How to MAKE Your Money Last a Whole Month. Fancy– Called Budgeting .. Either Way Necessary and Boring, We Need a TWIST of Humor!

How many times do we avoid depression if only we manage to make fun of a bad situation, or unpleasant one? They say this is exactly what humor is, I mean “professional comadians,” take an unpleasant situation, tell it to us, we relate and thing it is funny and laugh and here you have it, we all win different things! Some of us more money and fame, some pay to laugh or perhaps apply to “The Last Comedian Standing,” next year. I must worn you though, a lot of sad situations made funny are already taken! We kinda running out of them: we get fat, we answer back to whoever is at hand and make fun of them, parents, lovers, if we have lovers if we don’t. Someone is rude, we make fun! 

But, no matter who you are, unless you are a trust-baby. Do we know what’s a trust-baby?? No? Not one of them… you know, those who only have cards, never cash, but people around them know they are “good for it,” so they are not denied anything and somehow, their credit is better than yours, their house in a better neighborhood… ask the grandfather who really work to create “TRUSTS.” Yes, the grandfather is at the foundation of generations after him living comfortably without really having to work because the grandfather did for the next 300 years! Sometimes, another ambition heir comes along and adds on to the money left by grandma or grandpa. Who said ” you have money to have money?” Well, it was right!

The big advantage of not having money are actually two: You don’t have a heart attack when the market goes up and down together with your pension savings, and two, you ONLY have honest friends who love you POOR, for YOU! This is the big advantage. Apart from these advantages, unfortunately,
MONEY is the foundation of love, friendship, networking, family, sadly I know it by personal experience. Money equals your personal worth for most of our consumer society. Especially those who only like to read numbers and suffer from some reading disability when it comes to other values. Novels? Is that a food? Oh, no, “I text” ONLY! Spirituality? Other cultures? You must be kidding me! The whole world speaks English! Why learn another language?

What follows is NOT for trust-babies who get their rent or mortgage or the house are paid for already, who do not pat that $5.00 penalty because you get paid on Fridays, but you get your cell phone on Wednesday before Friday, and the insurance. Here we go, insurance: you must about insurance the monster who eats monthly from your money, and we are obese already! However, if you have a “claim,” A claim is when the insurance MUST make good for a loss you had, and they do! Next? Oh! No! Your premium, this is what YOU pay goes UP. You dared have a loss, meaning the Insurance Company didn’t make as MUCH profit as they needed for those fluffy CEO Salaries and bonuses. 

Here are the FIX expenses which we absolutely (the exceptions mentions excluded) you MUST pay MONTHLY.

 This a fictional list not adjusted for inflation, but replace with your own numbers:

1. Mortgtage or Rent or to get a cheaper roof over your head, house share–If you live in certain parts of California, get a third job, in other parts is more reasonable. Do your research of Best Cities or Cheaper Cities in the US or where you want to move. 

Generally “the roof over your head,” will cost you between $600- and $3,000 — Clearly you must read, do research, before you move in and after a month discover that, what were YOU thinking, your monthly income is $2,500 and yo have an unemployed boyfriend who is playing “gigs” and now has a big chance at America’s Got Talent!” Hold YOUR breath!

2. Big fix expense is INSURANCE: ALL kinds of insurance: Health Insurance (a MUST -that’s a post in itself!;;now just right the cost of all your insuarance that apply): health ___Life___ Auto (car)___Homeowners or renters. If you have valuables you must inure OVER the policy limit and have they appraised and pay more for more coverage)

3.Electricity– you could turn lights off when no one is in the room or if some is and requires lights off  for “atmosphere.” Lights off results in less $$$ anyway but warning, there could be other consequences, like breaking your neck in the dark or long term, if you play for atmosphere, … a baby, which is always a joy!  My electric is around $50 a month but I did fall 15 steps trying to save on light, so the medical care was more. Be careful where you are cheap! Think of long term consequences. 

4. Gas (My company is UGI — this works my heater. So it is like a sew-saw: Electric goes up in summer, Gas goes up in winter. Suggestion. Take the YEARLY amount for both and divide by 12 (months) and make sure you have money BEFORE you pay late fees and mess up your credit.

5.Medication premium: -depends on plan —- write in your plan

6. Comcast or Verizon or a different Cable company–will cover your cable, internet and phone (land line) Prices vary CHECK FOR SPECIALS


For your piece of mind, I’d add all these expenses and divide them by 12 month so it is easier when a huge bill comes

What are these expenses:


A health insurance supplement

I splurge of NETFLIX $8.00 being hooked on Mad Men and Orange is the New Black and… don’t start me please:)


Shampoo, conditioner, soap, face creams you buy from a pharmacy after checking the ingredients, detergents, desinfectants. YOUR REAL ESTATE/SCHOOL TAXES

EMERGENCY: Car breaks down, accidents, Membership AAA (recommended)


FOOD – are you on a diet? Where do you shop? Do you shop LOCAL?


TRIPS, presents if you want to keep your friends, cards or emails or texts, or something to keep in touch with your friends

For me, books are another must and I buy mine on Amazon OLD books, where a book is .01 yes one cent, BUT shipping and handling is $3.99. Yes, I get it, they make a profit on picking up the books and placing them in an envelope. I empathised with them, because my first jog was in a book warehouse.

I am sure by now, those of you following this blog who was awarded a ” Versatile Award,” think, how do I know about so many things. 

May be because I have an inclusive mind, or life forced me to reinvent myself or… what? have a boring life? Not boring, for sure.

For a majority of the world, including my daughter, I am still trying to make enough money so she would talk to me without that she will “fear” she will be “required” as she stated to me recently,”  to be nice to me because I am her mother, and after all “the “good world where she belongs now, no longer needs me” but this world requires to be nice to your mom. “

I assured everyone, MY WORLD only requires honesty and in this BLOG you will read it as is: NO LIES!!!

Please ask me questions on any subjects on the blog at

I do NOT respond to computer generated emails.

My credential for writing this post? I have INACTIVE insurance licenses in life, health, homeowners, fire and mutual 6 securities, although currently I am an online counselor for Proven Therapy (oh, bragging again, yes, people, I have an M.S. in Counseling and Clinical Psychology and was knocked down and got up as many career changes I had to have) It made me a BETTER person, so now I share with you.
And YES I actually sold insurance door to door and cold call people who were rude to me and I learn:

1.” NO “is not personal, is against the product because who wants to be told he’ll die and must get life insurance so his widowed wife could still 



go to the spa weekly (maintain the present way of life.) Thank you for reading and I look forward to your questions. Rodica