Buyer BE Aware — ITEMS ON SALE!!!

Yesterday I was shopping in an outlet I like for the quality and reasonable costs of the products it offers.

I saw a big sign : English Muffins and the cost $4.00 for 2. Okay, I thought,  thinking I only needed one box and will have to freeze the second. However, the human greed is great and put on my reading glasses to SEE how much I was saving by buying two boxes and not just what I needed, ONE.

Surprise, surprise,  the cost of EACH box  was $2.00. Simple, 2+2=$4.00 I was NOT saving anything by buying a larger quantity.

I noticed the same new tactic in various other stores. We are used, and rightfully so, that if we get more, we pay less.

NOT so, at least not always, and it is worth it to take a minute and put on our reading glasses and know exactly what is the “deal,” if any.

I still think $2.00 for Original English Muffins is a good price and am now going to have my breakfast and use ONE.

Enjoy your day, everyone!