Blogging! How to learn how to blog!

No matter how close or far you wish to go, it always starts with ONE! The first STEP. Without that first step it is not possible to get anywhere.

This principle applies to blogging too!

This may be an obvious statement, however, how many times we stand STILL, paralized by the fear of the unknown, or failure, or both or sometimes of the fear of success?

I am really writing this post as a reminder to myself, because, exactly 5 years ago, I moved to Steelton and promptly broke my ankle. Unable to drive, stuck in bed in a place where I didn’t know anyone, I had, as strange as it might seem, CHOICES:
1. To be depressed and mindlessly watch T.V.
2. To re-read and organize my journals I kept over years, edit them and blog!

I chose blogging, but knew nothing about blogging. Oh, yes, I knew it implied writing and that I liked.
Thank God for Google and Word Press because if I could learn how to blog, anyone could.

I’m too tired and unmotivated right now, but motivated enough to encourage others, even less motivated than me, to take that first step in everything they wish to accomplish! While doing something may or may not lead to success, doing nothing guarantees you will accomplish nothing!
God bless you all.

Reaching Your Goals! Three Simple Rules!

Do you make goals?  Do you follow steps?  Are your goals realistic?  If so, what is your inner motivation for the goal you made? 

Let’s take an example many would relate to: loosing weight!

1. Internal goals

If we decide to loose weight  to please our partner, is that our internal goal, or rather an action we feel forced to take to please another? As a rule, lasting results occur when we do something for ourselves and not for someone else.

2. Take steps, not leaps

If the goal is to loose 50 pounds, make it a realistic goal by planning to only loose a couple pounds a week over a long period of time.  You will reach your goal slowly but surely and permanently.

3. Make a realistic goal

Make a  goal of becoming that which we could become.

We could be slimmer, healthier, have long  or short hair. We cannot be shorter or taller (without high heels) unless we photo shop.

In other words, before deciding on any goal, make sure it is realistic. If it’s not realistic, call it a dream, not a goal. Dreams are great too, as long as we know they are dreams and we understand a time would come when we would have to wake up and… make a goal.