Allergic? Tell Your Doctor. Paradoxical Disclaimers.

Warnings, disclaimers, paradoxical statements… 

One of my favorites is found on nearly all, if not all  the brochures accompanying medications we are prescribed.

The statement is:

Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist, if you are allergic to it.

Is it just me, or this statement is at best illogical?

How could people tell their health care professional they are allergic to a medication BEFORE taking it? Could it be that only “psychics” are spared their troubles if they have a serious allergy to a certain ingredient?

So, I asked myself, why the need to go as far as  having a statement implying that people have the ability to inform a doctor regarding their allergies to a medication BEFORE taking it?

The only explanation I came up with so far, was  fear of being accused or sued. In other words, we live in world so filled with allegations, we, as a society, would rather make written illogical statements to protect ourselves,  rather than take the chance of being dragged in endless legal battles.

I also wondered if such  statements  really protect anyone, assuming  a tragic event happened.

What are your thoughts?

If anyone has another logical, or even illogical explanation or comment, please share.  As always, your comments are valued.