A2X For Anxiety… Buyer Beaware!!! Same 14-DAY RISK FREE TRIAL

The Advertisement for A2X, doesn’t even look like an advertisement, but more like a well informed scientific article, entitled, ” Surprising Results in New Anxiety Study.”

Anti-Anxiety! A natural amazing product as effective as antianxiety medications but without the bad side effects. Wow!!!

The first bell goes on, when the article states: “This new research says you don’t have to change your body’s chemistry and open yourself up to harmful side effects or even addiction…”

Really? I am thinking of the dangerous effects of stopping such medications “cold turkey.”  That was the moment when I decided to look at this in depth, as I felt lives could be in danger by following the advice on this site.

I continued to read. I noticed entire sentences which if not read carefully could have been misleading for the readers.

For instance: “New England Researchers agree that it is not your fault…???” Who are the researchers? How and when did they conclude? May be when someone reads NEW ENGLAND, their mind assumes the reputable new England Journal of Medicine?

I read on. Other vague statements: “recent studies have reached the surprising conclusion,” or ” “over the last 18 months, researchers in an FDA-certified laboratory in New York, have been perfecting how the three safest and most potent herbs to fight anxiety can be combined…”

Which recent studies? Where is the laboratory in New York? The statement FDA certified could be misleading, as in SMALL print there is another statement: “The statements made on this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA evaluates ONLY foods and drugs, not supplements, like this product.”

I read on, and come across a “deja vue” statement, from the days when we uncovered another scheme, of the DM Rejuva facial creams and the thousands of people who kept receiving or not receiving the product because ONCE a company has YOUR credit card, they could continue to charge it.

In all honesty, I thought, I’m not going to “jump gun,” and ASSUME this 14-day free trial is not legit.

With that in mind, I searched for consumers’ experiences with “The Risk-free 14-day trial of A2X plus 4 days shipping …”

What do a majority of customers say? You guessed! Not only that it’s not risk free, but according to one report on Amazon, “it’s a farce.” When the customer called, the company stated they cannot issue a refund because of the “possibility of tempering,” meaning they could not re-sell the product. This is all true, but if you know the laws, why advertise risk-free trial of the product?

What you could do to protect yourself:

1.When you decide to purchase ANYTHING, read the small print.

2. Read other people’s reviews on the product.

3. Understand that ONCE a company knows your credit card numbers for the “free offer $4.99 for shipping ONLY,” they will send you the product monthly. You are on “auto-shipment.”

While most companies are okay with unsubscribing you from the automatic shipment, others are not as gracious. Know that you take a risk.

4. If a company tells you that it is okay to stop your medications and buy their supplements, think TWICE, as the effects of stopping medications abruptly are very dangerous.

Happy shopping and thanks for visiting our site.

Rodica Mihalis, M.S.



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