Hello Dear friends who have been , just like ME, schemed when  in our eternal innocence and trust in human mankind GAVE this company our credit card information, so they MAY charge the under $4.00 shipping and handling charges. After all it was advertised as a FREE trial!!!

When I first shared on my blog the nightmare I encountered, I did it because this is what I DO: THIS BLOG SHARES EVENTS WHICH AFFECT MY LIFE FIRST, and being a humble person, I assume others might be in the same shoes as me and I share!

The response to Buyer Be Aware I II and Update has been overwhelming and soon I discovered that this was a much bigger “fish” than I first imagined. The post is after almost eight months from when it was first published, the NUMBER I Post READ on my blog.

What does this tell me… may be the scheme didn’t stop, may be despite the thousands of bad reviews they still operate from the shadows of deceipt.

With that thought in mind, I did a search for “DM Face Cream FREE TRIAL. (please note IF you are dyslexic, like me, you could easily read MD and assume falsely this is some kind of MD approved or tested product. Well, it is not! and all the way down the web page there is a disclosure in an ugly black square which tells the truth no one reads)

Okay… so today after Church, I was inspired and did this search. To my pleasant surprise, the web site which popped up was named: The Performance Leader (

Wow! I was impressed for a moment… well may be two, until I started putting 2 and 2 together. This is a personal opinion, but here is what I think:

The color scheme of this site had soothing yellowish, white and light blue colors. If you know a little about how our mind works, you know that statistically these are colors which make people trust. Unlike red which in general means NO unless you are on Valentine’s Day and then it means LOVE.

Well, this totally new website had a real face lift!!!  In addition to the color scheme, as I faced the computer screen, to my left there was the face of a woman, eyes closed in the extasy of using the products (I assume)

To the right (where we actually look FIRST) one could spot a jar (again, blue and white) named REJUVAL Skin!!! This fantastic NEW product was rated 4.8 of 5 stars rated by??? who

Under the Rejuval jar, another new product VIVEXIN (for Eyes) Rated 4.7 of 5 stars.

On this first page, insinuating that this is a company which rates MANY TOP PRODUCTS (may be they do) there is a whole “team of experts.”

I started to read through their credentials but decided on a better use of my time and clicked AGAIN!!!

Surprise! A whole TABLE of “compared facial products.” You guessed, which was the TOP product???? REJUVAL!!!

So now, since DM skin cream has been discovered as the scheme that is, let’s have a site face lift, change the jars, the names and here we go again!!!

We were actually WARNED by a wise commentator on MY site that this group has been operating like this for over ten years.

Rejuval Skin, claims the site, is 2014 Editor’s Choice??? but fails to tell us Editor of WHAT???

This page also contains raving testimonials. But… but if you are like me, a curious mind, and go three pages of clicks in the green zone, the testimonials change. In this much lower zone, they are negative, and I mean negative as in a cloudy night with no stars!


Just as I was about to give up on it because my bake good was burning in the kitchen, I clicked ONE MORE TIME ON:


YES!!! Click and HERE IT WAS !!!

THE INFO WE ALL WANT (in ugly black letters) :

“Hello, We are NO LONGER accepting new orders….” you get the idea.

I decided to be nice and wrote down for YOU, my readers and fellow schemees, the CONTACT INFO:

Tel. 1800 385-2561 (returns— see conditions!!!)


and a warehouse in Lutz, Florida!!!

There is also an icon if you wish to cancel your subscription (good luck with that!)

A note of caution:

If you cannot get through to them and your card keeps being charged $100s the easiest way to stop it, is to call your bank or credit card company, report the fraud and ASK for a NEW CARD.

Many of you thought I  was a company which will get your money back, or complain for you.

I am sorry to disappoint but I am ONE WOMAN and this is a community service project, meaning I do NOT get paid for it.

Please continue to share your experiences and I will post them. This is HOW we learned.

If you use computerised comments, please don’t write because your comment goes to spam. I don’t even see it.

I hope this UPDATE was good news for all.

Keep your money safe by not signing up for free trials and have a great week!


During this exciting process of discovering

A Bad Day and What We Could Learn From It!!!

In the mist of the positive thinking ONLY craze which invaded humanity to the point that we deny luck, fate and historical facts that support the existence of both, and stating from the beginning that I believe in luck and fate, however I also believe in trying to make the best of a bad situation. Humor and stepping out of your misery help too:)

Today is January 30. My  real estate taxes are not paid and tomorrow is the last day, actually half day!

I concluded to go to the tax office today and I am number 7 in line. After 45 minutes it was my turn!!! I got to the tax collector’s desk, personal check in hand, she says: ” Sorry, no personal checks, bank checks only, didn’t you READ on the door?” I begged her. I have a brace on my right wrist and she had mercy on me, just this ONE time. She tells me the amount. I almost faint! They reassessed the value of my house the tax is about $200 more than I expected.

Lessons I learned:  do not procrastinate and to do your chores in a timely manner, and open your mail, READ your bills, even the small print and what’s written on an office door, for Heaven’s sake!!!. 

Oh, but this was the beginning. Now, with the unexpected increase in the tax payment I had to drive 25 miles to my bank to deposit money. Yes, I am faithful to by bank and the nearest was 25 miles away! I programmed my GPS and here I sped on the highway. (within legal limits, of course)

Suddenly, my front  car hood pops up taken my front visibility completely. In other words, I saw RED, the color of my car! In such life and death situations one has to think quickly! I turned on my right signal and pulled on the side. I was alive!

I checked the hood and at first thought it was a simple matter of not securing the… you know what I mean, when I last put windshield liquid in. I tred to slam it hard, (I mean the hood) to show it who’s the boss, damn hood! Nothing, it did not respond. I look more carefully to discover the problem, which was much more serious and needed body work! Great, I was in the middle of the highway, and my checks were going to bounce if I didn’t make it on time! Dead or alive, who cared, my bills should not bounce!

Thank God, I am inventive and also a little off…I checked the back of my car and found my dog’s leash.

I found two solid anchors inside the hood and secured the hood with the dog leash!

Lesson I learned: Get a dog and keep his leash inside your car!

Okay, in 40 miles an hour, hazards on, I made it to the bank and deposited the checks. Now at least if I died on the way back home, there was enough for funeral expenses and taxes were paid!

At this moment of great lucidity I had to make a life or death decision. Was I going to venture back home with the hazards on and the hood secured by the dog leash, or do the sane thing and go to the nearest body shop!!!!!

I am not going to disclose my decision, but the lesson I recommend is, do the right thing by YOUR standards!

I’d appreciate if you would take a moment to share with us what would you have done under the circumstances??? Only please, if you disagree with what I have done, or a person that shares, do not call us names. I am sensitive and take it personally.

The last lesson: Don’t judge other, we don’t know their real motivation, so please be kind!


My next post will address New Year’s Resolutions. Do we really keep them? Why we do or don’t.