today an advertising from the trusted Amazon popped up asking that I answer a 30-second survey and in exchange get a “gift.”

I trust Amazon, I have an account and my site is an Amazon affiliate.  I clicked on the survey and indeed, as promised the questions were easy and unthreatening.  

Do I have an account, how often do I shop with them, would I recommend to a friend! Then, I was congratulated and a list of desirable products was presented to me: skin care ( of course!!!) vitamins, Menly supplements,  and what caught my eye was an elegant purse priced at $99.00 but because I got lucky with the Amazon survey, I had it free just the $6.99 for shipping. 

I remembered my own advise, “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.” I read several clients’ comments. All excellent. Common sense should tell us not everyone could be happy! 

Hmm… I really liked that purse… As I searhed for a card, I remembered another of the suggestions I made to my readers who were scammed: pay with a card which has a low credit limit so the potential scammer could not charge astronomical amounts without your approval! I followed my own advice and used a gift card with little money on it. 

In a moment of major lucidity BEFORE clicking place order I actually READ the fine print and not just pretended! I was horrified:

It stated this was only a 14 DAY TRIAL to determine if I liked their product and IF I DID NOT call a number stated in this notice before the 14-day deadline to send it back and cancel, a similar product WILL BE MAILED to me every month at the cost of $99.00 until the subscription was cancelled!!!

OMG I almost fell for this scam again!  In all faireness, and as a disclaimer, Amazon probably has no knowledge of this otherwise “legal” deal, since the information is provided in small print!

I erased my card information as fast as I could and decided to share with you the BEAST has many faces!!! This time the “face” was a purse!

Morale of the story:

Read the fine print!

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is!

Please comment and share your stories.

Wishing all wisdom and trusting knowledge is POWER!

Where You Affected By The Equifax Hack? How to find Out!!!

It just occurred to me that even if I am not rich and famous or either, my identity might have been stolen and the most confidential information about me could be used to harm me!

With that fear in mind, I did a Google search: How do I find out if the Equifax hack affected me?
After about a dozen advertisements on how to pay for protection, I came across the article which should have been top!!!
So… don’t waste your time, I wasted it for you! Just go to: and read: “How to find out if the Equifax hack affected you!”

If you are impatient, and you trust WHAT I read, just go to:
http://www.equifaxsecurity2017 to find out if you may have been affected by the hack!
To find out, you will be asked for the last six digits of your social security and your last name. Based on this information you will be informed instantly IF you may or may not have been affected by the hack!

Shockingly, in my case the answer was I may have been affected by the hack and was offered one year of free monitoring by signing up at, which is an Equifax company.
Before the transaction was completed, I was asked to agree to their terms and agree to give them access to my already stolen information!

I signed up because at this point, why not!
Does this prevent me to join some class action lawsuit in the future? May be, but there are so many wrong things with this picture that a potential lawsuit would only be a small problem!
Anyway, I hope this information helps people.
Please share if you have comments, experiences anything that will educate us and teach us how to protect ourselves.


I must admit the minds of crooks, scammers, hackers, thieves, call them as you wish, is amazingly inventive and it takes imagination to protect ourselves from the EVER evolving art of scamming!

I decided to share this “observation” with everyone, because recently I had an AHA!!! moment that there is a PATTERN which could be applied to any products or companies. It is NOT about the names of products or companies which could, and ARE CHANGED as soon as the consumers discover them.

What is the KEY to discover a scam before you loose money?

If you get ANY FREE offers which ONLY require you to pay $3.95 or $4.99 or EVEN ONE PENNY by using your credit or debit card, think twice before giving away your card information.
All the scammer wants is your card’s information. Once they have it, before you realize what is happening, they could max out your card!


Recently, I noticed after ending transactions with reputable, safe and secure institutions, such as my bank, a “SURVEY” is offered, as if from the institution I just did business with, and as if the institution OFFERS it. As a “thank you,” I am offered a FREE product for answering three questions.
The best and safest is to CLOSE the WINDOW and NOT click on OK!!!

However, if you are curious, as I am, and you click on ok and answer the three questions, and as a reward you are offered a few FREE products, of which you could choose one or two and only pay for shipping, think TWICE before you give out your credit or debit card information thinking you will only be charged for the shipping! Chances are you might be charged for much more. Of course, some “free offers” might be legitimate. It is up to us to make a choice and take a risk.

Could we have the best of both worlds?
What do I mean by it? If I feel the free product is something I really, really could not live without and I want it so much, I’m willing to risk, there is a way to avoid being totally scammed…

How to risk without risking being scammed?

Buy a PREPAID CARD with a very low limit. Of course, the lower the limit, the smaller the risk!

This is a perfect illustration of the proverb:
Better safe than sorry!

Enjoy your hard earned money and please share with us your experiences and tips!

Shady Pop-Ups on The Nude Truth!!!

Good morning everybody, just a short note to alert you that there is a POP-UP, a woman’s voice accompanied by music, “congratulating” the visitor to the site for winning a PRIZE but must fill in a SURVEY!!!!

Please DO NOT click on this pop-up or any pop-ups as The NUDE TRUTH is NOT conducting any surveys or offering prizes.

ALL legitimate communications are done via POSTS and not pop-ups asking its readers to take surveys in exchange for compensation or prizes.

I am taking this opportunity to remind you that in general, it is not advisable to click on any pop-ups or take surveys and give out personal information under any circumstances.

Thank you again for subscribing and reading our articles.

Our mission is to provide you with practical information to make your daily lives easier or better and at the same time to strip life of LIES and reveal THE TRUTH!

Thank you for making this mission possible by sharing your related experiences, commenting, liking and sharing our posts.

As always, please feel free to ask or share.

Have a peaceful weekend! 

The Art and Science of Writing…A Hit or Miss Affair!

Writing, as anyone who is involved in this fascinating combination of art and science knows, is an unpredictable process to say the least! Our relationship with the process of writing, however is unique for each of us… or is it?

Many times, at inconvenient times, thoughts travel through my mind at the speed of lightening. I quickly turn the light on in the middle of the night and commit to them to paper, in a note- book, the old fashion way. These thoughts once on paper take a different life of their own… I cannot deny their existance, I have a responsibility!

Many times in the light of the morning they turn out to be totally useless! However, in the darkness of the night they sparkled! In that moment I was convinced of their potential value and uniqueness. I felt an urge, I felt under some sort of moral obligation to catch the thoughts, not let them leave the space of my bedroom and force them to paper forever!
Why would that be? In a strange way, now that I think of the process… I violate the freedom of my own thoughts to wonder as they pleased! On the other hand, they already mine, in My mind… or were they “send” by a Higher- Power to my mind, and if so, I had a responsibility! They became my thoughts, not just fleeting thoughts!

Just as not all artists paint the same picture, not all writers experience the same creative processes. Frankly, that would be very boring of all readers and admirers of art!
I could only guess other’s creative processes but describe mine. After many years of asking myself why I write I concluded that deep rooted inside my heart there is a desire and idealistic hope that a that specific thought might change or help someone in this troubled world and maybe I am just the conduit!

Is this a general trait of most writers?

Do all writers feel an irresistable urge to catch the true meaning of the thoughts visiting our minds at inconvenient times of day or night? Do we all hope some kind of life changing idea would be doomed to darkness if we don’t bring it to light?

Hmm… these thoughts just paraded through my mind and without asking for permission, I am committing them to paper for us to debate.
Officially they became intellectual property!
Please share with us WHAT is your relationship with the thoughts which visit your mind? Do you ” catch” them or let them go?

Your Puppy IS Teething! WHAT To Do!

Yelp! Yelping!!!!
WHAT could have happened to suddenly change Toto, My puppy’s playful mood? On closer examination I noticed blood in his mouth and some white object Hanging loose, as he continued to make heart breaking noises! Oh please, don’t swallow IT!!!

I managed to swipe IT out of Toto’s mouth and on closer examination, it was a baby tooth!

My Toto was loosing his baby teeth, also called milk teeth, which is normal when the puppy is over 4 months old.
Toto is almost five months, so he is normal, but I don’t remember having any teething dramas with other puppies I had the luck to have as companions over a life time. Toto is different!
Clearly, Toto was in pain and his teething process might require my attention to make it easier.

If at this point someone reading this post thinks “is she (me) crazy? It’s just a dog!” I ask such fictitious person to stop reading because I treat my dogs as companions, not as “just dogs.” As a result, I took the time to research and here is the summary of WHAT I learned on PetMD ( specifically the article “Everything You Need To Know” by Matt Soniak and also on the AKC site.
Puppies are born toothless but quickly acquire a set of 28 teeth. They serve them well, as we all know (and probably a number of our shoes) for about 4 months.
The last to fall out are the canines and at about six months the permanent teeth erupt as soon as the baby ones fall out.
The adult dogs have a set of 48 teeth (versus only a set of 28-baby teeth.) One Could Say, dogs are toothy as compared to cats who only have 30 and humans, 32:) we better watch out!
By 8 months a dog has all his permanent teeth in.
How to care for a teething puppy?
Most times, providing adequate chewing toys is all a human could do.
WHAT constitutes an appropriate chewing toy?
The toy must be SOFT CHEW and FLEXIBLE ( must bend in your hand,) should not have sharp edges or splinters. Anything sharp could greatly harm your puppy.
PetsMart and any quality pets stores has the Chewing products clearly marked.
For instance, Nylabone BRAND has the chewing toys marked: Softer for puppy chew, and even a set of two toys, a soft chew and a medium one. Do not purchase hard chews for puppies, as they may break their teeth. This could be a problem, as the dog’s teeth roots are deep and if a tooth breaks and the roots remain in the gums, they might get infected and surgery might be necessary.
If a tooth falls and you notice blood, wash the area with warm water. I also continued to rinse Toto’s gums to make sure if he plays with leaves outside and dirt penetrates his tender gums the dirt is removed before they get infected.

WHAT you do.
Early on, get your puppy used to your hands and to touching his gums. This will help greatly later, as your dog will allow you to brush his teeth.
If you brush your dog’s teeth, use soft bristles and either just warm water or a tooth paste formulate for dogs. Do not use human paste which must be rinsed and spat and… to my knowledge, no matter how smart, dogs don’t do that:)
I guess… this is all for today!

If you have a dog ( or two, or three…) enjoy! If you don’t, consider getting a companion animal.
Pet Therapy Works!

The Tests of True Friendship

How do you define friendship?
Are your friends the people you invite to your home for drinks and dinner and to reciprocate they invite you back?
Are they those you go out with on vacations and split the costs? Even at times it’s all on you, or on them, knowing the gesture will be reciprocated because everyone in your circle of friends has equal means?
Who are your friends and beyond having “fun” together, have you tested the depth of your relationship?

My concept of friendship and its true meaning was defined early on. It wasn’t even about my friend, so thankfully the hurt was indirect, yet, still there, as a reminder…
When I was about ten years old, my father, a violent, active alcoholic, came home late at night and hit my mother. We barely escaped his violence and made it to a public phone, as in those times the world had not even dreamed of cell phones. It was dangerous to return home and mother called her best friend. The phone rang, and rang and her sleepy friend picked up at last. I saw my mother crying, trying to explain between sobs what has happened. Then there was silence. My mother was listening to her friend. In my mind of a ten-year old I knew we needed help. We needed shelter for the night and I was certain, my Mother’s friend would offer it. After all, I thought, we spent holidays together, even lovely vacations on the Black Sea…
My mother hang up the phone: ” Coca,” Mom explained, “was asleep… it is so late, she said to never call so late, under any circumstances!”
She took my hand and held it tight. We walked slowly in the night, as slowly as possible, awaiting the sun raise and light in our lives!

In those moments, walking through the dark, hoping for light, I sworn never to allow such people into my life. I made the decision to always be there for those I call friends but always to travel a two way street.

If you are committed to someone 24/7 unconditionally, the relationship must be reciprocated to be called a friendship. Otherwise, one is the “giver,” the other, “the taker.”

However, true friendship is a fine line to walk on a journey as long and complex as life…
Many times a friend falls off the social or financial status which brought you together in the beginning. Do you abandon your friend, or she, you?

Misfortunes, illnesses, financial disaster or both, as one could, and does trigger the other, might happen to anyone when you least expect it.
Are you ready to be there for your friend and is your friend ready and willing to help you unconditionally?
The TEST of true friendship could be called THE MID-NIGHT Test!
Are you and your friend willing to help each other if one of you needs help when is inconvenient for the other and no pay back is expected?

Please share your opinions and experiences concerning true friendships, so that we all learn.
Always remember, if you need emotional support about a difficult situation in your life, feel free to contact me.
God bless.

Rodica M

Holiday Anxiety, Expectations and How to Achieve Peace of Mind

A few weeks ago I signed up for Keith Matthew’s Quote of the Day. I’m the “type” who signs up for many “inspirational” programs because I need constant food for thought. At the beginning, just as in the case of new relationships, the programs are WHAT I thought they would, but after a while they don’t seem to sustain the trial of time or may be my expectations are unrealistic. For one reason or another often I unsubscribe. It is as easy as “unfriending” a Facebook friend who wasn’t a friend to start with. A trial and error, more error, unfortunally, but the few worthy friends or inspiration I keep and cherrish long term, makes it okay to be disappointed by some and move on!

Quote of the Day, by Keith Matthew is one of these fortunate exceptions!

Every morning I look forward to reading the Quote because it puts old things in a few perspective and makes me use “neuropaths” less travelled.
Today’s Quote for instance, fit perfectly the anxiety pattern the Holiday Season stirrs in me, and I know, in many others!
We are conditioned by our culture of excessive pozitivism to deny such feelings of sadness or anxiety. However, it is scientifically proven that reciting to ourselves or others positive affirmations which our subconscious mind knows are not true, is not helpful! In other words pretending to be happy might not be healthy afterall.
I believe there is an undercurrent of anxiety created by expectations, especially at this time of the year, I decided to share today’s Quote, which is:

You are not in this WORLD to live up to others expectations, nor should you feel the WORLD must live up to yours!” F. Perl

I always thought of these two statements separately, but having both together, brought a new, richer and deeper meaning to both and reinforced the belief that the best way to travel in life is on a two way street.
It highlights the truth that unless we make peace with the self, true peace is not possible. However, this is not enough, we also need to learn and stand on our own and not expect an outside force to “save” us from ourselves.
Ultimately, the only person who is with us 24/7 is the self and only when we achieve happiness in our own company, we could honestly say we are truly happy.
Selfsufficiency and no expectations from outside sources are the secrets to peace of mind.
Sounds simple, but it is one of the most difficult accomplishments in life!
If our own company is the best and the company of others is just a bonus we appreciate, but could live without. If we could be at peace without worrying that the WORLD is not giving us what we expect, or we are limitted in our material resources to give to the WORLD all that we would like, or WHAT it experts, only then the undercurrent if anxiety will stop! If we stop expecting we could “expect” true inner peace!

This Holiday Season, may we all be blessed with the Faith that we are enough and to expect nothing from the world and by following the laws of no expectations to acheive true happiness and piece of mind!

What’s In Your Refrigerator??? Weekend Dishes Ideas Using Our Great Imagination!

img_4527What’s in our refrigerators is one of my favorite on going posts, because I hope it makes us think and use our imagination before we throughaway food!
Having been in several unplesant situations lately, food was the last thing on my mind, but here I am! Today I was hungry!
What did I have in my refrigerator and pantry? Let’s see the ingredients:

Angel hair pasta
Tomatoes from my garden
Basil from my garden
Sharp cheddar cheese In the refrigerator
Flowers clipped from my Halloween display

How to prepare:
Boil the pasta on high after you add salt and oil to the water. Boil it until it’s tender.
If there is still water left, drain it and place the drained pasta in a bowl.
Chopp the tomatoes, basil and grate the cheese and mix well with the pasta. Add salt to your taste!
I think this would be even tastier if some chopped onions are added, but this is a matter of taste.
I don’t know about you, but I think food seems tastier when it looks pretty. For that reason, I decorated my pasta bowl with the mums I had left from Halloween. Of course I did not eat the flowers. As the picture shows, I placed them in a vase. They are still fresh and beautiful and lovely to look at them every morning:)

If you have “leftover ideas” you tried and they were yummy, please share with us!
Using our imagination is a good brain exercise, so it is a win- win situation!
Thank you for visiting The NUDE Truth. If you wish to subscribe please type your email in the window at your right as you face the screen.
The Nude Truth is commited to continue to tell the truth and also share ideas from ALL aspects of life.
Our goal is to make everyone’s life easier!
Please always remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
May God bless you.Have a nice weekend!

Rodica Mihalis, MS counseling and Clinical Psychology

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