My Response To Similar Comments To My Posts

1400793219461Hello Everyone and thank you for continuing to visit and read the posts on my blog.

I am trying to respond personally to EACH comment, but when the comments are inappropriate or simply an advertisement for a product, or  related to sexuality (including the mention of viagara) I will NOT respond personally.

Why? one might ask her/himself? Simply because by responding I have to list the contact info of the person or company which/who commented. In other words I will NOT reward computer generated comments, rude comments, advertisements or porn.

However, some of the comments are intentionally or unintentionally funny and this is why I decided to share some “types” of comments with you.

I hope they will bring a smile to you, as they did to me…

1. Comments which state that other commentators seem to be “brain dead!” What in God’s name makes one think that I would post such comments?

This blog is read by people from 22 PLUS countries. Not everyone knows English, but many people know enough to derive the benefits of learning about a topic of interest to them. I am NOT going to honor rudeness by posting insulting comments. I am a bilingual person and it took me years of struggle to speak and write in English as well as in my native language, Romanian. I assure you, on the long journey of learning, I was not “brain dead.”

2. Comments which call me “DUDE.”

I explained this before, but I still get the “dude” comments:)) I am a WOMAN. ONE. That’s IT.

3. The comments asking me technical questions. So sorry, but those types of questions are really in bad luck. ūüė¶

I am technologically speaking illiterate and wish I weren’t.

In fact, I would like to partner with someone who is technologically literate, so if you are, or know of someone who would like to work with me strictly  on the IT part of my blog, have them email me at

4. Comments which ask me to LIST ALL my social media resources (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram,  Twitter, Pintrest, Stumbble upon,  etc)

While I do have accounts on a majority of them, what I PUBLISH on this BLOG, is automatically published on ALL of the other accounts.

The BEST way to keep updated on what I publish, is to FOLLOW this blog

If you wish to contact me for counseling, please go to

I hold a Master of Science in Counseling and Clinical Psychology and am an online Counselor for Proven Therapy, a Global psychotherapy company. On line counseling, in my opinion, is the way of the future. It offers quality counseling at very reasonable professional fees, 24/7 (by appointment with the counselor of one’s choice) in strict confidentiality. Online counseling is done via live texts or phone, emails, as well as very convenient weekly, ¬†email subscriptions.

5. Comments which ask me if people “steal my work.” Because the issue of stealing intellectual property came up so often, I wrote an entire article on PLAGIARISM, a while ago. Any person who is truly a writer, knows that one MUST give the source of one’s information. One must give the well deserved credit to the person who wrote the information.

Do people “steal” my work? May be yes, may be no…

I have a versatile blog, I put  hundreds of hours of research in the posts which give information about  specific, practical  topics. If someone steals the information, shame on them!

A large portion of my writing is based on very personal experiences and written with my very personal sense of humor. Could people steal this type of writing? Probably, but anyone who reads  anything by me, would know.

At last, the poetry and essays.

This type of writing comes to me from a source some call God, some Muse, some “a gift.” It may be called whatever one wishes but the truth is, when one expresses ¬†this type of writing, we, as writers, are ¬†facilitators ¬†of ideas coming from a source ¬†superior to us, humans.

In conclusion, please continue to read and comment and share YOUR experiences.

If your English is not perfect, so what? I bet the type of a person who has the indecency to call another “brain dead,” might be brain-dead him/herself.

I cannot make the rules on other blogs but on THIS blog, there are NO silly questions and all comments are welcome and will be answered as long as they do not belong in any of the categories stated above.

So… “dudes and dudettes,” :)) FEEL FREE to comment! ¬†Your comments are valuable and so are YOU!!!

We are learning together!

Warm wishes,