The “Rock Bottom” of “Rock Bottom”

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem, entitled “Rock Bottom.”  It was a deep, angry at times, desperate at others, writing. I liked it and didn’t know where it belonged, so I “posted it on this blog (I have several others)

I wrote the title, ROCK BOTTOM, browsed through my files, clicked and the poem was posted supposedly.

Simple. I did it hundreds of times, and now that I had a new computer it was more fun, easier! Clicked Publish Post and I was in business!

The following day I received several “likes” which encouraged and delighted my poetic ego.

 This went on for a while, until I decided to re-read this masterpiece which was “LIKED” by so many. Click, click… Nothing The post was BLANK! It didn’t attach! Then what did people like? A blank page?

At first, I thought there was something wrong with all the people who liked a ‘BLANK” post, but then I realized what happened. The truth was complex1

The title was “Rock Bottom” That equals NOTHINGNESS!  How much deeper could I get, to find such a symbolic way to express rock bottom by writing nothing!

I am debating if I should post the real poem. I don’t want to damage this new status, so undeserved, but which feels good:)