The Death and Rebirth of a BLOG!!! FATAL ERROR!The Nude Truth IS Up and Running!

Do you know the Romanian proverb, “Buturuga mică răstoarnă carul mare?” ( A small tree branch, in the middle of the road, will tip over a big carriage!) I’m sure there is a better translation of this wise saying, but the point of it is that a small rock, pot hole, whatever undesirable Object placed on a road, has the power to tip over and damage any vehicle which drives over it!

Applied to life: an insignificant mistake, could and would affect negatively large enterprises, our lives and work.

This is an example of how a well-intentioned app by Word Press had a “bug” and how it affected users’ blogs negatively!
Thank God the problem was solved, but here is the price I paid not in money but anxiety and sadness that work of seven years just went down the tubes in a matter of a month!

Hopefully it didn’t and the thousands who were helped by the posts on The Nude Truth, will search for it again!

Here is WHAT happened:

At the end of May I noticed I was unable to log into my blog and either write new posts or check the comments or stats. Each time I was getting a message of FATAL ERROR!!!
For a while I didn’t make much of it, but when I realized the visitors and all the readers were getting the same FATAL error message, I became alarmed!
Unfortunately, Alex, my IT Angel who takes care of the technical part of The Nude Truth, was in Europe with his family. In other words, I was totally lost without his help!
As soon as Alex came back and checked out WHAT happened, the mystery of FATAL ERROR was solved! He learned that many blogs were affected because a Word Press application, added with all good intentions to improve users’ blogs’ performance, had a “bug,” which resulted in getting the FATAL ERROR message and inability to either access the blogs or write new posts!

I’m sharing this story for a few reason:
1. To give an example of how easy it is to ruin someone’s work of 7 years.

For instance, the readership in February was 2,332 people from 124 countries. The most readers per day was 444 people, an average of 83 people a day.
In June, because of the “fatal error” message and inability to access the site, there were 4 readers and in July there was one reader! I e wonder how this person managed to get on the site!

2. The Nude Truth is not a commercial enterprise but a small FREE personal contribution to share with the world experiences and knowledge which judging by the over 1,600 comments, helped people avoid scams and improve their daily lives.
Alex, my IT friend, the wiz who fixed fatal errors, is also doing this work free. Our reward is one of the heart!
I feel sorry for blogs which depend financially on traffic to their sites and how such a small error in the design of an app could affect one’s life and work!

3. Fortunately, I didn’t stop thinking for the last two months and have a wealth of information to share with you in future posts.

For instance, one of the topics I have been working on is the “WAR on Narcotics!”

There are two sides to each coin and many angles to a story! In the next weeks, expect posts which will bring a new light on this topic and true stories about how this is handled in real life, not television!

Meanwhile, I’d appreciate any shares about how it was for you, as a reader, to be unable to access the information you needed.

For instance the information about SCAMS and skin care products, your credit cards charged for auto-shippments you never authorized and the advice The Nude Truth articles in the # BUYER BEWARE! articles provides?

I continue to be grateful to Word Press for the fine platform that it provides for millions of writers and bloggers and hope no more fatal errors!

Thank you for being you and God bless!


Hello Dear friends who have been , just like ME, schemed when  in our eternal innocence and trust in human mankind GAVE this company our credit card information, so they MAY charge the under $4.00 shipping and handling charges. After all it was advertised as a FREE trial!!!

When I first shared on my blog the nightmare I encountered, I did it because this is what I DO: THIS BLOG SHARES EVENTS WHICH AFFECT MY LIFE FIRST, and being a humble person, I assume others might be in the same shoes as me and I share!

The response to Buyer Be Aware I II and Update has been overwhelming and soon I discovered that this was a much bigger “fish” than I first imagined. The post is after almost eight months from when it was first published, the NUMBER I Post READ on my blog.

What does this tell me… may be the scheme didn’t stop, may be despite the thousands of bad reviews they still operate from the shadows of deceipt.

With that thought in mind, I did a search for “DM Face Cream FREE TRIAL. (please note IF you are dyslexic, like me, you could easily read MD and assume falsely this is some kind of MD approved or tested product. Well, it is not! and all the way down the web page there is a disclosure in an ugly black square which tells the truth no one reads)

Okay… so today after Church, I was inspired and did this search. To my pleasant surprise, the web site which popped up was named: The Performance Leader (

Wow! I was impressed for a moment… well may be two, until I started putting 2 and 2 together. This is a personal opinion, but here is what I think:

The color scheme of this site had soothing yellowish, white and light blue colors. If you know a little about how our mind works, you know that statistically these are colors which make people trust. Unlike red which in general means NO unless you are on Valentine’s Day and then it means LOVE.

Well, this totally new website had a real face lift!!!  In addition to the color scheme, as I faced the computer screen, to my left there was the face of a woman, eyes closed in the extasy of using the products (I assume)

To the right (where we actually look FIRST) one could spot a jar (again, blue and white) named REJUVAL Skin!!! This fantastic NEW product was rated 4.8 of 5 stars rated by??? who

Under the Rejuval jar, another new product VIVEXIN (for Eyes) Rated 4.7 of 5 stars.

On this first page, insinuating that this is a company which rates MANY TOP PRODUCTS (may be they do) there is a whole “team of experts.”

I started to read through their credentials but decided on a better use of my time and clicked AGAIN!!!

Surprise! A whole TABLE of “compared facial products.” You guessed, which was the TOP product???? REJUVAL!!!

So now, since DM skin cream has been discovered as the scheme that is, let’s have a site face lift, change the jars, the names and here we go again!!!

We were actually WARNED by a wise commentator on MY site that this group has been operating like this for over ten years.

Rejuval Skin, claims the site, is 2014 Editor’s Choice??? but fails to tell us Editor of WHAT???

This page also contains raving testimonials. But… but if you are like me, a curious mind, and go three pages of clicks in the green zone, the testimonials change. In this much lower zone, they are negative, and I mean negative as in a cloudy night with no stars!


Just as I was about to give up on it because my bake good was burning in the kitchen, I clicked ONE MORE TIME ON:


YES!!! Click and HERE IT WAS !!!

THE INFO WE ALL WANT (in ugly black letters) :

“Hello, We are NO LONGER accepting new orders….” you get the idea.

I decided to be nice and wrote down for YOU, my readers and fellow schemees, the CONTACT INFO:

Tel. 1800 385-2561 (returns— see conditions!!!)


and a warehouse in Lutz, Florida!!!

There is also an icon if you wish to cancel your subscription (good luck with that!)

A note of caution:

If you cannot get through to them and your card keeps being charged $100s the easiest way to stop it, is to call your bank or credit card company, report the fraud and ASK for a NEW CARD.

Many of you thought I  was a company which will get your money back, or complain for you.

I am sorry to disappoint but I am ONE WOMAN and this is a community service project, meaning I do NOT get paid for it.

Please continue to share your experiences and I will post them. This is HOW we learned.

If you use computerised comments, please don’t write because your comment goes to spam. I don’t even see it.

I hope this UPDATE was good news for all.

Keep your money safe by not signing up for free trials and have a great week!


During this exciting process of discovering

Trying again:) to finish the Legal Consequences post…

For some reason, this is is the third time I write this new post, but only a portion prints…

Sorry about it.

The point I am trying to make one more time, is that after the post regarding the skincare line scheme Skin DM/ Rejuva Glow, I received hundreds of comments and tips which helped hundreds of people become aware, learn how to protect themselves and where to complain. This was the result not only of my post but valuable information in the comments. For those comments I would like to say, thank you!

Unfortunately, there was recently ONE comment (I assume computer generated, because it was in spam several times) which stated that somehow my blog profits from the scheme exposed and in reality connected to it (the skincare scheme!)

I feel it is outrageous that such an untrue  and hurtful statement was made and sent as a comment to me.

This blog does not profit from anyone or anything. To state that it is connected secretly with a scheme it exposed, is defamatory and there are legal consequences.

This is simply a FREE share of personal experiences which  hopefully helps others. NO one is forced to read it.

Perhaps the entity responsible  for the defamatory comment does not understand the legal consequences of their statements.

If one makes an UNTRUE, HARMFUL statement in writing and it is published, that is” libel.” If the statement is spoken, it is “slander.”

We all value our freedom of speech but people also have the right to protect themselves from defamation that may damage their reputation.

Meanwhile, if anyone is interested where that defamatory comment was published? I had the freedom to publish it in… trash!

I am clicking Publish Post again:)

Thanks for your patience!

The Possible Legal Consequences of UNTRUE, DEFAMATORY COMMENTS (libel)

We discussed this topic before, but it seems further clarification is necessary.

This blog was started in 2010 because I broke my ankle over the holidays and was confined alone, in a place in which I had just moved. Many of the friends and readers have been following it from the beginning and know that the first approximately 100 posts became a published book in 2011, The Gypsy Saw Two Lives.

I stopped writing on this blog for a few months but noticed people were still visiting the blog in more and more numbers and currently is read by people from 18-20 countries.

When I started to blog again, since the book was finished and published, I simply shared my experiences with others, so they may avoid  unpleasant situations and schemes.

The blog became more and more popular because it provides FREE and USEFUL INFORMATION.

One of the schemes I experienced personally and shared on the blog, concerned a so called “FREE” skincare line called   

HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOU REALLY HAVE MONEY DUE YOU!!! The Money You Forgot About! Is It Legal? How To Keep Safe!

This post is rooted in a personal experience therefore first hand experience.

I was reading my Facebook news feed this morning and read a friend’s post about the ads everywhere, informing people that their STATE Treasury might have funds the person forgot about or didn’t know existed.

Some of the commentators wondered, and rightfully so, if it is legal, if it is okay to give YOUR social security to someone on line, etc. This is what triggered me to share this information to explain how it could be done in an EASY, SAFE WAY! 

You DO NOT need an intermediary. Do NOT give your personal information to anyone who solicited YOU, as a GENERAL RULE.

It seems, many people experience this  type of solicitation, which offers to represent YOU and get the money due you, of course for a FEE. Most probable, they will call or contact you by email to offer their services. Do not give your information to anyone who contacts YOU.

 How to Find  out  if you really have  money due you and to do it without an intermediary!

Last year I kept watching the ads on T.V. informing people about the money they are due and don’t know it!

My first reaction was, “Right, what kind of an idiot forgets about money! This must be a scheme!”

The ads continued, and just because… I clearly could use more money,I WENT TO THE PA TREASURY UNCLAIMED PROPERTY WEB SITE!!! I was NOT solicited, I initiated the inquiry.

Sure enough, I put in my name, my old address. I cannot remember if the site asked for my  social security at this stage, but probably, because I was the initiator, I would have given it and it is necessary ultimately, if you indeed qualify. The KEY is to make sure you give it in a safe environment.

In my case, sure enough, I matched! I was one of the idiots who forgot she had money!!! Hmm…

How did this happen? In my situation, there were several $50.00 rebates which were send to my old address after the forward expired . Also,  a life insurance company with which I had an inactive policy, sold to Met Life. Somehow, that transaction resulted in an amount of money due me, although the policy was inactive.

I felt better, how could I have known of all these funds, which were mailed years after I moved and there was NO forwarding address, because the year expired. Then I changed my name, moved again. All these circumstances may lead to YOUR MONEY BEING DEPOSITED IN YOUR STATE TREASURY, Division of UNCLAIMED PROPERTY!!!

After the initial “match” there were several verification steps I had to follow, so the Treasury made sure I was who I said I was, but it was worth it. I did receive a check and had gas money for a while! Not millions, but every dollar counts!

Is It LEGAL???

Yes, it is legal and you could check if you too have money you “forgot about” by following the steps described  in this post.

If I were to do it again, I would FIRST CALL the Treasury at a telephone number which is for sure of the State Treasury because I have heard of new sophisticate schemes which design web sites identical to those of banks and businesses you trust. For that reason, if I were to check now, I’d call first, a safe telephone number  of the REAL Treasury.

For RESIDENTS in PA, here is the info:

Pennsylvania Treasury

Bureau of Unclaimed Property

Tel. 1 800.222.2046

web site:

Good luck, and please don’t forget to send me a commission:))

Rodica Mihalis, M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology


Holiday Scheme in Central PA for now

I was listening to the 11 PM news in Harrisburg and I thought I’d share, in case you already went to sleep or live elsewhere.

It is a simple but I believe efficient scheme.


Apparently, someone calls you (parent, cousin, sister, a family member) and tells you on the phone that your child is held hostage and demands money. 

The advise on TV was to not engage in a conversation but to call the authorities. These people might know details about the “prisoner,” which are easy to find if one knows a name and birthday.

If anyone hears of other “schemes,” please share with us. Thank you:)

So please enjoy your Holiday and stay safe!!!


For UPDATED information, please also read:

Buyer Beware! How to Protect Ourselves Against all SCAMS, which identifies PATTERNS scammers use ( published on this blog in April, 2017) and
Buyer Beware Part III The Alluracell-RejuvSkin EpicFlow… Connection,” published on this blog on February 1, 2016

The root of this story rests in my desire to try a new skin care product in hopes I’d look better for my daughter’s wedding! I cannot afford eye-lifts, tummy tucks or even laser resurfacing, so, since the advertisement for FREE TRIAL SKIN DM/REJUVA GLOW COBO promised INSTANT POSITIVE results, I went for it! What was it to loose? After all, the ad continued, it was a free trial, all I had to do was pay for the shipping and handling, using MY CARD.

$3.95!!! Wow, for a brand new, stunning ME!!! I was already concerned by beauty was going to “steal the show,” and I didn’t wish that! Oh, no!

The two free trial  products arrived at the same time, in two different UPS boxes. Amazon orders arrive in different boxes most of the time, when in fact, I only placed one order. I did not give it a second thought. I opened them and read the enclosed “instructions.”

Looking back, what I read should have alarmed me right away, but the desire to get rid of my wrinkles “instantly,” blinded me!

The instructions were that if I, for some insane reason, did not like this miraculous products, to call a telephone number (provided) and get an RMA number and write it exactly as instructed on the return BOX. All this should have been accomplished within 14 days from when the product was received! Or else… or else what??? NO actual price of the products or what would happen was mentioned anywhere, but my instinct told me it was NOT something good, but vanity won and I ignored the gut!

I took pictures of my saggy face, got depressed, and for one week religiously, I used the two products in silver containers.

Instant was not so instant and because I did not notice any difference, I called the customer service after one week.

First, the agent wanted to convince me to try until the end, the entire 14 days, but I was so afraid they will claim I returned the products too late, I insisted to verify the EXACT address where to ship them back and get it over with!

The agent tried one more time to persuade me to ‘KEEP THE WHOLE THING,” (meaning the free trial combo) for $22.00! but I refused that deal!

I read BACK to him the address in Seminole, Florida, where I was supposed to mail the HALF USED CONTAINERS!!! I told the firm’s customer service agent that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED BY ANY COMPANY to mail back containers which have been opened and this was a basic rule in the beauty industry!   I even told him, come to think of it, the trial containers I received were NOT sealed!!! He assured me the containers I was about to mail back at MY EXPENSE were going to be “disposed of.” In other words, WHY was I asked to mail them back half used? Just so I am “punished” for not instantly becoming wrinkle free?

I mailed them back and thought this was the last I heard of this “no hassle FREE  trial.” which already  was not that free!! .”

Yesterday, yes, Saturday, August 9th, I checked my online bank account and right there, under my very wrinkled eyes was a CHARGE for $92.61!!!! made by a company ending in GLOW!!! There was a phone number, as well, and yes, you guessed, I immediately called.

At first there was total confusion, meaning I was confused, the people I was speaking with were not confused at all!!! I was explained, again and again, as if I were “intellectually disabled,” to use the latest professional  term in DCM V, that the TWO products, the “TRIAL COMBO,” was advertised together, the packaging was similar (silver), but in fact I was supposed to ship them back to TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES!!!!

In vain I explained that any reasonable person would assume that two products advertised as combo, together and similar in packaging belonged together. It was useless to explain that JUST the fact that the products arrived at the same time, as a combo, but in two boxes, should have clued me in.

Have you ever spoken to “Judy,” the lady-robot on any computerized lines? Well, the human agent of the “combo trial,” made Judy sound human. I WANTED JUDY THE ROBOT!!! to have a human conversation with her!!!

Half an hour into begging the agent for a FULL refund,  he remained unmoved and  I asked for his manager. He was another human, James 615! James 615 repeated everything that the first agent told me, but he offered a new option:

“All Glow, would do, was give me half a  refund: $46.46. “Would I accept that?”

Wait a minute, James 615, accept what? To pay $46.46 and I didn’t even have EMPTY JARS to show for my money???? I HAD NOTHING!!!

I swallowed a Lisipronil pill, my high blood pressure medication, but my head kept spinning, so I took a deep breath and hang up on James 615!

Since that moment, because why would I want to spend my Saturday visiting with friends, shopping or watching a movie, all I did was research  Skin DM/RejuvaGlow combo and make calls to my Bank, trying to stop the payment of $92.61.

I could not stop the payment, but I was told on Wednesday I could make an official “dispute,” complaint and  my bank will help me with the situation.

Since my Saturday was ruined anyway, I started researching various combination of Skin DM, trials, articles on the trials and company, etc.

In my many searches I came across the web site of what was supposed to be:

SKIN DM but what a CONVENIENT TYPO: IN BIG PURPLE LETTERS, in the middle of the page it is written:


even the link uses the MD first and switches to DM towards the end.

Furthermore, a bright yellow sign states (on the same Skin DM site, which became MD):

MySkin MD Exclusively Recommends…

OH wait a minute!!! it says the COMBO Skin DM and Rejuva Glow are OUT OF STOCK!!!! but, rest assured they will take care of you.

The advertisement continues:

Selling Hot World Wide!!!! (in red letters) the company has a replacement for the out of stock combo:

TruVisage and PurEssance

Just as the first trial, this one is also a ” 100% risk free trial! Just pay for the shipping! To get the best results try BOTH products together.

Some impressive statistics follow on the site:

83% —saw Reduction in wrinkles!

90% –Noticed smoother skin!

82% –Reported increase in SLASTICITY!!!! Because most women look at themselves daily and say to themselves: “Wow!!! My slasticity  increased! Good for me, thank God I came about this miracle combo!”

Who participated in the studies, where were they done? how many participants? For how long?  I got an A in my  Graduate Research and Methodology class for a reason:)

It is all a mystery, but not for long. Come tomorrow, I will contact the  real M.D. Skin Care Company, I will file official complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (Consumer Protection Division) and visit

Just for starters.

Oh let’s not forget those half-empty jars and The Department of Health!

I have not ben a believer in evil until events such as this one started to happen here and there. Events one thinks could never happen to them, but I have sad news: THEY COULD, AND WOULD! YOUR WEAPON IS TO BE INFORMED!

UPDATE:  February 1, 2016-

Please read “Buyer Beware Part III: What is the  Rejuv— -Alluracell – EpicFlow-LLSDeluxeEye-Advance Vitamin C Connection? 

Since August 11, 2013, when this article was published,  as a series of three articles on “Skin DM/Rejuva Glow “FREE Trial,” which wasn’t so free after all,  the article has been read thousands of times and hundreds of people made comments which helped countless of people. To note that there were NO positive comments regarding these products or the way they were marketed. Recently, once again, we came across the same , but a different name… a different name, until I received my credit card statement… please continue to read Buyer Beware Part III, published on this blog ( on February 1, 2016. As always, your comments will help many.  This site continues to be free and dedicated to helping people and stating the truth! Thank you.



I thought I will be able to finish this post today, but the MORE I researched, the MORE I discovered just how many things are dubious about these so called “skin care companies, the “combo FREE TRIAL!!! (Wink, wink) they offer, and its  potential consequences for your bank account!

I will finish this post tomorrow, as I wish it to be as accurate and informative as possible and provide consumers with useful information and best sources to resolve any similar situations. Meanwhile, if you are about to sign up for a “free trial” from Skin DM/RejuvaGlow “combo,” THINK again!

In going on their web page an hour ago, I read an announcement:

“Skin DM and RejuvaGlow are OUT OF STOCK!!!  (Imagine that!!!!)

Now “THEY” (same experts) recommend a NEW combo:


My guess: 

People discovered the truth behind the Skin DM and RejuvaGlow  “free trial,” and the name needed to be changed.

Just an educated guess.

Please read tomorrow’s post for your own protection!

I will  provide links to how and where to make  complaints for maximum efficiency!

Few things  outrage me more than  injustice and taking advantage of people’s trust.  Tomorrow’s story is a combination of both and more!