Angela=A Famale Angel

Once upon a time, in a remote village, somewhere on Mother Earth, a man sat on a pile of hey, in his dirty, empty yard, crying his heart out mourning the death of his goat! There was nothing he could do,  the man thought.

He cried, and cried and then… he cried some more!!!!

It was almost dark when, for a moment, he snapped out of this unfortunate trance. He raised his eyes to the sky. Let’s assume, seeking help from the All Mighty that  most people remember when  they need  help!

… much to his shock,  as he raised his eyes, the man saw an Angel, all dressed in white, looking straight at him, he wasn’t even blinking… on a second guess, it was a ‘she’ angel,  an Angela!!!!!

“Why are you crying?”  Angela asked.

“Be it as it may,” the man answered, ” my only goat died…”

From time to time, he stopped telling  his story  as he looked  into his neighbor’s well taken care of  yard and goats’ enclosure . He saw three white goats, clean and well fed, but not obese! They kept eating off of the green grass, available everywhere in his neighbor’s yard.

Hmm… our man thought, why don’t I have such green grass in my yard??? Then,  our man remembered… yeah, he should have re-seeded  a few months prior, but he… forgot!

As he continued telling his story to Angela, he looked  more and more devastated, tears and all, explaining that now his children will have no milk, nor would they be able to make any of the diary products which always helped them survive the rough winters!!!

The man cried hard. He looked genuinely heart-broken and didn’t even use the aid of an onion to help his tears look  authentic!

The ‘Angela,’ who, by now you might have guessed,  was God’s  ‘ Mediator,’ didn’t show any emotions  or act as being on one’s side or  the other’s.  Truth be told, she did feel sorry for the poor man and his kids. To hide her sadness, she acted as if she had a bad cold, blew her nose, and wiped off  her tears.

“Let me help you,” Angela said, ” God will grant you ONE wish, one wish alone, no matter how impossible it may look to you. Think hard, as this is your one in a life time opportunity! What would your wish be?”

The man’s face lit up, his eyes sparkled. He smiled, and after careful consideration, he said:

“Oh God, make my neighbor’s goats die too!”

What is the  LESSON we learn? I am awaiting with interest your own “endings” to the story. Please share.

My thoughts on the topic:

This is an old, old story and as in the story, so in life:

Which would you rather wish? What would you rather  have  happen, good or bad  and why is it that so many “look in the neighbor’s yard?”

As we swim through life, we will discover just how true this saying is:

‘Live and let live!’

When in  despair, remember, there would always be the Angels and Angelas ready to help you in the name of God. The ONLY condition is for YOU to LOOK UP AND SEE!


Rodica Mihalis. M.S. Counseling and Clinical Psychology



Too Much Love…

May be the coins in her pockets didn’t overflow fast enough
To show the world her value.
May be the proof of the superficial wasn’t demonstrated clear enough
To make an unquestionable, immediate difference.
Thankfully, the mission was accomplished after all:
The pockets were filled to the brim, and that was all it mattered:
For the world to admire her riches,
Her undeniable assurance of perfection,
Peace of mind, happiness, and
Ultimately, the magic of turning tarnish into spotless, and more…
As if nothing ever happened!

Is this the end of a dream…
Eyes wide open, heart racing…
Could love be bought? Whose love? Whose pockets? Somebody’s, anybody’s,
Mine, yours, ours…

Love as profound as the Ocean,
Its bottom so far down,
I can’t see it,
But I know it exists.
Faith assures me it does,
Yet I test!
Eyes wide open, holding my breath,
I question my own love…
There is a beginning to motherly love,
But is there an end?

I think I reached the bottom,
Yet, I didn’t!
More time goes by, less pain I feel.

The million knives which penetrated my heart,
Have been absorbed.
My heart closed and locked them forever
In the darkness of my confused, devastated
Motherly heart…

‘Look,’ the Adviser whisperd, while pressing down into her pockets
The shining coins, to make space for more…
‘Look, how smooth your mother’s heart looks!
It is completely healed! A perfectly smooth heart, not even a scratch!’

Later, upon the dissection of the
Perfectly smooth heart,
A million sharp knives were extracted,
Cleaned and reused on other motherly hearts!

The adviser smiled;
The satisfaction of a job well done!
After all, it’s about shinny coins, not
How one earns them!

Tomorrow is trash day,
What’s left of this Mother’s heart will disappear forever… or will it?

ASSUMING!!! Is It Good, Bad, Or IT Doesn’t Matter!!!

Assuming… who hasn’t done it?

Some assume the best will happen in their lives and the positive thinking movement swear by the unquestionable power of our positive thoughts.

What is positive thinking? Here it is, in a nut shell, nude, stripped of the clothing of big words, so often used during many weeks of “workshops” at fancy locations.
In all truth, the process of learning HOW TO THINK POSITIVELY might take one to the cleaners and put them in debt while learning how to be rich.
After all, it is not cheap to learn to be rich, is it? Then, after attending workshops on how to accomplish one’s goals by “visualizing” first, in REAL LIFE, the person has to “visualize” a job or winning the lottery, or an inheritance, to pay for the workshops on positive thinking. Otherwise, some collection agency will manifest 24/7, and that I guarantee!

To be rich, confident… find the love of your life? Whatever one is not and wishes to be, at first MUST feel REAL in the intimacy of their minds.
First comes your THOUGHT, your vision of what life holds for you in the future, and only after that specific desire one holds feels real in your mind, only then it might become real
Thousands live by this simple, but hard to do principle.
The power of our thoughts is undeniable, and in this post I’d like to share a timeless story, which is not true, but symbolic of the power of our thoughts. I adapted and changed it, using a modern setting for this timeless story

I’d call it,

“The Man and The Flat Tire,”

One late afternoon, a man was driving in 90 miles an hour on a highway, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on the Globe.
His stereo was blasting, the air conditioning kept him nice and cool, and he was in a semi-hypnotic state (not advisable when driving) thinking of his new mistress who was waiting for him with dinner and other goodies, we could not mention, as this is is not a R rated blog.
Life was GOOD, he was more than content, in a state of bliss!

Suddenly, he lost control of the wheel, his car lost direction and he heard a loud noise which clearly indicating he had a flat tire!!!
Oh! NO! The man thought, assessing the damage. I need a spare tire and I have none! Well, he thought further, I’ll call AAA and they will come to my rescue. No big deal.

He took out of his pocket the smart phone he had just purchased (we wouldn’t want to endorse any specific company) and dialed AAA.
After a few unsuccessful attempts, he realized there was NO SERVICE in the area! Remember? He was in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile the clock kept ticking, and it was no longer late afternoon…
The man looked around, and saw no human establishment, only one little white house far in the distance, on top of a hill…

He was in one of those situations in life, where there aren’t many choices and he had to risk:

HE had to walk to the white house, hope someone lived there, that someone was going to be nice and trusting enough to allow him inside the house, and assuming there was a land-line in the house, he would be allowed to call AAA and be saved, on his way to the mistress (remember her? waiting? with the R rated goodies?) Now, if that wasn’t good motivation to walk 2-3 miles and call AAA, I don’t know what would be! After all, this was a fresh, brand new, younger mistress waiting, for HIM! Not some wife, the man’s own age, who had raised 3 kids and may be, just may be had made dinner!)

The man started his walk towards the little white house on the hill. As he walked, his mind raced in every possible direction. Walking was a bummer! Not the smooth ride on a stepper, in air conditioning. No speed adjusting either, and it was getting dark!

The man thought: ‘What kind of a person would live in the middle of nowhere? Crazy! He is probably some old man, some looser… has no family… and hasn’t seen another human in ages!Hmm… he might not even have a phone! I’ll just ask, and the a-hole will tell me he doesn’t trust me, I am a stranger, and will threaten me with calling Police… yeah… he sure has a gun… he is dangerous and grouchy! ‘
The man kept walking, walking and expanding on his thoughts about the inhabitant of the white house which was his salvation, yet, in the man’s mind the inhabitant of the white house was becoming a monster!
Occasionally the man wiped off his sweat, as he continued to visualize his upcoming meeting with “the old recluse, getting angrier and angrier.
By the time he was in the front of the door of the white house, and the truth was, he did NOT know who lived there, a man, a woman, old, young? he didn’t know anything for sure, but in his mind everything was set and clear.

He took a deep breath, before he knocked at the door.

Immediately the door opened and in front of the man with the flat tire, stood a smiling older man. In the background music could be heard, and an aroma of fresh food reached the man with the flat tire’s sharpened senses. In other words, he was hungry!
“May I help you?” The smiling older man who opened the door, asked him.

At first, there was silence, and shock, but the man with the flat tired recovered immediately, and said:

“You know what, you old man! If you don’t want to let me in and make a phone call, shame on you! You really are the a-hole I imagined!”
Without waiting one second, the man with the flat tire, wasted no time. He turned around, walked back to his car on the highway, and spend the night alone, locked in his car, cursing the old man in the white house, and dreaming of his sexy young mistress, wondering if she will believe his story about the old man in the white house on the hill. After all, it was incredible! The world we live in!


Cheap or Wise???

I have to make a confession: I shop at Walmart despite my belief that I really should be shopping to the all American stores which use American work only and don’t exploit their workers… Yeah… I wish I could but truth be told, when I check the prices and have to feed my dogs and parrot, oh! and myself, I cannot afford anything but Walmart! And… in all honesty which are those stores? Do they still exist or the parts of most companies are made else where… I do not know! At least am questioning.

This morning, was one of those mornings, and I walked, as thousands of others into the Walmart to get dog food and apples! I am a spender:)!
As I stood in line, a nice young woman asked me:

“I love your purse, where did you get it?”
I hesitated: Hmm…, I thought, do I tell her, or not. I recalled a while ago, another woman in a store, asked me where I bought my dress, and when I told her the truth, her respect for me, clearly went down the tubes–“oh… really… thanks.” She turned around and her willingness to help me choose whatever I was buying disappeared! I guess, she labeled me: cheap, or poor, or simply, she cannot afford! I am not wasting my time!

After careful consideration, I decided for the truth:
“I bought it at a Goodwill Store for $5.00! It still had the original price on, $205.00”

Her shock was undeniable!
“Really? Which one?”

I breathed with relief. Here’s a smart woman! I told her the address.

Memories flooded my mind of how I learned how to shop and where to shop smart! How I learned that there is a NET and a MARK UP and each company marks up at will.
In other words, one could buy the same product for prices varying greatly, depending on the mark up the company (or the seller decided). Nothing wrong with it, this is a FREE economy based on supply and demand. However, as an educated consumer, it’s wise to know…

For example, when I had my wellness business and was visiting fairs restricted to business only. This is when I found out about “private label.” What is private label? The same factory makes a face cream and various companies pay for the factory to put a specific company’s name on the label on the jar. In other words, I could have sold jars with x face creams “Rodica’ Natural Therapies,” for $10.00 while X company was selling the same cream for $12 or $14 or whatever the company decides. The difference between what the company paid and the mark up, is the PROFIT!!! How the seller pays their bills and much more!

What does this mean to YOU, as a consumer? You may pay much more, or much less, depending on WHERE YOU BUY YOUR PRODUCTS!!!

In conclusion, is it shameful to check the ingredients, or the quality of a product and compare prices and quality or is it wise?

Frankly, I wish I could buy all American and shop at fancy department stores, but assuming I had the financial possibilities, would I truly support our economy?

Last time I checked, what I thought was American made, was actually still made in other parts of the world, by people who work for a quarter of the price we do. Why is this? Their standard of life is different and their prices. They could live in X,Y,Z countries on what the big companies offer them. We, here, can’t!

I don’t know the answer… but it’s on my mind, as I belong to a disappearing middle class and I really don’t want us to disappear while the CEOs of big companies make millions!
Until I find the answer, or someone does, or we do, I will remain cheap… or wise? It’s a matter of opinion and perception!