Long Term GOALS!!! Are They Good, Bad… or WHAT?????

When I was escaping Communist Romania, many years ago, on my way to “freedom,” I traveled in the same train compartment with a small, grey-haired woman whose eyes spoke the wisdom of age and  life experience.

I thought, at the time, she “bought” my lie, that I was just going on a trip to what was at the time West Germany. As I look back I am questioning my “know it all” attitude that most young people have, myself included.

We had a long train ride, and she gave me plenty of advice. I forgot most of it, but very time life throws an unexpected obstacle my way, I remember her words:

“Don’t make very long plans. They almost never work!”

Well, I thought, what did she know? I sure knew MY future, MY GOALS, it was ALL planned!!!

I will not write this post about how many times I had to change the course of my planned to perfection life, or how I ended up changing at least 6 professions to survive the changes around me. If those details, and life lessons interest you, please read the first 100 posts of this blog.

The PURPOSE of this post is to share with you that while it is great to plan, have goals, many times circumstances beyond OUR control happen and derail our initial goals. Just like a train… do you fall off the tracks or get back your balance and stay in the course of life?  

Perhaps, a wise suggestion would be to learn to take the small steps that lead to a long-term goal. If life throws your way obstacles, YOU do not have the power to change them. However, YOU have the power to be flexible and CONTROL your attitude.

This is the gift we were given by a Higher Power, the freedom of choice and control over ourselves and our choices. No One else’s!

My goal, when I escaped communism, was to have freedom of speech. To write a book and be allowed to say jokes about political figures and not go to jail!

Ultimately, I wrote a book, I am blessed with you, my readers, and the privilege to share with you… but ON THE WAY… I was faced with six changed of professions, single motherhood, suicide loss… and more. EVERY time something negative happened, what saved me was FLEXIBILITY and understanding that most times life’s road is not straight, but winding and if you don’t follow the bends… oh well…

In conclusion goals are great as long as they are accompanied by flexibility and the wisdom that we could only change us.