Las Vegas on the CheapER

Vegas, where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Vegas the city of sin… or not. It is up to you and your taste for adventure and what do you mean by it? Gambling? Expensive strippers? Scandal:)?

 Then please don’t read on, this is a post about those who would like to get to know Vegas at a reasonable price and not gamble their savings away. Yes, it is possible.

Here are some tips, but please check the latest information, as things move fast in the “fast lane.”

1. When you buy your ticket (assuming you are on the East Coast) try buying it on a Tuesday  and book together the flight and the hotel room, which will result in savings. Downtown Vegas is considerably cheaper than  hotels on the Strip. However if you stay at a hotel on the Strip, there is FREE transportation to the casinos and bars in downtown Vegas (a MUST see)

2. Free  — for the walking.

My visit to Vegas was this past January and a few things might have changed.

I enjoyed an Elvis impersonator (actually NOT dressed in a costume, but with a similar voice) He sang at Harrah’s Hotel Piano Bar and for the cost of a beer (please TIP:) the server, I enjoyed a whole hour of fun.

I’d also check out Silverton Underwater Fish Feeding at 3333 Blue Diamond Rd. and the Mermaid swim but I’d call first for accurate times and dates 702 263 7777

The Water Fountains Shows at the Bellagio Casino and Hotel are a MUST SEE day and night.

If you visit in January, as I did, I had the opportunity to visit the FREE  Chinese New Year’ special exhibit in their beautiful Botanical Gardens. It made me change my mind regarding the “Money Bamboo,” as the ones in the gardens were so tall, they touched the ceilings! I figured, there must be something to it and when I came back home I bought myself one at an outside flee market and I am nursing it with great care, hoping it will result in more money…

If you like shows, look for the RED kiosks outside the casinos, on the Strip, where you could find tickets for 1/2 price for same day shows.

Let’s not forget the Circus at Circus Hotel at 2880 Las Vegas Blvd. Call for new info, as things change overnight Telephone: 702 734 0410 This is where you could watch circus performers practice from 11 AM on each 1/2 hour to mid-night.

Another MUST is the MGM building and the Television City inside it. I thought the CSI Experience was FREE but it was NOT! I was offered a $5 off… and I passed, but it sounded like a LOT of fun.

For those who like fashion, try Fashion Show Mall across fro Treasure Island. Another free but worth seeing, The Volcano at Mirage (every 15 minutes)

3. BEFORE you leave  for Vegas (emails) I’d sign up for GROUPONS in the zip code of Las Vegas. This is how I enjoyed a whole day at a wonderful Spa for 1/2 price.

4. Also, I’d go to  for more tips and deals.

Enjoy and please share if you go:)



Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a very short post and its purpose is ONLY to pass on information I TRUST to be true and helpful. A sort of community service post:)

If you take the time to investigate further, please do not blame me if it is not true, just comment your NEW findings and I will post them. Thank you. 

In the spirit of


Here is the information courtesy of my high school buddy from Canada (Adi).


1. DO NOT OPEN any emails which have in the subject line: Black Muslim in The White House, as this appears to be a powerful virus.

2. If you receive a CALL and the person leaves a MESSAGE with an urgent content (death in family, won a million dollars, etc) and urges YOU to call them back, do NOT if they have the AREA CODE 809. As I understand the codes 284 or 876 are also  NOT TO BE TRUSTED in BOTH USA and Canada. It is a complicated explanation the short of which is YOU are calling The Dominican Republic and will be charged exorbitant amounts of money. Because YOU called it will be hard to argue.

Of course, you could verify further by going to 

A personal suggestion: Do not even answer calls unless you know WHO is calling you. If it is NOT marketing they will leave a message. If someone leaves an alarming message about a friend or family member I’d CALL that person FIRST and verify IF they are in trouble.

I apply the same rule when answering my door. I do NOT even go to the door IF I am NOT expecting a guest. Instead, I let my guard dog, Duke, a mean looking boxer show himself in the porch window:)  In addition I have two other alarm systems, but that’s another post!

Needless to say, I do not have unexpected visitors:)

Have a good rest of the week.


Enjoy your week and be safe:)


I thank everyone who so generously commented on my blog and wrote comments. Beside seeing my dogs and parrot, it was the BEST part of being back home! 

I am sorry if I disappoint some of my readers, but this is NOT a blog addressing a niche but rather the winding of our minds (yes, I am an online Counselor:)  in addition of being a blogger and author.

So… this post is not about schemes, or internet dating, but a much deeper kind of love: A MOTHER’S LOVE

I am back from my daughter’s wedding and being a single mom, it was her wish to walk her down the isle and hand her to her future husband.

The natural beauty of the New Hampshire Farm (Sunny Slope) helped my anxiety and we could have not asked for a better Fall day!

I am not going to “detail” the menu, the dramas, the mixed feelings and how I felt when suddenly, a step from “giving her away” in the arms of happiness, I started to cry. YES cry, and I had no tissues!

What I would like to share with other single moms, is that it is more than okay to NOT have a man walking your daughter down the isle, especially if you, like me, have been BOTH parents.

The part I would really like to share is the TOAST you, as the mother of the bride, will be asked to deliver.

I was warned people will already be tired and to keep it short. How short? A minute? Two? Five? Well seems under five would be okay.

I am not rich in financial “riches” and I do have a perpetual inferiority complex, especially when well intended friends ask me how come I have so much education, gifts, and I worked so hard and YET I am poor. Amazing, isn’t it???

 Well… poverty is relative, although ONLY those who never needed money say money don’t  bring happiness. May be not happiness, but a good night sleep, yes. Your children secure, yes, good “organic” food, yes… etc. OH and health insurance, and trips! Yeah, a little bitter, I am:)

Back to the wedding!  Here I was, waiting my turn to give the “TOAST” and all I could do was to stare at the spread on the table:

shrimp, sausages, baked potatoes, all spread DIRECTLY on brown paper in the middle of the tables. NO utensils! However, I did convince my daughter (whom I birthed already knowing it all) that providing aprons to all guests would be a good memento of the wedding and also appreciated as protection of their festive outfits.

Yes, here’s a confession, I was trained in public speaking, yes, I knew I should start with a joke and I did and YES I knew to keep it under 5 minutes, and yes, in spite ALL this great knowledge I am still financially poor.  I also knew from previous public speaking experiences that I might do it all the right way and bore the audience! That was my fear! Financially poor, okay, but poor and boring! NO!

Here’s the MESSAGE and what I HOPE ALL the financially not so rich single moms out there take from this post.

Your riches are more than money and do NOT let anyone intimidate you with the sound of their coins.

This is how I best expressed what I did, do and will always be able to offer my children regardless of the stock market being up or down:

A Mother’s Love

I may not be with you,

But I am part of you.

When the container named ‘body,’

Will be no more,

My soul will still be

And NEVER leave yours!

No matter life’s circumstances,

My love will never end!

I offered it to you, at birth,


To be part of you

And protect you


A Mother’s love cannot be

Defined, explained or ended…

It JUST is:



by Rodica Mihalis 2013 all rights reserved



What to do if you think you are the victim of a scheme of ANY KIND!!!!

I apologize for not having posted in three weeks. I am just back from my daughter’s wedding and just reading through the many comments received during my absence.

I noticed a COMMON denominator:

What to do if you think you are the victim of a scheme. Especially IF the company HAS your credit/debit card number. Here is briefly what worked for me:

1. Contact the company and ask them kindly to either refund YOU what YOU think was taken without your consent from your account, or ask them to STOP the automatic shipments and taking money out of your account.

2. Contact your BANK Disputes Department IF the company does NOT comply to your request and explain to your bank what happened and that YOU are disputing the charges. Most good banks will give you a temporary credit for the amount disputed WHILE they investigate your complaint. If the bank finds your claim is VALID they will  likely leave the credit in your account (No guarantees)

If their investigation finds the merchant was CORRECT, they (the bank) will probably take back their temporary credit awarded you while they investigated your complaint. The banks will keep you informed of their actions, at least mine does.

Other actions to take:

Contact the Federal Trade Commission and make an ON LINE complaint. They are there for US !!!

TO Protect the consumers.

You may also contact the local Better Business Bureau and also write on various consumer complaint bords, so others are warned.

Please write to me if I could answer any questions. If I know, I’d gladly help. There are just TOO many crooks and too few  good people in this world. We MUST tip the balance in favor of the GOOD DEEDS. . Sorry for any misspellings. just too tired to check:(