In Response to Today’s Comment Regarding Identity Theft and China

Identity theft, plagiarism, hacking bloggers’ hard work and making money off of it!

I received hundreds of comments after the fantastic Word Press system protected me from over 30,000 spam comments! Thank you.

Some comments are written in such poor English that I simply don’t understand. I’m a foreigner too, but I learned English because I really wanted to be understood.

Other comments are simply advertising for someone’s products. If you sell sex toys, I am NOT going to  post your comment which clearly shows you did NOT read the post. You saw that 533 people READ the post in one day and your computer “kicked in” TRAFFIC!!! Let’s comment. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way on this blog.

If one comment tells me my blog loads fast and I MUST buy whatever, and the next says it loads fast, I will go with the second comment, especially if it’s not selling me anything.

Then, there are the REAL comments, the ones I appreciate and post and to which I answer and for which I am grateful.

The one which I received today, was one of the comments I value.

The person who commented on one of the schemes I exposed, was bringing to our attention that many identity thieves and hackers originate in China.

If you think this is true, my only suggestion is, do NOT purchase anything which is so inexpensive, it’s too good to be true. It probably is. Also, make sure where the item ships from. If you do not know from where the item ships, do not buy it.

I had a personal experience, which I will share, but do not want to point fingers, as it could have been a coincidence.

A while ago, I saw an advertising for a jacket. Wow! I said to myself, what a deal! I bought it on the web site of that particular seller (which meanwhile disappeared) and after ten days I received the idem shipped from China!  I was amazed at my good luck!

A few weeks later, I received a call from my bank. Someone was trying to use my card!!!

For once, being poor came in hand. I only had $30.00 in my account, as it was the end of the month:) so, the hackers could not buy anything.

After the event I thought… hmm… perhaps the item was so cheap, so that people, deals seekers like me, buy it, when the real PURPOSE is  for the seller to get our credit card information!  In my case, it was a debit card and I was broke. Sorry, hackers.

Because there is such a need to expose the truth, and so many of us have unpleasant experiences, we are in the process of building a new site, THE NUDE TRUTH- Where life is stripped of lies and the truth revealed! I will continue to blog  on the same topics as now, and MORE!

I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for continuing to read and comment. I really appreciate, as power is in the numbers… and HONESTY!!!