Buyer BE Aware — ITEMS ON SALE!!!

Yesterday I was shopping in an outlet I like for the quality and reasonable costs of the products it offers.

I saw a big sign : English Muffins and the cost $4.00 for 2. Okay, I thought,  thinking I only needed one box and will have to freeze the second. However, the human greed is great and put on my reading glasses to SEE how much I was saving by buying two boxes and not just what I needed, ONE.

Surprise, surprise,  the cost of EACH box  was $2.00. Simple, 2+2=$4.00 I was NOT saving anything by buying a larger quantity.

I noticed the same new tactic in various other stores. We are used, and rightfully so, that if we get more, we pay less.

NOT so, at least not always, and it is worth it to take a minute and put on our reading glasses and know exactly what is the “deal,” if any.

I still think $2.00 for Original English Muffins is a good price and am now going to have my breakfast and use ONE.

Enjoy your day, everyone!



Hello fellow “sufferers” in what should, otherwise, be qualities: Trusting, naivete… yet, we live in a world where the best turns into the worst…

I wrote SEVERAL UPDATES on this very topic. There are almost 900 comments on this site, many on the Buyer Be Aware PART I!!! The first POST has at least three updates in the format of posts.

I write this blog as a FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE, OUT OF A SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG!!! I ask myself what a reader does before they read a post, take the time to comment, he/she, takes five minutes to check the other people’s comments and the posts? What is their motivation?
Today I received several, very informative comments on the topic. A few months before, someone was giving what was to me the KEY to the entire scheme: The team of crooks changed the NAME of the company several times, even the product marketed, HOWEVER the WAREHOUSE was still in FLORIDA!!! Another comment offered another “key.”
They operated now in Europe. My lesson was,stay AWAY from “free deals.”This was a lesson I repeated to my kids over and over again, as a night time story.., but where was I :))?? that I couldn’t remember listening:) it it… perhaps I was boring? Could I have fallen asleep!? Hmm. My feelings were deeply hurt! My night time lesson’s “key,” was:” Stay AWAY from any FREE “DEALS!!!” if they looked too good to be true, they probably were!!!”
A last suggestion, please take a few minutes to read the titles of other topics on this blog. It might save you money. Each post is a true, first person story written with the purpose to protect others from repeating my naivite! A lot of research and good will went into writing these posts with ONE purpose, ONE GOAL, TO HELP others and try to do it in an entertaining and useful way!!! This is my way of giving back to the world. The blog received the award of MOST VERSATILE, and I hope it is.
My bottom line is:
If a post saved readers a dollar and the bonus was they smiled, the “mission” was accomplished!

May we all continue to trust there is still goodness in the world, be cautious!
Thank you for continuing to read the blog, share your valuable experiences, and know EACH OF US MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!


Hello schemed friends…:))  this is meant to be a joke

Many times in life learning to laugh at the worst situations in our lives could save or make us feel better!

Not feeling ALONE also helps, and this is why it is so important that WE, all, keep in touch and share these ever changing scheming methods!

This UPDATE is thanks to our friend Paula, who just wrote about her story regarding this type of scheme. Thank you Paula and everyone who continues to comment and share their ,unfortunately, “upgraded” experiences.

These schemes seem like the  bacteria that changes its shape to avoid a KNOWN antibiotic! So the result is, the scientists MUST find a NEW antibiotic able to fight the bacteria which “adapted” to what was known!

This UPDATE was triggered by the fact that Paula’s story comes from EUROPE!!! The address she was given, of the “company” comes from The Netherlands and the name of the product is changed. I am NOT sure, but I think Paula lives in Germany. The bottom line is, this MARKS an expansion of this type of scheme instead of a decrease. This is WHY I thought it would be helpful to everyone to review what we could do.

IMPORTANT: I do NOT know the laws in Europe and I asked Paula a few questions and pending her response we will probably have an European Update. Also IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD experiencing a similar TYPE of scheme, PLEASE SHARE with us!

What to do:

Ideally, do not be tempted by any FREE offers which ask YOU for your credit card number to pay just the shipping and handling. NOW THEY HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND MAY CHARGE WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

IF, like most of us, you are  tempted and give your credit card information to be charged $4.00 and when you get your statement you notice you were charged $99.00!!! CALL your bank immediately!!!


Why  is so important to have a reliable bank!!!

I could speak about how my bank, The Bank of America, helped me.

I reported the scheme. I was connected to their investigation/fraud department. A very nice, empathetic investigator took all my information. Most banks will ask if YOU TRIED TO CONTACT THE MERCHANT DIRECTLY. Most of us try that first, so it is important that you have the date you contacted the company, the name of the person and exactly what was said and the phone number you called.

Your bank investigator, most likely, would want this information. Bank of America gave me a temporary credit, while they investigated. After almost two month, I received a letter from my bank, which informed me, the credit was now permanent.

I  assume  the bank investigated my story, determined it as true and had the kindness to give me the credit lost for being schemed. For that fact alone, I will never leave the Bank of America!  I guess, it pays to be nice and fair.

However, I don’t think there is a law saying a bank must give you the money you lost being schemed. So, I would make sure to change the credit card and start from there.

The other important fact uncovered by the hundreds of shares, was the fact that once the NAME of a product became known as a scheme, the SAME GROUP OF SCHEMERS CHANGED THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT and the company name!!!

What does this mean to us??? It means if you are tempted to give your credit card to a company which markets a different product, it might be the SAME GROUP under a different name!!! The results of you loosing money will be the same…

Someone, wrote a comment which I found invaluable and after that comment I also wrote an update post. The friend in that comment was bringing to our attention the fact that while the NAME of the company and product changed when recognized by the consumers at large as a scheme, their LOCATION WAS TH SAME, IN FLORIDA!!!

SO, another RED FLAG: P.O. BOXES!!! Do not deal with companies which give you only P.O.Boxes.

I guess, this is it for now, but when Paula responds regarding the details of her experience in Europe, and if we get additional similar stories from around the world, we will continue to make small steps in finding out IF this is an INTERNATIONAL operation, copy-cats, or what? The more we know, the better we protect ourselves.

Please remember education is power. Also POWER IS IN THE NUMBERS!!! Thank you for continuing to comment and share.


M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology