Lesson Learned from The Free Trian Cobo DM/Rejuja Glow “FREE TRIAL!!!” Experience

As I was getting ready to write this post about the happy conclusion to my personal experience with the “FREE TRIAL,”  to let you all know that my bank, Bank of America, concluded their investigation and their conclusion was that my claim was correct. As a result, they awarded me the full credit of the transaction which their investigation concluded was a scheme. I was just going to share this with you and say, thank you, Bank of America, your professionalism is outstanding and I am glad you are my bank!

As I was starting to write this short post, I received a new comment by TIPPER which put the whole experience in a whole new perspective. The information in this comment is so valuable, I felt I MUST encourage you to read it. It is the last comment on my blog, and brings into the picture a new perspective and other products such as Acai berries, Geopharma, Fulfillment Center and an UNBELIVABLE CONCEPT  to rip off customers with little risk of being discovered!. I encourage all the readers to go to Tipper’s Comment for the details! 

The summary is that this company has been ripping  off people for the last 10 years!!! How could this be possible??? For the details please read Tipper’s comment,  which I did not entirely verified. However Geopharma did file for bankruptcy.

The concept is that when too many complaints are filed and ONE product and the NAME of the respective company  become well known as being a scheme, the SAME people,  CHANGE not only the product which is marketed but the name of the company!

THE ONLY CONSTANT is the location, their warehouse is the same, in Largo, Florida. In other words, it is possible that people are being ripped off by the same company disguised under different names and selling different products!

I thought this information is extremely valuable, so an extra thank you to Tipper and to all the readers who commented and helped us all to understand this type of scheme.

Please, if you continue to discover anything that you think is wrong and dishonest, share with us. There is so much Evil in the world, at least through our combined small actions we tip the scale in favor of the Good in this world in hopes we, together will make it a better, safer place. Thank you all for your contributions and for reading my blog.