Bitch or Assertive??? WHAT Is The Difference?

This topic is up for debate and I hope the true stories I’m about to share would be food for thought whether one was told IT is a bitch or assertive. The reason is simple: It will cost one MONEY!!!

These two stories have as purpose the goal to alert good, trusting people to WHAT might be the result of being reasonably trusting. The purpose is to PROTECT us, the consumers, NOT to publicly bring up the NAMES of certain companies which wronged us.

However, if you recognize yourself and a situation that happened to you in these stories, Please comment publicly or contact me privately.
Here are the two stories, BOTH of which happened to me this morning!

Story #1

The employee of Pharmacy X, a national chain which I use exclusively, inform me that one my insurance is NOT covering one of My medications and I will have to contact both My doctor and the insurance to get approvals.
My experience in the past, with SAME medication, was that depending on WHAT pharmacy employee was sending the requests to My insurance, the results ranged from being told the medication was NOT covered at all and I had to pay over $340 for a month supply, or… the copay was $45 which of course I BELIEVED and paid! The following month, a competent employee put through my prescription and miraculously the co-pay was $15!
I questioned the fluctuations from over $300 to $45 to $15 and got NO WHERE so, tired, I decided to give up the “fight,” to discover the truth, assuming in the future I was going to pay $15.
Wrong! Today, I was told My medication was NOT covered at all and I will have to call for approvals! I explained to the employee WHAT happened in the past and also that I had TWO insurances covering my meds, did she send the request to BOTH? At that point, she became aggravated that I had the nerve to question her! I asked to speak to a manager and was on hold for 14 minutes, then conveniently disconnected!
The good surprise was that someone called me back to inform me My co- pay WAS $15!!!
I did NOT need special approvals or to pay over $300!
I was grateful and as I was starting to thank the person who called me back, she said abruptly:
“Do you want it for $15 or not?!!!”
“Yes… “I barely had time to confirm as she disconnected me!

Food for thought: Was I right to question the pharmacy employee, given the fact that I was Proven correct and NO fight with the insurance company was necessary, furthermore I was misinformed and ripped Off in the past! Maybe, for others paying $45 instead of $15, ir Even $340 plus is okay, to just be considered “nice” by someone who is negligent and unethical! For me, Every $ counts and Even if I were rich, I would choose to spend money rewarding kind, thoughtful and competent people!
How about you?

Story #2
House appraisal

Last week an interior appraisal of my house was done. Today, I received the written report in the mail and some of the remarks were so far from reality that it made me question if the person who performed the inspection was a professional!
Appraising one’s house is always done for serious reasons. It’s not like we wake up one morning and think: “ I feel like having blueberry pancakes… oh… wait! Having my home appraised sounds like more fun! Let’s pick up a stranger off of the street and have her come in and take pics of the inside of my home!”
By the way, this was A JOKE!
Given the seriousness and possible consequences of a real estate appraisal done by someone incompetent, I called the Pennsylvania Real Estate Appraisers Board to check if the woman sent by the BANK who appraised my home was licensed.

She WAS NOT licensed and was therefore not authorized to perform real estate appraisals under the name and license number of someone else in that Office who was not present in my home or outside! My Bank hired a firm assuming they will use licensed professionals. They didn’t! So… without Namibia the bank, ALL Banks, make sure you contract with licensed appraisers, otherwise, you are hurting your business and clients!

So… do I let this person continue to destroy people’s lives and provide appraisals so far off from reality, people’s home values are completely wrong?

If you wonder why would a correct real estate be so important, please ask again when you want to get a line of credit, mortgage, sell or buy a house!

WHAT do you think I should do? File a complaint with the PA Real Estate Board of appraisals or let this person continue to perform illegal appraisals and because she is incompetent provide the banks the wrong information based on which, decisions are made?
If I file a complaint am I a bitch or assertive and protecting my interests?
Bitch or assertive????
WHAT is your opinion?