Happiness is Hard!

imageYou may not know me, or I, You, but that is irrelevant.
A Power greater than us determined we need to be on each other’s paths in this specific moment, for reasons beyond our human understanding, and that is sufficient for me.

As Christmas is only a few days away, and I sense more an energy of fear that it is not enough, reaching a boiling point, rather than joy and peace, I need to remind myself and you, whether we know one another or not, that I didn’t plan to write this post and if you read it, there must be a reason and to not hesitate to do what your heart, not mind, tells you to do.

Most times, because of the constant messages in the media, that everything is perfect, everyone is happy and “what is wrong with you,” if you are not part of this super happy crowd, it is next to impossible to admit you might not be happy, and even more difficult to reach out for support.

It is for this reason that I decided to voice this message, which comes from my heart and which I hope, reaches yours.
Perhaps,some day, you will offer your hand to strangers and comfort them.

Imagine a field of flowers, each beautiful on its own, but at times we need to see, touch and smell the fragrance of a bouquet of flowers. To see them all together. Each has its own scent and shape, and for that reason, their unique beauty is even more powerful as they stand together! One is not more or less beautiful than another, but different. It is their uniqueness which makes them even more memorable, just as the human race! One person is not more meaningful than another, but each is unique, different and important! I cannot, or wish to imagine fields of flowers all the same color, scent and shape! Would you?
As, and if, you take a moment to read this message, please know that it is not significant that a hand is small, big, young or old. All it matters is the willingness to offer support or ask for it. Many times, the greatest help is silence.
As a famous proverb reminds us, God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

This Christmas, remember that in our home, The EARTH, there are many hands willing to support the best they could!

I’m humbly offering a free, supportive hand. It is your decision whether to accept.

Rodica M.
M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology
Life Coach
Life Cross-Roads and Wellness

Hope and Faith

140079310758320140811_095345Outside of time…
I need to exist outside of time
To make sense of death and Eternity!

I wish my senses were mingled and sharper,
I could smell colors and
See scents,
Sage could cleanse my tainted soul.

The whole of me hurts.
Evil is not satisfied with the taste of flesh.
It wants more…
Its goal is endless pain
of souls it devastates.

I lean into the essence of me,
I examine it closely.
I am too close.
I only see particles of nothingness,
Colored in confusion…

I step back, to gain perspective
I hope if I stare long enough
I understand,
It might turn meaningful,
but it doesn’t!

Truth strikes me, at last:

It’s not about how long or how close
I stare.
It is about wearing the correct lenses
To transform
Ugliness into beauty,
Meaninglessness into meaning,
Hate into love.

The key is to have Hope and Faith…
Mine are lost! 20140811_0953451400793107583