In Response to Today’s Comment Regarding Identity Theft and China

Identity theft, plagiarism, hacking bloggers’ hard work and making money off of it!

I received hundreds of comments after the fantastic Word Press system protected me from over 30,000 spam comments! Thank you.

Some comments are written in such poor English that I simply don’t understand. I’m a foreigner too, but I learned English because I really wanted to be understood.

Other comments are simply advertising for someone’s products. If you sell sex toys, I am NOT going to  post your comment which clearly shows you did NOT read the post. You saw that 533 people READ the post in one day and your computer “kicked in” TRAFFIC!!! Let’s comment. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way on this blog.

If one comment tells me my blog loads fast and I MUST buy whatever, and the next says it loads fast, I will go with the second comment, especially if it’s not selling me anything.

Then, there are the REAL comments, the ones I appreciate and post and to which I answer and for which I am grateful.

The one which I received today, was one of the comments I value.

The person who commented on one of the schemes I exposed, was bringing to our attention that many identity thieves and hackers originate in China.

If you think this is true, my only suggestion is, do NOT purchase anything which is so inexpensive, it’s too good to be true. It probably is. Also, make sure where the item ships from. If you do not know from where the item ships, do not buy it.

I had a personal experience, which I will share, but do not want to point fingers, as it could have been a coincidence.

A while ago, I saw an advertising for a jacket. Wow! I said to myself, what a deal! I bought it on the web site of that particular seller (which meanwhile disappeared) and after ten days I received the idem shipped from China!  I was amazed at my good luck!

A few weeks later, I received a call from my bank. Someone was trying to use my card!!!

For once, being poor came in hand. I only had $30.00 in my account, as it was the end of the month:) so, the hackers could not buy anything.

After the event I thought… hmm… perhaps the item was so cheap, so that people, deals seekers like me, buy it, when the real PURPOSE is  for the seller to get our credit card information!  In my case, it was a debit card and I was broke. Sorry, hackers.

Because there is such a need to expose the truth, and so many of us have unpleasant experiences, we are in the process of building a new site, THE NUDE TRUTH- Where life is stripped of lies and the truth revealed! I will continue to blog  on the same topics as now, and MORE!

I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for continuing to read and comment. I really appreciate, as power is in the numbers… and HONESTY!!!

Would “Receive Your FREE Social Security & Medicare Information Brochure, Written in LARGE Print tempt you to open this yellow envelope?

As I concluded the “Free Combo” posts “bundle,” which it seemed saved  money to many, I thought, this was IT, no more exposing schemes!!!  I will find a positive topic to write about. So many good things are happening in our world and strangely, the human nature is more interested in talking about the negative topics, not mentioning the many good deeds.

I even had a few topics in mind, to research at a deeper level and post, and  smile:)

In that positive mood, I picked up my mail this morning. A yellow envelope stuck out  in the crowd of what was mostly junk mail and bills, none of which I was eager to open…

Somehow, the yellow envelope “spoke” to me, as if by not opening it I was going to endanger my life or miss vital information!

To the LEFT of the envelope, where generally at least my eyes read first, in BIG print it was written: Receive Your FREE Social Security & Medicare Information Brochure. IMPORTANT to note: FREE was printed in the largest print and in bold letters. Social Security  and Medicare were printed in  slightly smaller print and were not in bold. “Receive Your” and “Information Brochure,” were in the smaller print and… you guessed, not written in bold letters! Other attractive statements were printed on this irresistible yellow envelope, but for now, what I a disclosing is sufficient.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a simple GREEN card. For starters, in the language of colors, green subconsciously makes us think of money and generally of the verb -action,  “GO” (think of the traffic lights -when the light changes to green, our cars GO)!!!

In very large print in the middle of the card, there was written:


As I read the content of the card, written in simple, not confusing language, my heart pounded with hope. Forget about stress heart tests,  this magical card was enough to make my heart pound at its maximum and not kill me! Yes, kill indeed, because the good news  the green card was announcing, was senior citizens and their families that “the Senior Plan,” which now paid $255 as funeral expenses, was going to pay up to $15,000, IF the dead person qualified!!! To determine IF the person qualified, you guessed it again, the card had to be mailed back TODAY!!! The sender was even paid the postage. All one had to do, was provide them their names, date of births, phone (for the spouse too) !!! Some of us might be better off dead than alive!

Oh…but wait…

On closer examination, with a magnifying glass, at the bottom of the magical, generous beyond believe, on the green card, here was the KEY:

” Not affiliated  with, or endorsed by any Government or Medicare program”

Before making up my mind what action to take, I flipped the card  on the other side and noticed it didn’t provide a street address, ONLY a P.O. BOX in Lagrange, NC.

I also noticed it didn’t say anywhere about being an idiot to qualify!!! Suddenly, the decision became very simple:  instead of putting the magical green card in the mail box, I placed it carefully in my recycling bin.

Trash day is tomorrow.


Lesson Learned from The Free Trian Cobo DM/Rejuja Glow “FREE TRIAL!!!” Experience

As I was getting ready to write this post about the happy conclusion to my personal experience with the “FREE TRIAL,”  to let you all know that my bank, Bank of America, concluded their investigation and their conclusion was that my claim was correct. As a result, they awarded me the full credit of the transaction which their investigation concluded was a scheme. I was just going to share this with you and say, thank you, Bank of America, your professionalism is outstanding and I am glad you are my bank!

As I was starting to write this short post, I received a new comment by TIPPER which put the whole experience in a whole new perspective. The information in this comment is so valuable, I felt I MUST encourage you to read it. It is the last comment on my blog, and brings into the picture a new perspective and other products such as Acai berries, Geopharma, Fulfillment Center and an UNBELIVABLE CONCEPT  to rip off customers with little risk of being discovered!. I encourage all the readers to go to Tipper’s Comment for the details! 

The summary is that this company has been ripping  off people for the last 10 years!!! How could this be possible??? For the details please read Tipper’s comment,  which I did not entirely verified. However Geopharma did file for bankruptcy.

The concept is that when too many complaints are filed and ONE product and the NAME of the respective company  become well known as being a scheme, the SAME people,  CHANGE not only the product which is marketed but the name of the company!

THE ONLY CONSTANT is the location, their warehouse is the same, in Largo, Florida. In other words, it is possible that people are being ripped off by the same company disguised under different names and selling different products!

I thought this information is extremely valuable, so an extra thank you to Tipper and to all the readers who commented and helped us all to understand this type of scheme.

Please, if you continue to discover anything that you think is wrong and dishonest, share with us. There is so much Evil in the world, at least through our combined small actions we tip the scale in favor of the Good in this world in hopes we, together will make it a better, safer place. Thank you all for your contributions and for reading my blog.


Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a very short post and its purpose is ONLY to pass on information I TRUST to be true and helpful. A sort of community service post:)

If you take the time to investigate further, please do not blame me if it is not true, just comment your NEW findings and I will post them. Thank you. 

In the spirit of


Here is the information courtesy of my high school buddy from Canada (Adi).


1. DO NOT OPEN any emails which have in the subject line: Black Muslim in The White House, as this appears to be a powerful virus.

2. If you receive a CALL and the person leaves a MESSAGE with an urgent content (death in family, won a million dollars, etc) and urges YOU to call them back, do NOT if they have the AREA CODE 809. As I understand the codes 284 or 876 are also  NOT TO BE TRUSTED in BOTH USA and Canada. It is a complicated explanation the short of which is YOU are calling The Dominican Republic and will be charged exorbitant amounts of money. Because YOU called it will be hard to argue.

Of course, you could verify further by going to 

A personal suggestion: Do not even answer calls unless you know WHO is calling you. If it is NOT marketing they will leave a message. If someone leaves an alarming message about a friend or family member I’d CALL that person FIRST and verify IF they are in trouble.

I apply the same rule when answering my door. I do NOT even go to the door IF I am NOT expecting a guest. Instead, I let my guard dog, Duke, a mean looking boxer show himself in the porch window:)  In addition I have two other alarm systems, but that’s another post!

Needless to say, I do not have unexpected visitors:)

Have a good rest of the week.


Enjoy your week and be safe:)

Consumer Complaints that Get Results –Practical Tips

A friendly warning:

If you are someone who never gets upset, not even when some company takes out of your account almost $100.00 without your consent or knowledge, if your attitude stays positive no matter the degree of injustice done to you, please STOP reading this post because it will not help you or entertain you.

This post contains very practical  and to the point information  for people who wish to fight back an injustice and don’t know how to go about it. The purpose of this writing is to save others time and hopefully help them get back money taken from their accounts without their knowledge or consent.

I will not repeat the story explained in the two previous posts, but start from where I left off on Saturday, August 10, 2013, when I discovered that $92.61 had been taken out of my checking account and I did not given approval for any amount to be taken out and wasn’t familiar with the company which withdrew the money.

General Rule # 1:

If you notice on your bank account any activity of which you are not aware, the FIRST action to take is  to call the company which withdrew the money from your account. Generally, their phone number is on your bank account, next to the amount which was taken out and the name of the company. If customer service number 1 is not willing or capable to resolve the problem, ask for a manager. Assuming a manager is available, write down their name and take notes while you speak to them. It is vital to know the date you contacted the party you believe at fault and know the name of the people you spoke with and what they said, or didn’t. Document, document, document.

General Rule #2:

Call your BANK and report what happened. Generally it will take three days from the date the company in question took money out of your account, for your bank to be able to begin the dispute process. Generally, there is a phone number on the back of your card (debit or credit). If you call the general number, after several prompts you will speak with the DISPUTES Department. The person in charge will ask you DATES (when happened, what) and the NAME(S) of people you spoke with and if you attempted to resolve the issue directly with the company you are reporting at fault. For these reasons, General Rule number 1 is so important. If your claim is reasonable and you have a good bank, which I am lucky to have (Bank of America), they will credit to your account the amount disputed, while they investigate. What this means, is, that if the bank’s final findings are that your claim didn’t have a foundation, they will inform you of the reasons, and withdraw the amount initially credited back to your account.

If you have a sense of right and wrong and justice, which I do, you could take additional steps and perhaps by your actions help other people, who otherwise might be fooled.

You may write or call the local Better Business Bureau    ( but I found that the most efficient way is to simply go on the web site of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which protects consumers, and write a complaint on line. You could accomplish it by going to: and follow the very clear instructions of the site.

I believe in the power of journalism and that if more people would take a small amount of time out of their busy lives, there would be less schemes and crimes. If we would only try to do a little for others and not expecting something for us. If only our egos would be a little smaller and our hearts bigger…

With that in mind, I did several searches and found a very useful article on Consumer Health Digest (CGD), which I wished I read BEFORE starting the “FREE TRIAL” for Skin DM and RejuvaGlow Combo! The article, written by Expert Author Linda Daniels, provides to the point information which had I had the smarts to read before giving my debit card  for the “free trial,” for shipping only ($3.95)  none of this unfortunate and expensive experience would have happened!

Additional options.

Unless you wish to spend a fee of $25 to make a complaint, I do not recommend writing through Consumer Complaints Agency ( Again, had I been more “alert” when it came to the language used, “want revenge?”  question should have alerted me! Who wanted revenge? I sure didn’t! I wanted justice, I wanted others to not be fooled as I was, and of course I wanted my $92.61 back!  But the $25 fee was not stated at the beginning, so I filled in the form on the Consumer Complaints Agency site until the VERY last moment, when they asked HOW did I want to pay the $25.00 fee… then quickly I closed the window and hoped they didn’t “save” my information.

Today is Wednesday, August 14 and I am closing the chapter of this “free trial,” but before I closed it, I noticed on their web site not only that the BIG title (in bright purple) states: MY SKIN MD!!! (and continues down the page with DM!!! just a convenient typo) and further on, it states the “combo SkinDM/RejuvaGlow” is OUT OF STOCK, but don’t worry, NOW “MY SKIN MD EXCLUSEVLY RECOMMENDS” a NEW COMBO:


Would anyone like to bet they, too, belong to two different companies, so if  I were to be a fool again, and return BOTH to the same warehouse, just as with the SkinDM/RejuvaGlow, I’d be charged for not seeing in my Crystal Ball that I were supposed to return them to TWO different places! Rest assured I will NOT be fooled again:)

Buyer BE AWARE. Every day, the evil minds of super intelligent crooks come up with new, more complex schemes. Many times I wonder, why don’t these super-smart people use their amazing minds in the service of Good?

I don’t have an answer… do you?