Political Thoughts! My Choice is… no Choice!

I am not a professional political commentator, neither am I an activist in either the Republican or Democratic parties.

Who I am, is a woman, who came in the USA as a political refugee in 1981.
At the time, I was in my late 20s, well-educated, fluent in English. A skilled professional, I was not applying for an American visa coming from some unknown corner of the world but I was coming having behind me, as proof that I was who I said I was, eight years of working as a translator for the US Embassy un Bucharest, Romania.
Yet, the process to apply, be verified and at last approved as a political refuge to America took time and how it felt to be “suspended” between two countries, ” is described in my book ‘The Gypsy Saw Two Lives.’
It was a hard, thorough process to ensure the safety of America because I could have been anyone under false pretense!
I wrote this paragraph, so the readers don’t wonder who I am and what gives me the right to an opinion!
This is a FREE country, the very reason I struggled with both emotional and physical hardships to make it MY LAND, so I could speak freely!
In other words, anyone could express their opinions without the fear we experienced under Eastern European communism before 1989 when Ceausescu was executed and communism became but a sad part of history!

I have been a grateful American citizen since 1987. I raised a family, wrote a book and currently this blog is read by people in over 130 countries. I like to believe, I contributed to make my new home a better place to the best of my abilities and continue to do so!

As millions of Americans, and the entire world I has been watching the 2016 “fight” for the Presidency of the USA.

Watching is an understatement because, unlike any other time, the twists and turns of the 2016 fight for the Presidency of the USA has been like NO OTHER!

It started with most, if not all so-called ” political experts,” giving the opinion that Trump was not going to be a presidential candidate for long! There were 17 qualified Republican candidates, why would the American public support Trump? Some of what he has said throughout the year, which gloriously confirmed him as the Republican nominee, turn my stomach! Specifically the quote, repeated over and over, in adversarial adverts manta about Megan, a respected Journalist! “Blood was coming from her eyes and “where ever???” Is this guy serious?
But that was the beginning and the avalanche of insults continued!
But wait a minute… despite all logic he kept climbing in the polls and even I, found myself thinking that I do want a safe environment for my grand children and a prosperous America! Was he the MAN????
His message was great but HOW WAS HE GOING to accomplish this fairy tale plan?
As much as I love fiction, when it comes to our future, it is our responsibility to take a close look at reality and decide, is it fiction or reality?
Without getting into details, the truth I discovered was not only disappointing, but alarming: several bankruptcies to protect his personal assets, the Trump University and the law suites…
Okay, if he makes America safe I could live with it but then there was the WALL and I wondered if there was any understanding of TUNNELS once the Wall was built!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were neck to neck in all polls!
Having defected from communism, even if I do understand the difference between communism and socialism, I did not like it at all when Sanders declared himself a socialist!
I didn’t contribute the average $27 to his campaign!
Then here came Hillary Clinton supported by her loving husband and adoring daughter, and delivered the speech of her career on Thursday night!
What could she have possibly say to make America forget the undeniable truths?
Emails, Benghazi, Bill’s affairs. Everything seems to continue to haunt her and America still doubts her honesty!
Then another twist:

Supposedly The Russians hacked in the One of the Democratic Party leaders emails and as a result the Chair of the Democratic convention was forced to resign!
As if this was NOT bad enough, and rumors are whispered left and right that The Russians hacked into the emails in an effort to HELP Trump to be elected!

As I was trying to understand WHY would the Russians support Trump, and as I was understanding Trump seemed to put very low priority on NATO and supporting the EU and the Baltic countries which earned their independence from Russia in 1989…
So… If the US would no longer be supporting these countries’ hard earned independence, it is easy to guess what would happen, with Russia already positioned for expansion!

I wished all these thoughts were just my innate fear of having lived under communism and fear of Russia for almost 30 years!
Unfortunately, once more, Mr. Trump clarified it for me in two sentences:
“Wouldn’t be nice to get along with the Russians?” and:
“Russians, if you hear this, I hope you find the emails…etc
What!!!! Inviting a foreign nation to interfere into our affairs?
The fairy tale that we could get along with Russia!!!

So… When we draw the line and write the cons and pros for both candidates, even if personally I wish there was a third choice… As it stands now, for me, there is no choice anymore!
God bless the FREE America where anyone could express their opinions without fear of jail or death!
Please express yours! You have the right!

Whom Does God Help?

Many, many, many years ago, I was 18 and living in Romania. Our country was called  “a romance island  in the mist of a slavic SEA!  (we were bordered by the Soviet Union and the language spoken there was Russian -slavic) Today, a majority of the Romanian boarder is with Ukraine…and that is another story.

Romania,  contrary to many’s impression, was not part of the former Soviet Union, was “only” liberated by it!!! (read sarcasm) We spoke Romanian, and yes, were forced to learn Russian, but all I remember are two words: Nhiet (NO) and Haraso sp??? (GOOD) This clearly illustrates the saying “you could take a horse to the water, but can’t make it drink!” meaning, we did not want to learn Russian, and didn’t!

Going to college was so competitive that my mom decided to hire a tutor, which she did, at a huge expense. The tutor, a virgin in her late thirties, blushed furiously each time my boyfriend escorted me to her door.

My one-hour lessons remind me of another story, in which a boy hated to eat oatmeal, but loved to play football. All I remember from this story was a clock, and  its slowly moving handles. When the boy was forced to eat oatmeal, he thought: Oh time moves so slowly when I have to eat oatmeal! and   when he played ball, he’d think, oh time moves so fast when I play ball!

Just like the boy in the story, my tutoring lessons were endless…

The goal of this torture was to prepare me for a hard exam to be allowed as a student in the University of Bucharest, the English Department. The number of students who were going to “make it” in the elite university was very limited, so the success of these tutoring lessons was crucial for my future. Frankly, my priority was to finish high school and get married to the love of my life, but Mom didn’t think that was such a great idea. The result was that Mom won, and the tutoring and waste of money went on for a while, until one day, the virgin- tutor burst with hatred: ” You will NEVER be able to put together a sentence in English, you are hopeless!” and she blushed, sure sign she was really, really angry.

That one day, I just could no longer take it and stood up, walked to the entrance and with no words or paying her for the insults I left the place of torture and went with my boyfriend and ate ice cream! Actually a special drink called “Cafe Frape.” Yummy!

My Mom was upset, but truly she was unable to make me “drink” this woman’s tutoring style.

We found a new tutor, “found” is not the right word…She came highly recommended by a friend.

Her tutoring style was the opposite of the blushing virgin’s and soon under her guidance and continuous praise, I started to speak English.

Slowly, but surely, I loved it and made it into the elite group of college students who were allowed in the University of Bucharest.

My entire life was shaped by this ONE event. By the decision I made to ignore the tutor who discouraged and insulted me, and persevere under the guidance of a positive teacher, who truly believed in my potential to put two words together in the English language and make sense.

After graduation from college I worked for various International Exhibitions, then I was hired to translate for the US Embassy, eventually I escaped communism and the Russian liberation and became a US citizen. I got married in America, raised a family and oh, shock!!! Wrote a book in English and shock again, it was published.

Shock, shock, shock, YOU are reading a blog written by the “idiot” who was assured will NEVER put two words together in English, and make sense.