Trust And Safety…

Make sure all is safe, Then relax...

Make sure all is safe, Then relax…

Is total trust possible? Is it real when we think it is, or is all our perception?

This was my “meditation,” as I tried to breathe

out  and in.

Breathe OUT FIRST, slowly… The slower  the more relaxed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…Is perfect trust possible?

I feel my boxer’s chin leaning on me, his total trust could not be described, just felt.

Trust,  the foundation of  any good relationship, doesn’t come easy, it is earned. It takes time and work.

How does trust feel?

I breathe out, I breathe in … It feels “safe,” but before we could let go, trust, and feel safe, just like my boxer, Duke, whose trust was betrayed before he was rescued, we need to make sure all IS truly image

imagesafe around us! Then… RELAX!!!

Look right, look left… make sure you could trust to feel safe enough to lean on someone, close your eyes and relax!

Trust doesn’t happen! It is earned!