ANNOUNCEMENT: We Have Moved!!! to www.thenudetruth –If you followed, our NEW site is

Hello Everyone,

Those of you who didn’t have time to read my unfortunate story about  Legalized Cyber Theft, how a domainer “bought” my LEGAL name domain (Rodica Mihalis) and while I was blogging for FREE to help the world, he was making money off of my work,  without my knowledge, please be advised that ALL 440 articles from rodicamihalis have been  TRANSFERRED ON THIS SITE and DELETED  off the old site.

All 440 articles which over a period of  4 years  received over 26, 300 views and  hundreds of followers, and helped thousands better their lives, are NOW available on THIS site, All traffic has been redirected to our new site.

It is my promise to continue and bring you top quality, useful information and to always tell the truth.

Rodica Mihalis, M.S.

Counseling and Clinical Psychology


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