Dear Friends,

Thank you, the readers and followers of this blog. My special recognition goes to the readers who  commented and the wealth of information shared with us. I like to believe that in a small way, together, we made a positive contribution but small steps, together amount to significantly bettering our world. At least, we try!!! 

We are celebrating today over 10,094 views total,  and as many as 533 views a day on

Nothing would have been possible without everyone’s active contribution and our goal to help others. 

Many of you have been with me from the beginning.

At the end of 2010 I broke my  right ankle and became literally my own slave in a place where I had moved a week prior to the accident.

What to do? “Blog!” suggested somebody, ” you write well.”

“Blog? What does that mean? Blog about what? Where? How do you do THAT?” I took a picture of my injured ankle… hmm and who cared!!!

We are now in October of 2013 and 10,094 views later, many followers and  well over 100 meaningful comments.

I am saying THANK YOU to  the followers and readers  of my blog and also to WORD PRESS who guided me at every step and turned someone who didn’t know the definition of blogging, into an avid blogger.  My gratitude goes to my colleague bloggers who voted this blog “MOST VERSATILE!”  Such is LIFE, and we attempt to keep up with it.

Many of you know that this blog began at the end of 2010. It started as a memoir, which at the end of 2011 was published in paper, than e-pub and Kindle formats under the title, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives.” 

After the book was published, my mission was accomplished, or so I thought. Actually, my passion for writing has never been accomplished, but I was thinking of the “mysterious process of blogging.” 

After the book was published,  every time I checked the blog, I noticed that it still had a significant number of visitors.

People were still reading it, as if expecting more.

Oh! Let’s face it,  the joy overwhelmed me!!!

Someone,  not my immediate family or friends, was still reading what I wrote!!! For any writer, or most writers,  isn’t this a dream come true?

The present post is a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who stood by me and who contributed to this blog not only by reading and sharing it  with their friends and on their networking pages, but by making valuable comments.

My promise is to do my best and together with you, to continue taking small steps, which I trust will continue our journey to improve our world.

Rodica Mihalis

Online Counselor