Bridal Diapers? Is this a TREND or a JOKE? How Far Could You Go, Diaper Industry?

I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and talking to my parrot who always says “I love you,” a totally self-esteem boosting conversation. Suddenly, the music on the radio stopped, the alarm sounded and a very manly, deep voice announced an approaching storm in our area. Then the music started again for a moment, but stopped for a commercial break. A happy female voice announced:
Bridal Diapers!!! I was so shocked, I don’t recall the rest of the advertising!
I thought I didn’t hear well… bridal diapers? I always had a “thing” against the diaper industry and their constant pushing diapers at both the beginning of life (I see five-years old in diapers) and the end of life, when depends are more and more viewed as a normal way of life! I see more and more advertising for depends featuring 50-year old women. I have noticed the tendency is to make it main-stream and acceptable to wear diapers or absorbent pads at any age! The reason: convenience. For instance, you are gambling! God forbid you loose your spot in the game! Wouldn’t you rather pee and poop in your pants? Really!

The National Incontinence web site ( gives a comprehensive list of possible medical reason, and suggested people see their doctors. Some of these medical conditions are: Urinary track infections, prostate problems, eating certain foods, taking certain medications such as antidepressants, Alzheimer and dementia, etc.
The site also mentions KEGELS Exercises, which in my opinion are the first line of defense against adult incontinence.
I am not going to get into a detailed explanation of how Kegel exercises work, but I will give the KEY to know you could be sure you “got it,” you do it correctly. Once you “get it,” it could be done at any time, anywhere. To encourage women to do their Kegel exercises regularly, I will also mention that there is a BONUS:
since they make your pelvic muscle strong, they will improve your sexual life.

Here is the key to successful Kegels:
Next time you go to the bathroom, stop your flow of urine mid-stream, tightening the muscles in your pelvic floor. If your flow of urine stops, you are using the correct muscles.
Hold a few seconds and then let go and empty your bladder completely.
This is a good way to make sure you use the correct muscles for your Kegel exercises. Identifying these muscles is the key to successfully strengthening the muscles involved in the control of your bladder and therefore avoiding incontinence while enhancing your sexual life.
IMPORTANT: The example of stopping your urine flow mid-stream was ONLY to explain how you determine that you use the correct muscles. After you learn and feel which muscles you are using, do the Kegels on an empty bladder.

Reading on the topic of diapers and why would brides wear them, I found out that bridal shops already offer them!!! The reason being that the dresses are so complex and hard to handle in the bathroom, for safety and convenience, bridal diapers are offered for safety and convenience, for the peace of mind of the bride that she may pee in her bridal diaper while delivering her vows! What could be more romantic and reassuring?
These “bridal diapers are probably “depends” at double price because they were elevated to the title of bridal, which implies a sense of joy and overall happiness.

I could imagine a couple leaving the wedding party in their decorated car, with the common sign “Just married,” and the bride, hardly waiting to get to the hotel room, not as much to consummate the long anticipated act of making love to her husband for the first time, but rather to get in the hotel bathroom, take off the complex outfit and throw away the dirty diaper and quickly shower before the groom expresses a desire to shower together and she smells of urine…

Oh well… the scenario of the “after wearing a bridal diaper,” seems more complex than just drinking less water before you go to church!

A few hours ago, after I heard the radio advertising, and filled with outrage I started to research the topic of potty training, diapers, the psychology of children, when is the best time to potty train and why…I just spend hours on the topic and just realized now I know so much on it, I could right another article and help mothers who are in the process of potty training their toddlers and help them through this stage which as I recall from personal experience could be stressful.
As a mother who potty trained two children, wrote a personalized book for each and has a MS and Counseling and Clinical Psychology, I could offer a few suggestions on potty training babies and toddlers in another article and hopefully help a few mothers.
If you are a mother and feel such an article could be helpful, please let me know.
If anyone has heard about bridal diapers, or used them, please share your story. This site remains open and respectful of all ideas as our belief is that only by staying flexible and open minded we learn and become more valuable human beings.
Thank you for reading and commenting on our topics.
Knowledge is power!
Rodica M.


I thank everyone who so generously commented on my blog and wrote comments. Beside seeing my dogs and parrot, it was the BEST part of being back home! 

I am sorry if I disappoint some of my readers, but this is NOT a blog addressing a niche but rather the winding of our minds (yes, I am an online Counselor:)  in addition of being a blogger and author.

So… this post is not about schemes, or internet dating, but a much deeper kind of love: A MOTHER’S LOVE

I am back from my daughter’s wedding and being a single mom, it was her wish to walk her down the isle and hand her to her future husband.

The natural beauty of the New Hampshire Farm (Sunny Slope) helped my anxiety and we could have not asked for a better Fall day!

I am not going to “detail” the menu, the dramas, the mixed feelings and how I felt when suddenly, a step from “giving her away” in the arms of happiness, I started to cry. YES cry, and I had no tissues!

What I would like to share with other single moms, is that it is more than okay to NOT have a man walking your daughter down the isle, especially if you, like me, have been BOTH parents.

The part I would really like to share is the TOAST you, as the mother of the bride, will be asked to deliver.

I was warned people will already be tired and to keep it short. How short? A minute? Two? Five? Well seems under five would be okay.

I am not rich in financial “riches” and I do have a perpetual inferiority complex, especially when well intended friends ask me how come I have so much education, gifts, and I worked so hard and YET I am poor. Amazing, isn’t it???

 Well… poverty is relative, although ONLY those who never needed money say money don’t  bring happiness. May be not happiness, but a good night sleep, yes. Your children secure, yes, good “organic” food, yes… etc. OH and health insurance, and trips! Yeah, a little bitter, I am:)

Back to the wedding!  Here I was, waiting my turn to give the “TOAST” and all I could do was to stare at the spread on the table:

shrimp, sausages, baked potatoes, all spread DIRECTLY on brown paper in the middle of the tables. NO utensils! However, I did convince my daughter (whom I birthed already knowing it all) that providing aprons to all guests would be a good memento of the wedding and also appreciated as protection of their festive outfits.

Yes, here’s a confession, I was trained in public speaking, yes, I knew I should start with a joke and I did and YES I knew to keep it under 5 minutes, and yes, in spite ALL this great knowledge I am still financially poor.  I also knew from previous public speaking experiences that I might do it all the right way and bore the audience! That was my fear! Financially poor, okay, but poor and boring! NO!

Here’s the MESSAGE and what I HOPE ALL the financially not so rich single moms out there take from this post.

Your riches are more than money and do NOT let anyone intimidate you with the sound of their coins.

This is how I best expressed what I did, do and will always be able to offer my children regardless of the stock market being up or down:

A Mother’s Love

I may not be with you,

But I am part of you.

When the container named ‘body,’

Will be no more,

My soul will still be

And NEVER leave yours!

No matter life’s circumstances,

My love will never end!

I offered it to you, at birth,


To be part of you

And protect you


A Mother’s love cannot be

Defined, explained or ended…

It JUST is:



by Rodica Mihalis 2013 all rights reserved